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Join BotterBoyNova & Solecity in your new reselling journey!

Our Committment

We pride ourselves in maintaining a safe and user friendly environment that accomodates to all users from different walks of life.

Younger, Older, Beginner or Experienced, we will do the best that we can to ensure that you are equipped with the right tools and resources to help you succeed.

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Release Guides & Alerts
In-House & In-Depth Release Info, Guides and Pings.
GB's with Prism, SecretIO, Kodai, Chegg, SWFTiOS and many more can be seen within Polar Chefs on a regular basis.
Written & Video Guides & ongoing Seminars. The level of Education and Information found within Polar Chefs is unmatched!
1 on 1 Support
Member satisfaction is the #1 priority. Book 1 on 1s and elevate your reselling game.
Lowkey & Brick Flips
Access services such as: Buyers Portal, Flips , Cards, Consoles, Funkos, Freebies, Free Food, Free Gift Cards and more!
Free Autocheckout Slots
Let us run you for drops on a regular basis without lifting a finger.
Tools & Software
Utilize our in-house Free software to take your reselling journey to the next level!
Over 300 Monitors including customs In-House. Never miss another Release or Restock ever again!
Customer question & answers
This bot will work in india and is there 100% chances that i can cop sneakers
Hi Akshit, Thank you for reaching out! We actually are a cook group and not an actual Bot. Were you asking if our services will be beneficial to those in India as well?
Answered 6 months ago
Hi Does your services benefits people in Malaysia? Im from malaysia and im trying to learn sneaker botting
Hi Jonathan, Thank you for reaching out. At this time, we are a US based group and do not offer any Malaysian release information. If you'd like to learn about Reselling/Manualing or Botting, we are able to assist to some degree. But if your intent is to gain release information for Malaysia, we will not be suitable.
Answered 6 months ago
Do you have tools and guides for Europe? (im from Italy)
Hi, Most of our Guides and Tools can be used for any Region around the world! At this time, we just do not offer any release information for drops for the EU.
Answered 4 months ago
Hey, im a big fan I follow on YouTube. I currently have a bot and im really trying to learn. Do you guys really help newbie with walk throughs.
Hi, We sure do! We invest in your success and will support you every step of the way. Just remember though, it is a two way street, as much effort as we put into you, we would expect the same from you :)
Answered 3 months ago
Do you guys accept pay pal as a form of payment?
Hi, Not at this time. Just general Stripe Payment Processing which supports all card types from around the world.
Answered 5 months ago
I'm interested but unfortunately I'm residing in the Philippines, would this work even though you are US based cook group?
Hi, thank you for your interested in our group! This should work for you if you are able to ship your purchased items within the US and if you have a contact there that is able to handle the products on you behalf (Sell, Ship & etc)
Answered 1 month ago
Hi, does your group offer an ACO for ticket reselling? thanks,
Hi, unfortunately we do not as the use of any type of software or automated services for ticket reselling is illegal. We do offer ACO for all other sites such as Shopify, Nike, Retail stores and more though.
Answered 15d ago
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2d ago
I've been in Polar Chefs for a very long time and I've always gotten the best info on everything from shoes to clothing literally everything. Wouldn't rather be anywhere else.
Purchased Polar Chefs Premium 2 years ago
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5d ago
Saw lots of videos on youtube about this group. Decided to finally join to see what its about. Members are awesome, staff are awesome and the info posted is on point. Glad i joined!
Purchased Preview - Waiting Room 5d ago
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5d ago
Quite impressed with the groups features. Very excited to be here and can't wait to make some money!
Purchased Preview - Waiting Room 5d ago
What is Polar Chefs?
We are a family of Sneakerheads & Collectors whom are looking to grow our personal collections and/or expand our reselling hobbies. We provide you with information on how to obtain limited Sneakers & Collectibles at Retail cost! Many have joined to acquire Sneakers & Collectibles for "the toe". But after spending some time in our community, they have also developed a passion for reselling to cover the costs of their own purchases and much more!
What is included in my Membership?
By joining us, you will get access to Release information/Reselling Education/Credit Building Education/Botting Education and a plethera of other services that will help you thrive within this community. Polar Chefs is truly your one stop shop community to cover all of your needs.
How do I reach support?
Feel to email us at support@polarchefs.com
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We are a Discord based Reselling Community catering to members of the US. We specialize in providing you with information and release guides on how to acquire the latest Sneakers, Streewear and Flips. Whether if you're a Sneaker Head or into Flipping Collectibles, we've got a spot for you.