Stock options have always been a lucrative trading option (no pun intended) for investing in the market. But they inherently come with risks, because you never know exactly where the market will go. In this case, you need to find a way to mitigate these risks and make the trade the correct options with the right expiration at a reasonable premium.

That’s where Primetime Trading Group (PTG) comes in. PTG is a team of expert traders and analysts with tons of experience with options trading. And while they might offer some help for other markets, like crypto, their bread and butter is calls and puts, long-term or short-term.

So, let’s see what PTG is all about, and get an idea of why they proclaim themselves the 'home of options trading'. We’ll go over everything they offer to their thousands of members and how much it costs to get access to the community.

For now, let’s get a better idea of who’s behind PTG.

The Prime Team of The Group

primetime TG

The one name synonymous with PTG is John, known to the community as Percivul. He started out his career as an engineer but soon found his true passion in trading, becoming a full-time trader at the age of 44.

Percivul then decided to create his own community, Primetime Trading Group, to help those who were less knowledgeable or experienced in trading with expert analysis and alerts. But John isn’t alone in this.

PTG is backed up by several experts, like Nitro, lonokane, and Trackdalf, all of whom contribute to the group with weekly rundowns and alerts across the stock and crypto markets. Then, there are people like Austin and Zabes who became part of the team later on as they demonstrated their expert trading abilities.

That being said, what’s PTG all about? Clearly, they offer help with options and spreads, but what do you get when you join the group?

The Group’s Stock Trading Alerts

PTG Discord

PTG offers tons of daily and weekly trading alerts and statements that all members can follow. Every buy or sell is outlined by all the experts, with a fair share of analyses and comments accompanying it.

It’s not like you’ll get an alert to buy a certain call option. The team will outline the exact strike price, with a specific expiration, and an explanation of why they chose that specific stock. They’ll also notify you on whether you should rush into buying each option or if it’s better to wait it out for a bit and see if the market is going up or down.

On top of that, some of the analysts, like lonokane, will provide you with their weekly buys and sells so you can keep track and potentially follow their portfolios. Patience is key, in any sense, and the team really highlights that in all their alerts.

Dabbling in Crypto

PTG Discord

Of course, while PTG is known for its stock trading, it also dabbles in the occasional crypto option. While you won’t find many alerts when it comes to crypto, there’s a dedicated section where you can go through the current crypto news and chat with the rest of the community to get up to date.

The group also utilizes a bot that keeps all premium members updated with noteworthy crypto breakouts. So, if a coin is entering a potential bull run, you’ll be the first to know.

Speaking of bots…

AI Bot For All the VIPs


If you get VIP access to the Discord, you’ll find a dedicated section full of bots and AI-based analyses. The great thing about these is that, compared to other communities, members can use a set of commands and get an instant analysis on any coin or stock. There are also more bots with plenty of alerts on sweeps and insider trades that might be worth looking at.

These are pretty intuitive and advanced, so they’re mostly targeted towards the more experienced members. But, even as a beginner, you can still gain a lot of knowledge from them, which will also help you become a better trader in the long run.

That’s not the only piece of knowledge you’ll get from the PTG Discord, though. 

All The Education You’ll Need

PTG education

One of the best offerings of Primetime Trading Group is its educational info. Percivul leads the way here, as he offers regular live trading sessions where you can directly ask him questions. All these are reserved for premium members, but it’s not often that you get the chance to have an open mic session with an experienced trader. And, even VIP members can get in on the action with 1-on-1s with some of the other experts.

PTG also has a dedicated section full of educational materials for beginner and advanced traders. You’ll find almost everything here, from glossaries and the basics of options trading to chart patterns and technical analysis guides. There are also daily newsletters with all the ongoings that might affect the market.

The team has spent a lot of effort finding the best online resources and compiling their own, and all of this can be found directly on their Discord. Plus, you can always ask some of the members for help through one of the many chatrooms within the server.

What You Get With the Primetime Trading Group

PTG has a ton of stuff, and this might be a bit overwhelming at first. So, here’s a quick rundown on everything that’s in-store when you buy your membership.

  • Stock and Crypto Trading Alerts
    Daily and weekly buy and sell alerts backed by the experts accompanied with details on each option trade
  • Tons of educational content
    Dedicated section full of all the basics of options trading and more advanced techniques to become a better trader
  • AI-based analytics and trading bots 
    Plenty of bots that scour the market for potential trading opportunities
  • Tight-knit community with traders across all levels
    Experts and beginner traders alike are always available to chat and help each other out

Free, VIP, or Diamond?

PTG options

PTG keeps things simple when it comes to pricing. For one, you can get free access to the entire Discord for 7 days to get an idea of how the server functions and see if it’s the right one for you. You can also book a free demo to really get everything out of the community.

But, long-term access comes at a cost. Basic access to the community will cost you $200/month, where you’ll get all of the alerts and daily newsletters. If you want full access to the server, which comes with live trading streams and all the educational info, you’ll have to join the Diamond Club, which will set you back $390/month, with a $100 one-time fee.

Now, while this is on the higher end for a monthly subscription, the value offered by the team is considerable enough to make it a pretty good value for money if you’re serious about becoming a better trader.

Primetime Trading Group – Get Your Daily Buys and Sells

Primetime Trading Group takes a pretty traditional and simple approach in how they’ve structured their trading Discord. There’s plenty of educational content, the community is great, and you’ll get all the alerts you’ll need. 

This simplicity yet depth of knowledge makes them stand out, as they do this incredibly well, as evidenced by their 750+ 5-star reviews on Whop. And with such a team of experts contributing to the server daily, you’ll really get your money’s worth.

If you’re ready to become a member of PTG, check them out on the Whop Marketplace. Join the hundreds of like-minded folks who’ve trusted Percivul and Co. over the years.