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Exclusive community for people wanting to take their ecommerce to the next level. Free Profit Tracker Included.

The only community you will need for ecommerce. Unlock 1 on 1 help from ecom professionals and unlock Zeekio to mange the profits and expenses of your ecommerce brands!

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Zeekio Free Access

Free Zeekio Software
Unlock our Zeekio software to manage your profits and expenses!
Everything TikTok Ads
Everything you need to fully setup and scale your ecommerce brand with TikTok.
Built by Ecom Owners
Learn from seasoned experts with a track record of generating over $1.7 million in revenue this year.
Build your store from Scratch
Watch Zeek build a store live. Everything from product design to scaling.
120+ Lessons
Strategies and Lessons updated monthly. The Zeek Show always has fresh content!
24/7 Support
Struggling to build your store? We are here to help!
Cancel Anytime
Not happy? Cancel anytime.
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1 year ago
Highly recommend joining Zeek's group. He is always active and responds to everyone's questions, even in dm's. If we as a collective want deeper info on a topic, he provides that in the chat, plus sends videos and documents to expand on it. Fantastic for the price, dude is building a very consistent brand.
Purchased Zeekio VIP Access 1 year ago
What is the Software that is included?
The software is called Zeekio. It helps ecommerce owners better track and manage their profits and expenses. Zeekio is an easy to use software and can be used by anyone in the ecom space.
What is included in the paid section?
1 on 1 help with all of the strategies included in the group. You will also gain access (for free) to our custom profit tracking software.
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The Zeek Show is your gateway to mastering the world of e-commerce. Our company specializes in providing top-tier education and strategies for online entrepreneurs looking to boost their sales and profits. With a strong commitment to excellence, we aim to create the most dynamic and engaging community on Discord, where you can connect with like-minded individuals and gain the knowledge and support you need to succeed in the e-commerce space. The Zeek Show is owned and operated by Zach "Zeek" Willing who has built and managed ecommerce stores for the last 5 years.

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