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Best-in-Class Indicator for Stocks, Forex, Futures, and Crypto Markets

Our most popular offering, a trading system founded on the idea that community and one-on-one interactions build stronger traders than static education. Because of this, we've built a massive community of 47,000+ like-minded traders helping each other grow and develop.

PB Premium gives you everything you need to become successful in your trading career through real-time stock alerts, personalized coaching, daily live streams, full access to PB University, and 24/7 access to our 47,000+ member community.

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Clean BULL/BEAR Signals
Confirmation is often the one obstacle most traders struggle with. StocksBuddy provides clear signals in real-time.
Dynamic Stop Loss "Puck"
StocksBuddy isn't just an indicator, it adapts dynamically to volatility & other factors to deliver the best potential.
Fully Customizable Settings
Adjustable sensitivity, color theme, and visibility settings allow users to view clean, clear signals on any chart.
Built-In Alert Capability
With the ability to set alerts for BULL/BEAR signals, trading doesn't have to be a grind!
24/7 Customer Support
Our staff is available to help with any questions or feedback you might have.
Customer Q&A

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What are the beginner, intermediate, and advanced settings?
Those are sensitivity settings which you can change based on your experience level.
What is the "stop-loss puck"?
The stop-loss puck appears on your chart as a horizontal line. It adapts to price to help you identify stop-losses.
I bought StocksBuddy but don't see it in my TradingView
Be sure to connect your TradingView account in Whop, and then it will appear under "invite-only scripts".
Can I make it so I only see bullish signals?
Yes, of course, as well as bearish. Most of the elements can be customized in the indicator settings menu.
Will I get new features as they are created?
Yes, as long as you have an active subscription (or are lifetime), you can always access the most recent version.
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StocksBuddy is a suite of technical analysis indicators with a primary focus on the TradingView platform. With our flagship indicator, we have helped traders around the world stop the bleeding and grow their portfolios. Our mission is to enable traders to access easy-to-use, intuitive technical indicators and other tools and de-mystify the market for the masses.