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Rippy TikTok Shop Automation Bot

(5 reviews)

The #1 TikTok Shop Outreach Bot.

Explode your sales with TikTok Shop Affiliates. Affiliates are a cheat code right now!

Let our bot get you 100s of affiliates per week who are excited to make videos for your brand.

Check out our discord here: https://discord.gg/48k6Vrgk


  • Sends 1000s of messages a day.
  • Have 100s of affiliates promote your product for free.
  • Fully customizable categories and demographics
  • Proxy Secured so your store won't go down by being linked to others.

FREE Bonuses:

✅1 on 1 Guidance

✅ Free Blueprint PDF on strategies, tips, and tricks

✅ User manual for the bot

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Rippy Shop Bot

Sends Messages 24/7
Our bot works 24/7. Sending out 2000+ messages a day.
Fully Customizable
Custom filtering and messages for targeting affiliates.
Proxy Secured
Other bots will use the same IP across your stores and others. We use proxies for each bot, keeping your store safe.
Customer Q&A
Q: Can I create a list of bloggers with high ER or only filter by GMV? I really need to send messages to influencers with high engagement rate
A: Hey! Currently we do not have ER (engagement rate), but we have GMV - and typically these are related. You can go through the creators that have decent GMV and see what their engagement rate is to get the best results there.
Asked on Mar 27, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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2d ago
I bought this robot because sending the messages took too much time. This robot sends thousands of messages per day. It is super simple to set up, has various options to select from to get the perfect creators you want, filtering from age number all the way to GMV. I’m actually blown away by how fast I started receiving free sample requests. This is honestly worth the investment if you want to scale fast and grow your brand. I plan to continue using it to grow my current store and future stores. I would rather spend money on the rippy bot than on ads. This is truly the best way to grow your brand the fastest without spending so much on ads. It’s so fast that I had to literally broaden my filters because I had ran out of creators to message, it’s actually crazy. I’m impressed 10/10
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3 months ago
I would like to preface this review by stating that I am not receiving compensation for this, nor is it part of a giveaway. This is a genuine review from a real person. I have used various bots in the past, and from my experience, none of them offer half as many features as the Rippy Bot does. One of these features is truly game-changing: the ability to filter by GMV. Many people I know, including myself before purchasing the bot, struggle with finding quality creators. Filtering by GMV allows you to target creators with sales of $10,000 or more, resulting in experienced creators, increased sales, and much better videos. If you're hesitant, I urge you to give it a try – you won't be disappointed.
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3 months ago
Bot does exactly what is described and needed. Messages hundreds if not thousands of affiliates a day, most of whom accept the sample request. Would recommend if you're trying to get samples out for affiliates to make videos for you.
Is the bot legal to use on TT Shop?
Yes, we have verified with tiktok shop reps that using our bot does not violate any policies they currently have in place.
What does the bot do for you?
Affiliates will get you more sales than your paid ads and it will be cheaper. Our bot is designed to send thousands of messages a day to tiktok shop creators in order to get affiliates to partner up with your store.
Can the bot target who messages get sent to?
Yes, we can filter by certain niches, # of followers, gender, and age.
What does onboarding look like?
Super simple process. We give you an email to add as an "affiliate manager" in order for the bot to gain access to your store and start running. You will also have access to a live dashboard where you can have full control of what the bot does.
What's your refund Policy?
There will be no refunds.
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Rippy TikTok Shop Automation Bot
E-Commerce • Dropshipping

5 reviews

Rippy Bot is here to get you as many affiliates as possible.

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