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Trading Mastermind

(9 reviews)

The ultimate mastermind for crypto trading. Join to learn different strategies and styles from five different traders. Swing, scalp, spot and more!

  • The Trading Mastermind in Discord covers everything you need to know about trading crypto.
  • Five analyst trading channels to follow along with and learn from
  • Alpha posts, guides and courses to improve your trading techniques.
  • Real time trade setups
  • Market Analysis and Overview
  • Top Altcoin Trading Watchlist
  • Ecosystem Specifc Trading (Eth, Sol, Avax, Inj, Atom)
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Trading Mastermind
Join our trading mastermind and get access to trading courses, alpha posts and five different trading analyst channels.
Trading Mastery Course
If you're a beginner at trading crypto, our Trading Mastery course is designed for you. 8 modules of 40+ lessons.
Trading Room
Get access to the trading room where you can follow along with our hand picked team of experienced crypto traders.
Guides & Resources
As time goes on, we will add more and more guides and courses to the mastermind collection to help you on your journey.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(9 reviews)
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10 days ago
Great team of traders I have known over the years. The markets have gone up and down and other traders have been shaken out but this group has stuck with it and it has benefited them immensely and many around them. You won't find any hype or nonsense here. This is a place of quality. There is dedicated team of traders, customer support and even new coin research with daily updates.
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25 days ago
They've got a bunch of analysts, Jacob included, with all with their own take on the market, just chilling and sharing their wisdom. No fluff, no fancy talk – just straight-up insights. Now, when BTC decided to throw us all for a loop with a 20% pullback this past week, it would be easy to panic. But thanks to Trading Mastermind, I had some solid analysis to lean on. These guys cut through the noise and shared the info I needed, quick and easy. They called the local bottom to a tee! For anyone new or experienced in trading crypto, having access to these guys is like having a secret weapon. It's a game-changer, plain and simple. You get altcoin set ups, an airdrop channel & a whole community of people who have their finger on the pulse when it comes to keeping abreast of whats happening in these often fast paced super volatile markets. It's definitely worth the small investment each month that can pay for itself tenfold...
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3 months ago
This trading group discord is one of the best groups out there. They really want you to succeed as a trader. All the leaders of the group are very supportive and get back to you promptly. I have been part of other discords but this one really stands out since they don't just give you signals. They are building a community of educated traders that can all help each other and encourage you to submit set-ups so you can get feedback and fine tune your trading. If you want to grow as a trader this discord is well worth it. Just getting signals almost always doesn't work especially when the markets are choppy. You Have to know when and how to enter a trade and how to exit and this discord helps you with that as well. I give 2 thumbs up to this discord. a mall investment that will pay for itself over and over again...
Can I interact with other members in the community?
Yes, members can actively engage in discussions, share insights, and connect with other crypto traders through our dedicated channels.
What type of trading strategies do you cover in the community?
We cover various strategies such as price action trading, orderflow trading, and trend trading.
Do I need experience in trading in order to follow the 21 day Trading Mastery Course?
No, our 21 day Trading Mastery Course is made for both beginner and advanced traders.
About the seller
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Trading Mastery
Trading β€’ Crypto

9 reviews

Trading Mastery is a mastermind of five different traders that provide insight and analysis on the crypto markets along with education, live streams and live chat.

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