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(72 reviews)

The ultimate trading tool to help you gain an edge in the markets.

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Real Time Buy and Sell Alerts
Non-repainting buy and sell chart signals designed to help you enter and exit the market with precision
15+ Premium Trading Tools
Enhance your trading with our trading toolkit full of 15+ AI powered indicators
Members Only Discord Group
Access our exclusive trading chat room and get signals from our professional trading analysts
User Guides & Tutorials
Know how each feature works with our in depth user guides & tutorials.
24/7 Customer Service
Have questions? Ask us in our discord group or open a support ticket on our website!
Customer Q&A
Q: Do you have to have a premium account on trading view to use this
A: No you can use a free account!
Asked on May 20, 2023
Q: I’m new to trading how does it work for you on trading platforms, and is there any install?
A: It works on tradingview.com which is free and simple to use!
Asked on May 24, 2023
Q: Can it be used in India?
A: Yes of course!
Asked on Jun 2, 2023
Q: Doe’s simple algo works with binance
A: It works with a free Tradingview.com account. You can use Tradingview to view charts and then use Binance to trade.
Asked on Jun 5, 2023
Customer reviews
4.31 out of 5
(72 reviews)
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3 months ago
This is an honest review: Unfortunately, only fancy looking indicators are sold, some of which are freely available. (Bollinger Bands red/green for example). The biggest “disadvantage”, however, is that it is merely a “repainter”. This means that the buy and sell signals only appear in the chart AFTER the biggest action is already over... Guys, there is simply no “I'll make you rich quick and we'll beat the market” indicator. Otherwise we'd all be millionaires, right? I was curious and really wanted to know what exactly was being sold here. I asked for a refund 1 day (!) after the purchase, which of course was refused. I'm still waiting for a response in the Discord.... Please don't be fooled and spend your money wisely. Not for empty promises! With kind regards
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3 months ago
I dont like it personally because its a normal Indicator which's Sell & Buy Signals are not good, I just made like in first day -200$
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4 months ago
Product did not work, it only show entry point after market is moved. Very bad company.
What should I expect after purchasing?
Once you place an order, you will immediately be redirected to page with simple instructions on how to instantly claim access.
Does it work for the free version of Tradingview?
Yes! SimpleAlgo works perfectly with the free version of Tradingview
Does it work on all markets and timeframes?
Yes, you can use SimpleAlgo on any market and any time frame.
What if I don't receive the indicator?
If you don't receive the indicator after inputting your TradingView username or if you come across any issue at all, please open a support ticket on our website and we will be more than happy to assist!
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72 reviews

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SimpleAlgo is a premium trading indicator which includes many features designed to help traders analyze the markets smarter.