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The Fundamental Trading Club

(33 reviews)

The Fundamental Trading Club

🔋Unleash the Power of Forex Macro Fundamentals!


🌍 Macro Mastery: Grasp the global events and economic policies that shift entire forex landscapes. From GDP insights to interest rate nuances, be in-the-know!

📚 Forex Fundamentals Unveiled: A comprehensive guide to macro indicators, and how they intertwine in the influencing of currency values.

💥 Profitable Trading Strategies: Access battle-tested strategies that leverage macro fundamentals for consistent profitability. Years of experience have gone into these.

💻 Real Market Analysis & Case Studies: Get beneath the surface with live market breakdowns, understanding the 'why' behind major market moves.


Module 1: Key Economic Indicators & Central Banks

  • Central Bank Rate Decisions
  • Examples of Central Bank Impacts on Forex
  • Monetary Policy Divergence
  • Examples of Monetary Policy Divergence
  • Central Bank Intervention
  • Employment Data
  • Inflation Data
  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
  • Balance of Trade
  • Understanding the News

Module 2: Market Sentiment

  • Market Sentiment
  • Risk Appetite
  • Risk Aversion

Module 3: Risk Events and Geopolitics

  • Geopolitical Tensions
  • Example of Geopolitical Impact
  • Financial / Economic Crisis
  • Pandemic Crisis
  • Example of Pandemic Crisis Impact
  • Example of Central Bank Response
  • Example of Central Bank Action Reversal
  • European Banking Crisis
  • Early Signs of a Crisis
  • Natural Disasters
  • Political Events

Module 4: Correlated Markets

  • Major Commodities
  • Gold - The Precious Metal
  • OPEC Decisions & Oil Prices
  • Bond - Forex Correlation

Module 5: Technical Strategies

  • Supply & Demand Strategy
  • EUR/USD Flushout Strategy


🧠 Discord Server Access: 1-month free access to the Discord PREMUIM, daily market analysis, live webinars, event coverage and a community chat filled with like-minded traders.

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Online course

The Fundamental Mastery Course

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Online course

Gold/XAUUSD Trading Mastery Course

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Macro Master

Daily Live Trading
Gain access to exclusive livestreams covering high-impact news events and executing scalp trades during the NY session.
Automated Trades/PAMM
Experience hands-off trading with our automated trades via the PAMM system. Free for all TFTC Community members.
Daily Market Analysis
Daily Fundamental rundown covering all major currency pairs and commodities to help position for the trading day ahead.
Access to the Gold Mastery course and actionable educational content covering fundamentals and technicals.
News Feed
Stay informed about the latest market developments and updates.
Connect with fellow traders, share insights, and engage in lively discussions about all things trading.
Customer Q&A
Q: If i join as a premium discord member will i get access to automated trading? I want to purchase the £100 subscription for auto trades. Thankyou
A: Hello! Yes you do get access to the auto trades. Many thanks, Team TFTC
Asked on Jun 11, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(33 reviews)
User avatar
6d ago
Impressive fundamental coverage! Am a swing trader, Ken's insights is going to help me in making decisions
User avatar
9d ago
Execlent Fundamental Analysis. I had no idea until I joined!
User avatar
13d ago
Ken is the GOAT! Adding so much value and clarity into my trading. His positive attitude and knowledge will bring you to the best version of yourself. Thank you once again brother and long life to TFTC
What is the primary focus of The Fundamental Trading Club?
The primary focus of The Fundamental Trading Club is to provide comprehensive resources and support for traders looking to excel in fundamental analysis and forex trading strategies.
Can you elaborate on the Automated Trades feature?
The Automated Trades feature offers a hands-off trading experience through the PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) system. With PAMM, members can enjoy a seamless trading journey without the need to worry about interfering with trades. The system works autonomously, managing trades on behalf of members to optimize their trading outcomes.
How do real-time Trade Ideas Work?
Real-time trade ideas are generated by our robust algorithm, which analyzes global economic events and market momentum. Our system provides exact entries, exits, and profit targets for you to follow, simplifying your trading experience and amplifying your chances of success.
About the seller
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Ken Chigbo
Trading • Forex

33 reviews

🚀 Welcome to The Fundamental Trading Club: Your Gateway to Mastering Forex Technical Analysis with Fundamental Strategies! 🚀 📊 Join the community and copy the exact trades taken by my systems for free, as we execute fundamental strategies with technical analysis to turn macroeconomic data into profits 💰

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