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The Profitable Formula Is Here - UK & EU Cook Group

Full access to the Cook Group for less than the price of coffee!

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24/7 Support
Get 1 to 1 expert mentoring on your reselling and instant access to a support team to solve your queries and concerns.
Legit Checks
Free & unlimited checks for your items.
Daily Drop Reminders
Get alerted on monthly, weekly and even daily exclusive profitable drops.
Loyalty Reward System
Receive exclusive roles & gift cards for staying and being active within the group.
Low-Key Site Lists
Discover the top secret sites that we use to get sneakers every week.
Restock Notifications
Receive live alerts as soon as profitable sneakers restock online.
Investment Analysis
Stay updated with sneaker trends and learn which sneakers to hold/sell with highly accurate dates & profit predictions.
Plus Much More!
The listed features are those that members found most useful, but there is a ton more features waiting for you inside.
Customer Q&A
Q: is it for uk only?
A: Our primary focus is UK, hence we use GBP for membership price and we also cover EU. While we have a couple of features that help those outside of UK/EU that help - I would only suggest you join if you are indeed based in UK or EU.
Asked on Jul 10, 2023
Q: why is it so cheap compared to other groups?
A: Because other cook groups are overpriced! - We are committed to providing the best value to our customers, take this example: - You make a £20 profit in a day on a group that charges £20. Just broke even. - You make a £20 profit in a day on our group that charges £9. You've more than doubled your money. We keep customers satisfied because those in our group end up more profitable long run! Groups charging £20/ more per month, meanwhile, that's equivalent to multiple months in our group.
Asked on Jul 10, 2023
Q: Do I need to know how to bot?
A: HELL NO. This is one of the most miss-understood things in reselling. Our group focuses on manual UK / EU users. Many bots now no longer work and those that do are private customs which cost 10k upwards. Simply put: A bot is not required to become profitable in sneaker reselling.
Asked on Jul 10, 2023
Customer reviews
4.89 out of 5
(9 reviews)
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1 year ago
Great group to be a part of. I probably don’t utilize it to it’s full extent, but for it’s practically paid for itself. Thanks for all the great staff for the hard work!
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1 year ago
Very welcoming community, and helpful for copping without even needing a bot!
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1 year ago
Nothing but great people in this community. The amount of info and knowledge that is in here can help you learn sneaker marketing and other sorts of useful info as well! Markkus is doing a great job providing this service and hope he continues doing great!
How Long Will It Take Me To Make Back The Membership Fee?
Good question, what's the point of paying for a membership if you can't make more money than the fee right? On average you will make back the membership's small fee within ONE week. You'll get enough access to weekly sneaker releases that you'll be able to cop enough to sell for a profit and cover the fee.
What Can I Expect When I Join?
This is the exciting part. You will receive a daily breakdown of what sneaker will be profitable this week, access to the hidden sites that allow you to buy it before everybody else and finally, with the help of our team, you can usually convert your cop into cash profits within 24 hours. (Yes, before even receiving the sneakers you can sell them!) See the full list of features above to get an idea of the new world you'll be entering!
Do I Need A Bot?
Forget it, they are a waste of money now! The majority of our members do not use bots and consistently obtain sneakers with 3 figure profits. All you need is an internet connection, the Discord app (free) and a tablet/phone or desktop device We provide manual methods that provide members with a lot of success.
Does This Work In My Country?
Our main focus is the UK & EU sneaker market. Unlike most Cook Groups, an optional filter will be added to your account to ensure you only receive the information for where you are from, saving you time and energy. Our servers do also cover USA releases too if you wish to make profit reshipping from the UK/EU.
Will Your Staff Help Me Learn How To Resell?
Guaranteed. Arianna will use her years of experience and work privately with you to ensure you have a great one-to-one experience in learning/improving your reselling.
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Sneaker Labs
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9 reviews

Sneaker Labs is a UK/EU-based reselling cook group that runs on self-service tools to keep you updated on the hottest sneaker/streetwear releases for less than the price of a coffee!

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