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Voss Trading Education

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Start having trading success with expert mentorship, educational content, 24/7 support, live training sessions, and trade analysis


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20 Year Professional Trader
20 year trading pro, mentoring and sharing strategies for success in the stock market.
Educational Content
Access engaging video lessons designed to make you a consistent profitable trader
Live Weekly Night Training
Weekly live night video training sessions.
VIP Chat
Chat with Voss, Network with other VIP members, Post your charts, Post your trades
Trade Analysis and Review
We review your trades and charts to offer insights on your successes and areas for improvement
Monthly Journal Review
We review your trading journal monthly to offer insights on where to improve
Customer Q&A
Q: How I connect to the VIP class?
A: Good morning! Go to theVosstrading.com and scroll down to the offerings. VIP monthly or VIP yearly….
Asked on Apr 23, 2024
Q: Do you guys call out trades when to enter and leave?
A: Never! That is unethical. We teach you how to trade so you know when to enter and leave.
Asked on Mar 23, 2024
Q: Is this good for a beginner who has never traded before? Do you have beginner videos?
A: Absolutely. 100%
Asked on Mar 15, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(18 reviews)
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8 hours ago
I am so thankful I found Voss and grateful everyday I trade now. I' was trading 2.5 years before I met Voss and never felt fully confident even though I have been profitable. I have learned more in this short time than I have in the last 2 years or trading and everyday I continue learn more and more. Knowledge is power in trading and he gives the skills! He shows up everyday, 7 days a week for you. Nobody is doing this and he truly cares for each & every VIP trader. He holds you accountable because he cares and if you give him 100% he will more than give it back. Voss is the real deal!
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a month ago
If I could give Mr. Voss a 10 Star I would. Just from following his system I have been successful quickly. I have some experience but nothing like what Voss has taught me in a few short days. His trainings are off the hook. He is very detailed and very quick to respond to anyone in private discord to any question. He tells you what you need to do regardless if your right or wrong. So very helpful. I can't get enough of his 1 on 1 help you can ask for anytime. He examines your trades if you post them in chat. Very cool and honest dude. He loves his family too. That is obvious. My life has been changed by Mr. Voss's dedication to helping others succeed.
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2 months ago
The value of this channel is unmatched with regards to the hundreds of options available for learning how to trade. With a solid foundation, a strategy will lead to consistency and ultimately to a high win rate. There is not a lot of fluff. The content is hyper focused on showing how to learn the fundamentals required to help you develop your own winning strategies. Many opportunities to ask questions in the live trainings. Get feedback on your winning or losing trades. Seriously, if you are struggling with being consistent, I highly,strongly, recommend you join the The Voss Trading platform. This has been life changing and I believe 100% the main reason my win rate has gone from low 40% to upper 80% since joining. I believe there is even a free trial, so no excuses.
What if I have no experience?
Good question, we want to keep things as simple as possible so even someone with no trading experience can learn. We will teach you to trade from the beginning. Anyone can join Voss Trading Education. From seasoned traders to no experience at all.
What do you trade? Stocks, Options, or Futures?
What is the minimum investment needed to trade?
We always recommend to not trade with real money while you're learning. You can use a simulator that uses simulated money to trade the market in real time!
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Voss Trading Education
Trading β€’ Stocks

18 reviews

At Voss Trading Education our commitment is to empower and educate you about trading. With over 20 years of experience, our founder provides mentorship and profitable strategies to help you excel in the stock market. We believe that learning is a never-ending process, hence we provide weekly live training on various topics. At Voss Trading, we don't just tell you what to do, we walk with you through the journey. We don't just focus on your success, but also learn from your failures to provide meaningful insights. Our goal is to mold you into a consistent, profitable trader amidst the ever-changing stock market. Our programs are designed for everyone, whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced trader seeking to sharpen your skills. Join us and let's navigate the world of trading together.

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