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Fuel your journey to profitability!

With access to my Discord community, you can get free education on trading and also have the opportunity for joining a membership. Enhance your trading skills and take them to new heights even if you are a beginner I can help you to start your journey! Be a part of VenturionFX Community and fuel your journey to profitability!

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Free Education
You will get access to free educational materials in my Discord and Telegram.
Psychology Mastering
You will get access to free psychological education about trading.
Trading Ideas
You will get access to my trading ideas over the main pairs that I trade.
Exclusive Memberships
You can get access to my trading techniques, styles and strategies if you purchase an exclusive membership plan.
You will get access to my personal newsletter, only available in my Discord Server. I will share good knowledge there.
You will get access to my Private Discord Community and this community can be the best place to learn about trading.
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1 month ago
So nice to see a fresh community to start up. Soo much potential in this community, and it’s free to join!!! 5 stars🔥❤️
Do you sell a course?
No, I don't sell a course, I sell memberships. If you buy one, you can get access for example to SMC Trading and more...
What is your refund policy?
NO REFUND. You can cancel it anytime the subscription based ones, but not the lifetime/one-time options.
Is there a policy in your Telegram Channels and Discord Server?
Yes, there is a strict policy. When you join the Discord Server or the Telegram Channel, you agree to this.
How can I contact you?
You can contact me on Discord by creating a ticket or you can send a DM to my IG and I'll get back to you asap.
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Trading • Investing

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forex and crypto trader based in Budapest, Hungary.

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