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The Self Mastery Universe

(5 reviews)

Master your life. Unlock your potential.

Access the ENTIRE Self Mastery Universe including all courses, resource libraries, livestreams and direct access to experts across all 5 Mastery communities:

• Wealth Mastery 💎

• Business Mastery 🚀

• Career Mastery ☕

• Health Mastery 🌿

• And Mindset Mastery 🧠

Reviece 10x the price in value or your money back. No risk, massive potential return.

Initiate your voyage to wealth in all aspects of life today...

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Wealth Mastery
5 hours of Swing and Leveraged Trading courses, daily trade updates, weekly market update, in-house financial advisor.
Business Mastery
Focusing on real estate, scaling an online business (no upfront cost), networking and quick £ side hustles!
Career Mastery
Direct access to professionals working in finance in London, links to internship/grad programmes, mentorship/CV reviews.
Health Mastery
Beginner workouts through to full body muscle gain. Our personal trainer guides you into the best form of your life.
Mindset Mastery
Daily dose of wisdom, weekly challenge, meditations, celebrating success, lessons in defeat. Drive, strength, power.
Value Guaranteed
On sign up we teach you how to use a UK government programme to receive £125 into your investment account. 12.5x.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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9 months ago
Top quality community, gained a lot of knowledge, advice and support through being a member of the SMU.
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9 months ago
The value this server is providing not only to my financial growth but my overall purpose in life is astonishing. The partners are working extremely hard to provide for the members. Any questions are answered.
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9 months ago
Brilliant value for money
Is the SMU appropriate for beginners in the different areas of Mastery?
Absolutely. In each of the 5 areas of expertise, our aim is to take you from absolute beginner all the way through to Master. Wealth Mastery is a great example of this. The 5 hour course starts assuming absolutely no prior knowledge and takes you all the way through to derivatives and tax planning to maximise your profitability.
How do you guaruntee I will recieve 10x the price in value? And therefore that the SMU is no risk with massive potential return.
When you sign up, one of the first things we will do is walk you through how to use a UK government funded programe to receive £125 into your investment account. That's 12.5x your subscription! Guaranteed.
Can I cancel at any time?
Very easily! Simply log into the Whop account you used to sign up, head to your account and subscriptions and end your subscription. Seamless and no questions asked.
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The Self Mastery Universe
Trading • General

5 reviews

The SMU is the Netflix of self development. Whether you are looking to increase your income, trade and invest in stocks/crypto/real estate, improve your physical/mental health, get that grad job, or perfect your mindset, the information you need to unlock your potential is here.

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