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Sweaty Palms

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Improving your stock selection through data.

Gain access to our proprietary algo scan that hand picks the top stocks every hour most likely to see continuation over a 3-5 day period. More details below!

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Sweaty Pro

Talk to a community of traders whose focus is on testing a variety of strategies based on data.
Proprietary Algo
We built a proprietary algo that scans over 10,000 stock every hour to find stocks setup best for continuation.
Machine Learning
A machine learning algo is constantly collecting data against our setups to provide a unique confidence score "rating".
Experts at technical analysis provide updated charts throughout the day.
Data Insights
coming soon!
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13 days ago
Intially first week, I added Algo picks to my watchlist and found out some good results, So l followed Algo picks which are mostly Uptrend (bullish) stocks 2 With stop losses. The community is very kind and helpful people on discord. I would definitely recommend Sweaty Palms Algo. Thanks to Ravi and their team!
What's your refund policy?
We have a free trial for you to try before signing up to the service.
Do we get entry/exit alerts?
Our motto is not to change the strategy you have for entries/exits. We give you best stocks to watch.
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Sweaty Palms
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Each day, the Sweaty Palms Algorithm, powered by our most sophisticated machine learning techniques, sifts through over 10,000 stocks to identify the top performers based entirely on data-driven analysis. Leveraging a complex mix of variables that meet stringent criteria, this proprietary algorithm selects stocks that not only excel in today's market but also display strong indicators for continued success, such as significant volume patterns and positive market sentiment.

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