Founded in 2019 by Bandar, Bandar’s Bounties is a private reselling and money-making community. Bandar's Bounties helps to bend the laws of the traditional ways of making money online, while still staying within the bounds of legality.

The group has continually iterated on its features and functionality, and today is one of the most popular groups for learning about elusive ways to profit in areas that are largely unknown to the general public.

A unique feature of Bandar’s Bounties (and one that helped contribute to its success and its exclusive advice) is a bounty system where anyone who submits an underground profitable exploit can be rewarded with up to $50,000. In this guide, we’ll go over more about this bounty system in addition to the group’s other features, and how you can cash in with freshly acquired online money skills thanks to Bandar’s Bounties and other private communities on Whop. 

Why Join Bandar’s Bounties?

Bandar's bounties

Bandar's Bounties attracts those with an inner rebel. The group was built with and is still fueled with the intention to find underground money-making exploits that remain legal, even when they feel like they aren’t - like finding a product mistakenly marked down by over 90% off!

Another compelling reason to join Bandar’s Bounties is the genuine and positive reviews that the group has received over the years from both brand-new and long-standing members. 

The proof has been spread far and wide through word of mouth for those in the know, and the group has gained so much popularity that membership is often at full capacity with a waitlist.

Additionally, the group has verified timestamps that are indisputable, meaning if they drop an opportunity, it’s the real deal, and you’ll have to act fast–but you’ll have no issues doing this with their lighting-fast monitors that push real-time info straight to your notifications.

A Diverse Set of Unique Online-Money Opportunities and Expert Guidance

While other reselling groups might have recycled advice that is floating around elsewhere, Bandars Bounties is built on unique hacks that are largely found through their bounty system that rewards individuals who find previously unknown profitable online exploits.

For this reason, Bandar’s Bounties makes a strong argument for their claim of being the actual #1 source for all major price mistakes on the web. 

What You Get with Bandar’s Bounties

Bandar's bounties

When you become a member of Bandar’s Bounties, you’ll be welcomed into a community and instantly be able to access exclusive information, tools, and other assistance including the following:

  • Unique Price Error Opportunities
    The signature offering of Bandar’s Bounties is the unique price error opportunities to be found inside. To explain this simply, sometimes retailers mistakenly price items or allow for loopholes that give massive discounts, sometimes at more than 90% off–and they will still honor the order if you make a successful checkout at that price. You’ll also get access to other glitches, including freebies.
  • Super-fast, real-time pings
    Bandar’s Bounties is always on the lookout for the latest price errors, and inside the group, you’ll be among the first to find out about these with their super-fast pings that happen in real-time as these opportunities pop up. Convenient notifications within a channel in the group’s Discord will allow you to see all of these opportunities thanks to a custom group monitor generating these pings.
  • Inventory Cashouts
    If you want to sell your items quickly so you can keep your cash flowing and not deal with the common reseller problem of accumulating inventory that just sits, Bandar’s Bounties is a great place to be. They solved this issue with a unique inventory cashout option that happens within the group. Because of the fact that much of your price error inventory will have been acquired at a 75% discount or more, you’ll be able to quickly and profitably cash out anything you want to if you don’t want to wait to sell yourself.
  • Marketing guides
    For those who have no previous experience reselling on platforms such as eBay or Amazon, learning how to market effectively so you can move inventory in the most efficient way possible is not as simple as it might first seem. Thankfully, Bandar’s Bounties offers marketing guides for these platforms so that you can learn how to market the right way, right off the bat.
  • Experienced and helpful support team
    The private community has an excellent support team to ensure a high level of member satisfaction and can be contacted directly 24/7 for any questions you might have or issues that might arise. Don’t be afraid of asking beginner questions either to the group or in the dedicated public thread for these–someone, either the staff or a fellow member, will be willing to help.
  • Random Resell
    Price errors are just one opportunity in the broad spectrum of reselling. Just like Bandar’s Bounties finds super low-key, previously unknown pricing errors, the group also identifies random resell that is profitable and unsaturated.
  • Bounty Payouts
    Bandar’s Bounties is true to its name: it will pay out a bounty to anyone who finds a unique pricing error or other legal exploit that will allow users to profit. For the newest and most profitable errors, the group will pay up to $50,000 so that its members can be some of the only people in the entire world to know this opportunity while it’s good.

Picking the Right Package

Bandar's bounties options

You are just one click away from joining Bandar’s Bounties and all the goodies inside its exclusive Discord community.

The group offers two package options for joining its premium, members-only area, which can be purchased on a monthly recurring basis for $99 per month, or for those that want a 3-month, quarterly membership, the fee of $267 will save you $10 per month compared to the normal monthly price.

If there is a waitlist when you try to join the group, you can still enter your details to check out and you will only be charged when you are accepted and let in.

You can also access the waiting room, Bandar’s Basement, for completely free, without having to wait, where you can get a preview of the deals, glitches, freebies, and success to be found inside. 

Become a Price Error Bandit with Bandar’s Bounties Today!

Becoming a member of Bandar’s Bounties will allow you to uncover inside knowledge regarding profitable price errors and other random resells, all inside a fun and exclusive community of opportunists who help each other win. Whether your goal is to make supplemental income or if you want to scale your own online business, this exclusive group is a great choice.

👉So, if you want to get your online money game right, you’ll benefit big time from being inside of Bandar’s Bounties. Check out Bandar’s Bounties at Whop today so you can get started!