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TDL Trading

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As a platform, we empower members with essential resources for sustained profitability, ensuring success in reaching their trading objectives

TDL Trading is a private discord community and we help traders finding their edge market.

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Trade ideas & Setups
Trade ideas for the crypto, forex and indices markets
Trade analysis
Weekly reviews, trading outlooks and forecast for the crypto, forex and indices markets
Masterclasses, Q&As, feedback and specific guidance to full fill your needs
Educational content
Guides, entry models, trading strategies, and a lot more to learn everything in regards to trading
Live sessions
Live trading, market insights, VCs and interactive learning moments
The team
Committed to aiding and providing tools for better trading skills in the markets.
We will organize exclusive giveaways for our members
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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17 days ago
One of the best trading groups in the space. Seen a lot of them throughout the years and i can ensure that this one is awesome.
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a month ago
I've been a member of this trading Discord server for just three weeks, and it has already exceeded my expectations—I even got funded😊. Despite being new, the team is experienced, supportive, and always looking out for our best interests. The weekly market outlooks are a game-changer, offering detailed analysis that keeps me ahead of trends and helps me make smart decisions. The community is enthusiastic and welcoming, with members eager to share knowledge and support. The team's expertise in risk management is top-notch. They consistently advise against risky trades, especially on volatile days like NFP (Non-Farm Payroll) day, helping me avoid losses and develop a disciplined strategy. Given that the server is still new, it’s thrilling to imagine what they can achieve in the next six months. The potential for growth in resources and community strength is immense. In short, this trading Discord server is a gem. With an experienced team, comprehensive market outlooks, a supportive community, and a strong focus on risk management, it has everything needed for trading success. I highly recommend it! The future looks very bright here!
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a month ago
It can be quite overwhelming, entering the trading space. I came in, with no expectations, lost quite a fair amount of money in the past, doing it on my own. Trying to cope with emotions of losing & winning. I thought, i'd just give it a go for a month and here we are, 3 months in already and what a journey it has been! Following along with trades is one thing, but the (mental) coaching is insane value. I can ask questions whenever i want, people will help you in any way they can, and they actually want you to succeed on your own, rather than just stay and follow their signals. The reason i gave it 5 stars already, is because there is so much to learn and educational value in this server. And this is only the beginning! The student’s course is in development, so its amazing if you ask me. Not planning on leaving any time soon!
What is TDL Trading?
TDL Trading is a private trading community, where we are trading all asset classes and we focus ourselves on learning and education.
What assets do we trade within the TDL Trading community?
We trade all markets within TDL, this means that we are trading Crypto, Forex, Indices and more!
Is TDL Trading a signal service?
TDL Trading is not a so called signal service. The focus of our group is to help you with gaining an edge in the market, so that you could develop the skills to become a consistently profitable trader. This would not be possible if you are just blindly copying trade setups. Use that setups that we provide as trade ideas and use your own skills to decide if you should take the setup or not.
Why should I choose TDL Trading as my trading community?
We provide a wealth of educational support, mentorship, and feedback akin to that of a close-knit community, coupled with the extensive trading expertise, professionalism, and educational assets found in a larger community. Our unwavering commitment revolves around education, comprehension, and furnishing our members with the essential resources for cultivating profitable trading skills. This commitment manifests through a variety of offerings, including classes, mentorships, trade ideas, comprehensive market reviews, live trading sessions, and an abundance of other educational tools. Our goal is to empower each member, ensuring they have the necessary tools and knowledge to realize their trading aspirations.
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TDL Trading
Trading • Technical Analysis

5 reviews

We empower members with essential resources for sustained profitability, ensuring success in reaching their trading objectives

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