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Zeiierman Trading

(13 reviews)

Boost your trades with Zeiierman Trading! Access top strategies and indicators directly on TradingView


  • Premium indicator suite on TradingView

  • Premium Smart Money Concept Indicator on TradingView

  • 2 Automated Bots on TradingView

  • User strategies & setups shared weekly

  • Liquidity Signals

  • Crypto Signals

  • 24/7 support & active product updates

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Discord access

ZeiiermanVIP, Liquidity Signals, Crypto Signals

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TradingView indicator

Intelligent Price Action - Movement Up (Expo), Price Action - Delivery Algorithm (Zeiierman), Trend analysis - Take Profit (Expo), On Balance Volume Flow (Expo), Geometric Pattern (Expo), Cumulative delta (Expo), Supply/Demand Zones (Expo), Higher TimeFrame Trend Candles (Expo) , Buyside/Sellside Liquidity [Real-Time] (Expo), Reversal Algo (Expo), Arithmetic Candlesticks (Expo), Liquidity Levels/Zones (Expo), Reversal Squeeze (Expo), Trend & Pullback Toolkit (Expo), Market Structure & Price Action Toolkit (Expo), Buy/Sell Toolkit (Expo), Smart Money Concepts Premium (Expo), Volatility Impulse [VI] (Expo), Z Algo (Expo), Bellcurves (Expo), Trend & Contrarian (Expo), Momentum Oscillator [Dynamic & Flow] (Expo), [Trend] Support- & Resistance Levels/Zones (Expo), Bellcurves [Advanced] (Expo), Institutional Patterns (Expo), Fair Value Gap Oscillator (Expo), Trend Tracer [Cloud] (Expo), Probability Oscillator (Expo), Trend Analysis [Ultimate] (Expo), Range Band (Expo), Curved Stop Loss (Expo), Range & Trend (Expo), ATR + PSAR Trailing Stop (Expo), Average High Traded Volume (Nodes) - Levels/Zones (Expo), Trend Algo (Expo), Buying/Selling Pressure & Trend Strength/Direction (Expo), Confirmation (Expo), Volatility Index (Expo), Rolling ATR Channel (Expo), Arcturus Algo, Buy & Sell Order (Expo), Breakout & Trend & Scalping (Expo), TakeOff Levels/Zones (Expo), Trend Average (Expo), Momentum - Trend Strategy (Expo), Trend Scalper (Expo), Linear Regression Trend (Expo), Trend Candlestick (Expo), Reversal Bands & Zones (Expo) , Extreme - SR Levels/Zones (Expo), Fractals (Expo), ATR Trend & ATR Top/Bottom (Expo), Fearzone & Greedzone Levels - Contrarian & Breakout (Expo), Intelligent Zones (Expo), Intelligent Trend (Expo), Tweezer Top & Tweezer Bottom Pattern (Expo), Climax Volume (Expo), Expansion Top/Bottom (Expo) , Intelligent Price Action - Positive Close (Expo), Intelligent Price Action - Movement Down (Expo), Auto Support/Resistance Levels (Expo), Extremes (Expo) , Oscillator Toolkit (Expo), WaveTrend Momentum (Expo), Institutional Strength & Flow (Expo), Volume Delta (Expo), Support & Resistance/Supply & Demand/Liquidity/Trendlines (Expo), Stochastic - Signal (Expo), Exhausted Volume (Expo), Adaptive Trend (Expo), TTTT Trend (Expo), ZTrading Tool (Expo), Trend Stability (Expo), High – Low Trend Indicator Signal (Expo), Parametric Oscillator (Expo), [Stochastic, MACD - Double-Cross] – Signal (Expo), RSI – Signal (Expo), Onsen FX Algo, Crypto Punk [Bot], Trapped Traders - SR Levels/Zones (Expo) , Price action Momentum Level/Zone (Expo) , Price Action - Level/Zone (Expo), Trend Oscillator (Expo), Supply/Demand Zones - LongTerm (Expo)

TradingView Indicators
Gain access to indicators and systems designed to help traders worldwide trade smarter!
VIP Discord Access
Join an active trading group for shared ideas, support, free education, and strategies!
We create future traders!
Pass any prop firm challenge with our strategies or get a refund. We're confident in our mentorship!
Proven Strategies
Industry experts provide access to their proven strategies!
Trade with pro signals that made us 7-figure traders! Get Forex, Indices, and Gold Signals.
1 on 1 Support
With dedicated support channels, have access to the answers you need throughout your trading journey!
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(13 reviews)
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3 months ago
I have known Zeiirman for few years now. I started using his indicators initially on a monthly basis and it didn’t take me long to become a lifetime subscriber. That is how good his indicatos are. Whether you are an experienced trader or a beginner, his indicators works like magic and can add a confluence to your bias to act as a confirmation bias. Just gift yourself with the edge of his indicators and you won’t regret for this subscription. His mentorship program is a like an icing on the cake. Emense Knowledge of Onsen and his strategies. Hata off to the duo…
Purchased All Inclusive Access 3 months ago
User avatar
3 months ago
They offer excellent indicators. I am very happy with the quality of thier indicators. Thier discord channel and thier customer service is outstanding. I am very happy I signed up for the lifetime membership.
Purchased Lifetime - All Inclusive Access 3 months ago
User avatar
3 months ago
absolute best (NR1)
Purchased Hidden Indicators 3 months ago
What is Zeiierman Trading?
We are a team of talented professional traders with a wide range of skills and experience. We have been coding indicators and systems for more than 10 years and have already launched several fully automated trading bots. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. Read more about us here: https://zeiiermantrading.com/what-is-zeiierman-trading/
Is this friendly for beginners?
Yes, if you’re new to trading, you can easily use our tools. However, we provide everything from beginner-friendly strategies and tools to the most advanced and professional trading strategies and tools. We have many easy-to-follow strategies & guides for you to use to get you started on the right track. We design tools for all kinds of Traders!
What's your refund policy?
You can request a refund if you notify us on the same day as the payment was successful. Other than that, there are no refunds. All sales are final. **Please note that users who filed a chargeback/dispute request or a claim are not eligible for a refund**
Do I need Discord to become a member?
You don’t need Discord to become a member. You can access all our predefined strategies and setup within our members’ page instead. However, we strongly recommend everyone to join our group! The learning curve for our users is insane!
I have a question that wasn't answered!
Please refer to our extensive FAQ at https://zeiiermantrading.com/faq/
About the seller
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Zeiierman Trading
Trading • Investing

13 reviews

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Zeiierman Trading is a global trading firm that partners with successful traders around the globe to develop and push the boundary of technical analysis. We help traders and fund managers compete profitably in the financial markets by developing and delivering cutting-edge trading indicators and strategies. As a result, we shape the future of trading!

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