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The Yard

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Elite Dropshipping Group

Unlock your full dropshipping potential with 'The Yard' Premium Membership. As part of our exclusive inner circle, you'll learn directly from Jon, the multi-million-dollar dropshipping authority, revered as 'your guru's guru', who has helped his students amass over $100 million in sales. You'll also gain insights from Alex, who boasts a decade-long track record in e-commerce, generating tens of millions during his e-commerce journey. Their innovative approach to uncovering untapped winning products sets them apart, and now you have the chance to benefit from it too.

With the Premium Membership, you'll receive a wealth of exclusive resources: weekly calls with Jon and Alex, interaction with successful students, and everything you need to supercharge your dropshipping business. You'll master the art of identifying winning products, testing and scaling them, utilizing effective strategies, setting up a robust company structure, hiring your first virtual assistant, and much more.

The Yard is not just a community; it's our second family, and we can't wait to welcome you. Elevate your dropshipping journey with us by upgrading to our Premium Membership.

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Yard Elite

LIVE Weekly Coaching Calls
Exclusive weekly 1-hour live coaching sessions where we answer questions, share valuable insights and reveal strategies.
How To Find Winning Products
Guidance on how to identify winning & untapped products.
Up-To-Date Facebook Strategies
Testing & Scaling strategies which are backed by millions in ad spend to reduce costs and maximize revenue.
24/7 Dropshipping Support
Expert guidance to help you navigate challenges, resolve issues, and unleash your full potential.
Unlock All VIP Sections
VIP Chat, Community Product Review, Yard3PL, Store Set Up, Product Page Layout, Launching Ads, Sample Store & more.
Customer question & answers
What is the cancellation policy?
You can cancel anytime. Whop makes it super easy to manage your subscription yourself.
Answered 4 months ago
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4.98 out of 5
(72 reviews)
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2 months ago
Best value for the buck. So much info and warm community. The yard is the only place to be if you want to take your ecom to the next level.
Purchased The Yard 2 months ago
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2 months ago
im the guy which has never paid any money for education since you can find everything online. also we all know these gurus doesnt teach anything that we cant see on youtube for free, but as soon as i saw jon pulled up weird products to test i already knew something was different here :) and i was right. i instantly purchased VIP membership and i learned more in 5 days than i did in several years :) best part is that this server feels like family no matter the question someone will always answer and help you even the guys which scaled 100-200k per month stores or even larger ones. if yall still thinking dont waste your time just get inside VIP you wont regret it
Purchased The Yard 3 months ago
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2 months ago
Filled with pleople as hungry for success as you, the yard is packed with not only value but strategies that are consistent. Ive learned how to pick good looking products, build great looking websites, write converting copy and manage my ads all in my first month of joining. The weekly calls are S-teir, complete with store reviews, product reviews, and information that will make you a better business owner. Since joining i've reached my first 300$ day yesterday and this only motivates me to go even harder. Thanks guys for such an amazing group!
Purchased The Yard 4 months ago
Who is The Yard for?
Our discord community is designed specifically for e-commerce entrepreneurs who are interested in dropshipping. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dropshipper, you'll find valuable insights, 24/7 support, and networking opportunities here.
What does The Yard include?
Once you sign up, you'll immediately unlock the following: Weekly coaching calls, up-to-date Facebook strategies for testing & scaling, 24/7 VIP Support Chat, Community Product Review section, Access to Yard3PL to ship your orders, 'Getting Started' section that outlines your store set up, product pages, launching ads, finding winners & more.
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The Yard
Ecommerce β€’ Dropshipping

72 reviews

The ultimate destination for hungry entrepreneurs; featuring the most active community in the ecom space. By @jonxpaul & @alex_gelfand

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