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English & Spanish LIVE 💻Screen+Voice🎤 Trading

💻Live Trading Everyday with Screenshare showing exact executions, entries, & Stoploss making it easy to follow along & learn. Full transparency, nothing to hide! Traders Reborn Discord Premium Group Mentorship subscription!. Unlike ordinary signal groups, We offer education for passing prop firm evaluation accounts to become Funded traders, lead by a ✅proven Paid funded trader himself!! Rarely other discord leaders can show they have been a paid propfirm funded trader!

💻LIVE group mentorship experience, where real-time strategies and setups are executed during market hours, guiding you to become a self-sufficient trader. With direct access to our expert mentor, and super supportive members, you'll receive relentless support and invaluable insights, learn to handle emotions during live trades, ensuring your success is our priority. Every Tuesdays🆓free trial, granting access to our premium mentorship with voice+screenshare callouts, interactive live market data teaching, and daily hands-on experiences. Theres Nothing to lose, Everything to gain!

✅ Embrace the path to trading excellence and invest in yourself with Traders Reborn – 1 day of trading will make up for the price of 1 whole month subscription! Join and 10x your returns! 🚀💹

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Premium Group Mentorship

FREE Trading Journal + FREE LIVE every Tuesday, enormous amount of free content even for FREE tier
Prop Firm + Funded Traders
Education from an actual ✅Paid Prop Firm Funded Trader. Strategy, tools, gameplan on passing and following Rules!
NO HINDSIGHT education here! Learn volume & price action in real time during market hours as Candles move during trades.
LIVE Trading + Screenshare
Spanish & English Trade Signal+callouts VISUALLY as mentor draws arrows and points of interest on charts in real time!
LIVE Trading + Voice
Trade callouts+SCREENSHARE giving you the conviction to EXECUTE your trades! not blindly following callouts or signals!
Helpful community
Members are always ready to help, all like minded members seeking financial freedom, NO TOXIC behavior tolerated here!
Resources+Education Courses
Recorded courses, trade recaps, platform setup how-to, brokerage setup how-to. We set you up, same workstation as us.
Full Support from the mentor, direct access and communication with mentor. Spanish & English!
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Customer reviews
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(93 reviews)
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5 days ago
What Can I say? This is the first Mentoring and the only Discord That I've been able to get a payout with. I had two years of failing eval accounts, paying for rooms, Discord, Mentoring and signals with no positive outcome. Once I came to Traders Reborn and took the 1 on 1. My life was transformed. Passing Evals daily, withdrawing from the markets on a consistent basis. The main learning points are: Correct size, have a stop, let the trade run, and stop taking too many trades.
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6 days ago
Making it as a day trader is extremely difficult. Trading reborn was fantastic in giving me a comprehensive and complete review of a trading strategy that has been proven to work. It is a course that reduces the amount of time needed to make it as a trader. As an already knowledgeable trader, I gained invaluable insight on how the market works courtesy of Dick in his 1-1 mentorship. Genuinely a good community and a place where traders can thrive and grow.
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7 days ago
Traders Reborn stands out as a comprehensive trading mentorship program designed to guide both new and experienced traders toward success. The platform offers daily live trading sessions enabling members to follow along with real-time strategies, executions, and stop-losses. Led by a proven funded trader, the mentorship focuses on education for passing prop firm evaluations and becoming self-sufficient traders. The supportive Discord community enhances the learning experience, offering relentless support, emotional guidance during trades, and interactive live market teaching. Overall, Traders Reborn is an invaluable resource for anyone serious about trading, providing transparency, education, and a strong community.
Is Traders Reborn a licensed advisor?
Traders Reborn and this Discord server, Traders Reborn LLC, are not registered as an investment advisor nor a broker/dealer with either the CFTC, NFA, or any futures & securities regulatory authority. We want to emphasize that the content presented in or made available through the Discord server, "Traders Reborn LLC", or our respective social media accounts, should not be considered financial or investment advice. All information provided is strictly for entertainment and educational purposes only. We do not have access to non-public information regarding publicly traded companies. It is essential to understand that any actions taken based on the information provided are solely the responsibility of the users, and we are not liable for any resulting losses or consequences. We recommend that users seek personalized advice from a qualified financial professional before making any investment decisions, considering their unique portfolio and individual investment needs and objectives.
How long are the live trading sessions?
We trade live with screenshare+voice EVERY trading day @ 5:30am-8:00am PST with the teaching+education that will give you the conviction to EXECUTE your trades! not blindly following callouts or signals! WE SHOW EXECUTIONS & ENTRIES unlike other discords that only shows a chart! FULL TRANSPARENCY!
Managing your subscription is a breeze with the Whop Dashboard. You have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time before your invoice date if you decide not to proceed. Should you encounter any issues canceling through the Whop Dashboard, simply send an email to Tradersrebornllc@gmail.com for assistance.
Refund Policy
Paid subscription fees are non-refundable, except where mandated by law. Traders Reborn stands firm in its policy of not offering refunds or returns for any purchased goods or services. All sales are final, ensuring transparency and consistency in our commitment to our valued customers.
Contacting us
If you're already in our Discord server, head over to #support&inquiries and create a ticket for any assistance you need. For those who are not part of our Discord server yet, please feel free to reach out via email at info@tradersreborn.com. We're here to welcome & support you every step of the way!
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Traders Reborn
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93 reviews

At Traders Reborn, Spanish & English, we trade live+screenshare, educate, and empower traders to build a solid foundation🤝. Our community prioritizes education, support, and transparency, offering rare screenshare sessions. With us, you'll access LIVE price action education, interactive mentorship, and a family-like atmosphere. Expect live voice+screenshare trading ideas, caring support, and an active, friendly team. Join us now and elevate your trading journey and achieve financial freedom!🙌 Disclaimer: Traders Reborn LLC hereby declares that all rights and permissions to any content and video recordings produced are solely owned by Traders Reborn LLC. No individual or entity is permitted to share, distribute, or reproduce the content in any form without prior written consent from Traders Reborn LLC. Any unauthorized use or distribution will be considered a violation of the law, and Traders Reborn LLC reserves the right to pursue legal action against such unauthorized use.

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