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WizrdGPT: A.I Sports Betting Software

(3 reviews)

• The Most Advanced Sports Betting Software

Wizrd is an AI learning machine powered by artificial intelligence that can analyse mass amounts of historical and live data such as: weather conditions, referee, team form, injuries, recent player form, game location and much more to predict the outcome of various sports games in multiple leagues and countries. Our software then yields a Safety Score ranging from 1 to 99 how safe the given bet is. WizrdGPT also includes a bet value tracker on all slips.

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5 Sports Covered
WizrdGPT has been trained to cover 5 sports in all leagues: Football, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, UFC.
AI Safety Score
WizrdGPT provides an AI Safety Score on every single one of their slips to help members understand the risk involved.
Expected Value
WizrdGPT shows the expected value of their bets and picks.
Bet Tracker
WizrdGPT has an included bet tracker so you can visualise your success.
Private Community Section
WizrdGPT offers various VIP channels to discuss all sports.
Customer Q&A

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Customer reviews
2.33 out of 5
(3 reviews)
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2 months ago
Their system was working decently while they were still posting bets and responding, but it seems like the team quit. The admin was fairly unresponsive until they eventually just stopped responding at all. It's unfortunate because I paid for another billing cycle, and then they apparently halted all bets.
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4 months ago
was doing well to start then had a couple of bad/break-even weeks. They do a recap every week of win rate and profitably, well on of those weeks I found that their win rate didn't match the wins I was getting and I explained what they did in the discord and instead that saying that they made a mistake or that they were in the wrong or even explaining were I was wrong in my argument, instead they deleted my comment then they muted me in the server and said I was "spreading misinformation"
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5 months ago
They selectively choose picks, as a result have a consistently profitable win rate week to week. Worthwhile service from what I have seen.
What is your success rate, and how do you measure it?
All WizrdGPT bets are recorded and tracked. We use to KPI's: Win rate and ROI (return on investment) In Q4 of 2023, we had a 71% and 31% ROI.
What is the AI Safe Score?
It’s a score (1-99 points) granted to every pick. Calculated based on any variables the AI has analyzed and taken into consideration. It indicates how safe the pick is for you to follow.
Should I follow all the picks?
Possible, but not necessary. Some people in our network for example only take the picks with an AI Safe Score from 85 points and above. Others only take the picks in the NBA and MLB. You should only take the ones you feel comfortable with.
How much time before the game will I receive them?
Usually on the day or the day before the game. Knowing the formation of each team is crucial for our artificial intelligence system to make predictions. Sometimes if the odds are too good, we will send the pick earlier.
Are the picks guaranteed?
No, in sports anything can happen. The AI system just analyses the most likely outcome versus the odds. It will have games wrong! And predict many games correct. Based on the AI Safety Score and your personal strategy goals, you should choose which picks to follow. You should also cash out when you think it's necessary.
About the seller
Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

3 reviews

Welcome to Wizrd, where our journey began in the Netherlands with a vision to redefine the world of sports betting. Our founder, driven by a passion for innovation, has dedicated extensive time to the development and refinement of WizrdGPT and is excited to share it with you. Having tested and fine-tuned our product over the months, we are proud to present a sophisticated and reliable solution designed to elevate your sports betting experience. We combine Dutch precision with a deep love for sports, providing you with a tool that excels in accuracy.

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