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Who prints like us? 95% Win-rate day trading 0dte options

Real-time 0dte option trading alerts every-day. mutiple 100% gainers, alerted in real-time

  • Geerawr has a 95% win rate day trading 0dte far out of the money options and is known for selling in the money for 100%+ gainers

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team rawr

Real-time out of money 0dte option trading alerts. Multiple trades a day. SPY, SPX, and top holdings in SPY
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Chat with geerawr along-side members. Exclusive market analysis
Post your profits along-side members
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4.94 out of 5
(70 reviews)
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13d ago
Great place to make money trading and learn. Good community 👍🔥🚀
Purchased Team rawr 17d ago
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15d ago
These guys are the real deal. It’s simple…if you want to make CONSISTENT money, join team rawr. Most of the calls are 0DTE so you gotta be quick and smart, but Gee guides us thru that whole process and is always transparent which is hard to find. Will and Gee have created something special here with this group, with a supportive and encouraging community as well. Give team rawr just one month and see what happens. I’m telling you, you won’t be disappointed.
Purchased Team rawr 1 month ago
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15d ago
A good group of traders, everyone is respectful and helpful. Feels like home. If you’re not patient or disciplined this might be a bad group for you. Otherwise we make money here. Tbh the sub fee is way underpriced for the value that is given every day
Purchased Team rawr 1 month ago
What time will the trades be alerted?
throughout all periods of the trading day, you can expect multiple trades a day
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Team Rawr
Trading • Stocks

70 reviews

team rawr - is an options trading community led by the lead trader geerawr. You'll learn how to trade 0dte options, and get access to real-time option trading alerts every single day

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