AK Chefs was founded back in 2017, and unlike a large number of similar groups founded around that time, they have weathered the storms that have taken others out of the game.

Today, they’re stronger than ever, proving their ability to adapt to the times as an OG cook group that capitalizes on new opportunities in addition to refining old ones.

The AK Chefs team, which is led by Ari Sarafyan, is fully committed to finding the best side hustle and reselling opportunities out there while sharing all of the juicy details with its members.

Read on to discover what makes AK Chefs an excellent option as a Discord cook groups, what you’ll get as a member, and how you can capitalize on money-making opportunities of all kinds on Whop!

Why Join AK Chefs?

AK chefs

Reselling is one of the best business opportunities today, with a growing number of individuals making bank as a reseller. However, this business can prove to be quite overwhelming due to the amount of knowledge and tools necessary to find any degree of success or even motivation to succeed.

Joining AK Chefs will not only eliminate the burden of needing to manually research all the profitable reselling opportunities, it will empower you with the toolbox needed to flourish as a reseller, even if you are starting entirely from scratch with no previous knowledge.

On top of the tools and expert knowledge, you’ll have a team of seasoned veterans who truly care about your success, so there’s no need to worry about finding answers to the many questions you might have about the reselling game.

Additionally, AK Chefs has an impressive history in the relatively new realm of cook groups. It is one of the originals that has not only stuck around through all of the industry changes, it has continuously improved to get even better.

To top everything off, the group has garnered over 1000 5 star reviews over the years, including many from recent days. 

One of the Original All-in-One Cook Groups

Recent posts covering a successful sneaker release with multiple checkouts in the AK Chefs success channel
Recent posts covering a successful sneaker release with multiple checkouts in the AK Chefs success channel

AK Chefs was founded in 2017, making it one of the oldest Discord communities. While the community started primarily as a sneaker cook group, it was quick to evolve with the times, and to add the most profitable opportunities that exist in the broad world of reselling. It has also added expert trading and sports betting coverage.

On top of the core mission statement of adapting to any and all market changes to stay ahead of the curve, AK Chefs has direct partnerships with top companies in the industries so you can access insider deals that are group exclusives.

Support is available 24/7, and many of the staff has been around for a long time as well, so you can be sure you’re in good hands if you’re a member of AK Chefs.

What you’ll get with AK Chefs

what you get with AK chefs
A sneak peak at the abundance of real time, applicable tools which include instore price and stock checkers so you can act on profitable opportunities as they arise.

Once you’re inside AK Chefs, you’ll gain access to a diverse toolkit of channels, guides and software that will make it nearly impossible not to succeed if you simply take action. Here are the goodies you’ll get inside this exclusive Discord community:

  • Extensive Reselling Coverage
    AK Chefs made its name in the reselling game, so it has some of the most extensive coverage that you can find in a single group. They have dedicated channels to numerous opportunities including sneakers, NFTs, electronics, tickets and watches. You’ll also find random flips including CSGO, hats, Funkos, vinyls and more.
  • Trading Coverage and Challenges
    Part of the benefit of being part of a cook group isn’t just the knowledge, but the shared motivation towards goals. Reseller challenges provide further incentive to improve your skills and succeed, and with the trading challenges inside of AK Chefs, you’ll be able to compete for prizes and hone your skills publicly so you can become a profitable trader.
  • 500+ Guides
    Capturing all the reselling opportunities means being aware of how to execute the specific steps of each of them. Instead of needing to learn each of these individually, AK Chefs provides 500+ guides that cover the exact steps of every money-making opportunity that they have gathered over the years.
  • Online Courses
    If you want to go deeper than the compact how-to guides so you can develop your own framework to understand new opportunities, AK Chefs has you covered with its in-depth online courses. 
  • Giveaways and Freebies
    It’s always nice to have perks that only require being in the right place without exerting any extra effort, and this is what you’ll get with AK Chefs and their giveaways. As a member of their group, you’ll instantly be eligible for their regular giveaways which include financial prizes and other goodies.
  • Sports Picks App
    One of the fairly recent additions to AK Chefs is sports betting coverage. In addition to a dedicated channel full of tips, the group also offers a complimentary sports picks app that allows you to to capitalize on the opportunity even more.
  • Top Notch Monitors
    Nearly every cook group worth its dues has monitors, but the quality and quantity can vary drastically between groups. AK Chefs has bespoke, top notch monitors made by dedicated developers so you can have a wide array of specific flippable items pushed live directly to your Discord so you can scoop up valuable inventory the moment it becomes available.

Picking the Right Package

AK chefs

The pricing for AK Chefs is straightforward, so it will be easy to choose the package that is best for you. You can start off by paying on a weekly basis at $12.50. By choosing this plan, you will gain access to all of the aforementioned perks of the group, including all of the extensive reselling coverage and  monitors. This option also comes with a 24 hour money back guarantee.

You can purchase a one time, lifetime membership with no need for any renewal or additional payment for $1,100.00. Updates are free and frequent as the market demands.

We recommend starting with the weekly membership due to the reasonable pricing and low time commitment. You’ll be able to choose whether or not you want to continue to renew your membership, but we can guarantee that even during a single week you’ll be able to see the power of the group, and you might even capitalize on an opportunity that pays your membership back and more!

Diversify your skill sets and maximize profits with AK Chefs

If you want to become a member of the AK Chefs private community, all you have to do is pick your plan on Whop and connect your Discord account so you can access the server immediately upon payment. By joining, you’ll be able to add to your money making skills with diverse reselling, trading and sports betting advice from one of the oldest and most established cook groups in the game.

So, if you’re ready to become part of the OG all-in-one cook group, join AK Chefs and start cashing in as you embark on your journey to becoming a pro reseller!