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Trading Universe

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Escape the matrix with me.

This is a basic course where you'll learn whats necessary to start your trading journey on becoming profitable, you'll go through levels that will breakdown information like you're in a videogame, I will answer any questions and force you to improve to be a better person.

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Free course

Live lessons
Live lessons on Sunday to share my thoughts on the market and to answer any questions.
Forex course
You can learn some basics that will help you in the market and buy the paid course for more valuable information.
You'll be surrounded by people who want to improve and will help you on your journey.
Level system
You'll start at level 1 and work your way up. I have made this as simple as a game.
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(3 reviews)
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2 months ago
Joined this forex course couple days ago and im surprised how much information the free course has. not only is it simple to understand but ive tested it on a demo account and i can say it works. i recommend joining this free course and talk to alastor he answers all my questions and hes really polite. 5/5
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2 months ago
This course is packed with valuable information. I can't recommend it enough. Alastor is a fantastic instructor who explains everything in a straightforward and clear manner.
2 months ago
Very informative. Just from the free course I made £21 in my first trade. I heavily recommend this course, Alastor is a really good teacher, he explains things very clearly and is concise.
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Trading Universe
Trading • Forex

3 reviews

Here to live my life, we only get 1 and I don't think we should spend it slaving away for someone else's dream. Join me in this course and let's break the cycle together.

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