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The New Wolves Trading Group

(7 reviews)

Master the Market – Start Now! Join us and get more than 10 years of trading experience to your pocket with daily alerts and detailed market reports.

Membership Includes:

πŸ’° Trade Alerts (Open and Close): Receive consice alerts for each trade we open and close.

πŸ’° Mentor that will guide you through the process, make sure you understand the Discord, have the right setup, and you know how to execute the trades

πŸ’° Transparent Portfolio: Weekly summaries providing insights into all our trades.

πŸ’° Detailed Daily Plan: Each day, you'll receive a strategic plan outlining which stocks we're monitoring, complete with real-time execution notifications.

πŸ’° Detailed Weekly Preparation: Get the best economic summaries each week. We've condensed the news and most pertinent items for you.

πŸ’° Learning Hub with Life-Changing Content: Explore mini-courses, a trader's routine, and much more data designed to sculpt you as a trader.

P.S.1: We value your investment and understand its importance. Just like you wouldn't buy a house without seeing the inside, we offer you a glimpse into our service:

14-Day Free Trial: Experience our services firsthand before committing.

Over 17% Discount: On the yearly plan compared to the monthly subscription.

Risk-Free Policy: 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

P.S. 2: We commit to delivering concise and actionable data. No overload of information, just straightforward insights that can lead to profitable trades.

We're not asking for an immediate decision. We invite you to make an informed choice by experiencing what we offer from the inside.

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Desk Traders in your pocket
Access expert desk traders' insights with over 10 years of experience - we will walk you through every step
Mentor to guide you through
A mentor that will onboard you to the service, guide you through the Discord and make sure you have the correct setup
Exclusive Insider Trades
We believe in quality over quantity, we will send only concise and qualified trades that you can follow
Weekly Market Insight Summary
Get a comprehensive wrap-up of the week's market movements, weekly picks, and preparation for next week(tons of value)
Trader's Learning Hub
Elevate your trading skills with valuable content, tips, and market insights - designed to shape you as a trader
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(7 reviews)
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3 months ago
I'm new to the world of trading, I saw this opportunity with The New Wolves. The service is concise and very easy to follow, the team made sure I know how to execute and follow the alerts. I'm very happy with the service and so far I'm up 65%
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Dylan Bear#5257
4 months ago
Mind-blown!!! From newbie to +76% in my portfolio in under a month. All it took was mirroring their strategies, effortless! The team's dedication to delivering extraordinary value. They're the real MVPs in trading. Hats off! πŸ”₯ THANK YOU
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4 months ago
What a service! above all expectations, thank you so much!
What exactly does The New Wolves offer?
The New Wolves offers you an opportunity, an opportunity to master the markets. Our team combined with experts that are trading professionally in OPM(Others people money) and knows how to create a well detailed plan for you to follow. We crafted this product for people who are not succeeding(yet) to get consistent results in the stock market - and we will walk with you this in this amazing road.
Are the trades shared in real-time?
Yes, we have a dedicated channel where you will get with notifications to your phone and desktop the exact trades that we take - and we will also share how we manage the position(for example - closing half position, or roll the position over). P.S If you are not sure what we just said, don't worry, you will have a mentor that will guide you through and verify you can take full advantage of this service
I joined other groups, why should I choose you?
We will tell you a secret. Before crafting this product that we are so proud of, we went out there, joined other premium groups, and learned how we can make for our customer the most value possible. We will share only concise data(meaning we won't bomb you with trades all day long just to show we can) and we will walk you through the Discord to make sure you understand the channels, you have the notifications and you know how to follow. Our goal is to give you the most value we can by: - Giving AMAZING results - Make it EASY for you to follow - Reduce the EFFORT you should put in
What if I'm not sure how to trade options?
We got you covered. First, your mentor will send you easy to follow videos, to make sure you know how to trade. He will guide you through your risk profile, and make sure you know how to execute the trades and follow the channels on Discord before jumping to the deep water
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. There are no long-term contracts or hidden fees. We are very confident with our product and our ability to get you results.
About the seller
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The New Wolves LLC
Trading β€’ Options

7 reviews

Welcome to The New Wolves - Having professional trading system from Wall Street @your pocket 🐺 In the heart of the financial wilderness, The New Wolves stands out as a beacon for traders navigating the complex world of stocks. We're not just a company; we're a movement, dedicated to transforming everyday traders into market maestros. Our Mission: At the core of The New Wolves is a belief in empowerment through knowledge. We blend cutting-edge market analysis with time-tested trading wisdom, creating a platform where learning and winning go hand in hand. Our Commitment: Dedicated to offering unparalleled knowledge, and continuously evolve our product, ensuring you always receive value tenfold your investment. Our Community: The New Wolves is more than a service - it's a pack. A community thriving on shared success, constant growth, and the relentless pursuit of financial freedom. Join Us: Step into a world where every trade is a step towards greatness. With The New Wolves, you're not just trading stocks; you're shaping your future.

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