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The Peachy Investor

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Futures Trading Made Simple.

The Peachy Investor is an Education based Trading Community that focuses solely on Futures trading. We cover topics like Prop Firms & getting Funded, Day Trading strategies that are simple yet effective, Trading Psychology, Price action and much more.

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Online course

The New Trader Course, The Futures Trader Course, Intro Course [Start Here]

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Peachy Gold

Premium Eduction
You will gain access to my trading courses [Stocks + Futures] FREE by becoming a member [$2497 value]
Discord Community
Join hundreds of like minded traders in our premium discord community where we share trade ideas daily.
Customer Q&A
Q: If I join Peachy Gold, do I get immediate access to all the course materials? Or is it dripped out over 8 week? Thanks!
A: Yes, when you join you get immediate access to all the programs included in your membership.
Asked on Jan 6, 2024
Q: I understand you state you are "not" an alert service. But do you go over your trade plans for the day?
A: Yes, I cover my trade ideas, key zones/levels to watch, and full trading plan every morning before market opens. I also share my trade recaps in detail via my trading journal so you can learn the "why" behind my trades.
Asked on Jan 20, 2024
Q: I am interested in learning the futures trading process from zero. What Discord package do you recommend for learning futures?
A: Peachy Gold - It contains both "The New Trader & The Futures Trader" courses which can help someone start from a beginner level to advanced futures trading.
Asked on Jan 19, 2024
Q: do you mostly trade individual stocks or options ??
A: Main focus is stocks for peachy penny and futures for peachy gold.
Asked on Feb 7, 2024
Q: Is the technique/strategy for penny stock trading different from futures trading strategy?
A: Yes , they are two different trading styles which require different trading strategies but the foundational concepts on technical analysis will be the same regardless of what instrument you are trading. All of that being taught in the programs.
Asked on Jan 19, 2024
Customer reviews
4.89 out of 5
(27 reviews)
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17d ago
Brittney has provided one of the best in-depth courses I have ever taken. With the vast amount of information available, she breaks down the material in a well-structured course that anyone can easily understand and follow. The way Brittney teaches her strategy is so simple and easy to grasp. Learning her strategy has greatly improved my trading and given me a real edge in the market. With the markets ever-evolving and the industry constantly updating, Brittney provides updates in her course and Discord for all members.
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1 month ago
The course is extremely well designed. The teacher is easy to understand and provides plenty of examples that make learning a breeze.
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1 month ago
Brittney is very thorough with information and drills indicators down to the most important and relevant ones.
Is there a commitment/how to cancel?
No, this membership is on a month-month basis and you can cancel at anytime via your whop account.
Will you teach me how to "fish" for myself?
This group was founded on education and creating independent traders, not trade alerts to blindly follow.
Can I start if I know absolutely nothing about trading/investing?
YES. I created the "New Trader Course" for people who are brand new to the concept of trading and investing. It covers all basics needed to get started with no prior knowledge.
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The Peachy Investor
Trading โ€ข Investing

27 reviews

The Peachy Investor Community was founded on Education and Teaching Traders how to "Fish for Themselves" The founder is a veteran 8 Year Trader who has experienced many overcomplicated strategies in her time, when in reality the simple basics always provided the best results. So this community combines a classroom setting [Discord] where we talk all things Futures trading daily, and the education [Courses] to allow you to truly be independent instead of blindly following Trade Alerts.

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