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Trading Secrets AI Channels

(3 reviews)

AI Channels Futures Indicator

Unlock the potential of any futures contract with our cutting-edge indicator!💰 Leverage the power of Trading Secrets AI to accurately predict trends📈, receive timely breakout signals🚨, and enhance your trading efficiency📝. Stay ahead of the market and make informed decisions with our revolutionary tool designed for both novice and experienced traders.

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Breakout Alerts
Get breakout alert signals on any futures contract. Our favorites are NQ, ES, YM, CL and GC.
ATM Strategy
Use our custom ATM strategy to lock in base hit trades daily.
Easy Trend Prediction
You'll be able to easily spot the trend using the AI Channels. The channels are based on high and low prices.
Application Supported
Ninja Trader Desktop App
Customer Q&A
Q: Does this work with all operating systems? Mac?
A: Couple ways to do it with a mac. VPS which is a dedicated windows instance in a datacenter near the exchange or can run parallels on your mac so you can install a windows instance. Ninja Trader is a windows app unfortunately. We are working to convert it to TradingView as we speak.
Asked on Jun 19, 2024
Q: Is the indicator only for ninja trader? What if you don’t have ninja but have tradovate or trading view or think or swim and use MAC OS?
A: We will be adding it to TradingView however it is currently on NinjaTrader at first. You can use a VPS or Parallels to run Windows.
Asked on Jun 19, 2024
Q: After purchasing this AI channel what to do next is this prop firm along with the bot ?
A: Yes, you can use this indicator with prop firms. We suggest Topstep, Apex and Elite Trader Funding. Let us know if you have any other questions.
Asked on Jun 21, 2024
Q: How much do you suggest to invest initially?
A: That all depends on how many contracts you want to be able to trade. Good rule of thumb you want 1k per micro and 10k per mini contract. Let us know if you have any other questions.
Asked on Jun 25, 2024
Q: What is the win rate and which session do you guys? Do you guys have a backlog as well as somewhere we can see the results?
A: Hey thanks for your question. The accuracy of the signals is determined by the chart time frame you place it on. We typically trade a 1 and 3 min chart other users trade a 987 Heiken Ashi chart. However since this is an indicator it up to the user to enter the trade. The signals are however more than 80% accuracy and if you use 2-3 charts as confluence you can much higher accuracy. We post daily on instagram under realjaypelle the results of using the indicator. There is a 7 day free trial.
Asked on Jul 13, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(3 reviews)
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1d ago
At first, I was having a few frustrations with learning the AI Channels. But the team here; especially owlguardco & several of the members, helped me to understand what I was doing wrong and then we dialed it in. I now have a system that I believe is going to show very consistent wins. I love the Elite trading group as well!
22d ago
Killer indicator the helps caddy you into wins, Dynamic, and realtime. Cant say enough good things about how this helps you scalp trends, or hop in intraday swings. Versatile in all markets.
User avatar
1 month ago
Making me money daily at a rate I have not experienced prior. 10/10 Would recommend!
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Trading Secrets AI Channels
Trading • Futures

3 reviews

Sit back and watch your investments grow! 🤖💼💰

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