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That's A Bet Sportspicks

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Access sportspicks from dedicated professionals. Join the TAB Family!

Gain FREE access to the TAB discord. This tier will give you access to daily Free picks from the TAB Team.

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FanDuel Easy-Tail Links
We provide links to easily tail bets placed on FanDuel.
Expert Pick Insights
Receive in-depth analysis and explanation for our handpicked sports picks directly in your Discord.
Unit Tracking Recaps
Receive daily unit tracking recaps from our betting professionals.
VIP Giveaways
Once you're a part of the TAB Family, you will automatically be entered in our weekly giveaways via Cash App.
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a month ago
Great people great bets plenty of money made 🫡🫡🫡
How quickly will I gain access to the Discord community after purchasing?
Once your purchase is confirmed, you will receive an email with an invitation link almost immediately.
What are the weekly giveaways mentioned?
As part of the TAB Family, you will automatically be entered into weekly giveaways which are conducted via Cash App.
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That's A Bet Sportspicks
Sports Picks • General

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We are a team of dedicated sportsbettors here to make you a long term sustained winner. We aim to be smart and win big.

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