Dropshipping is one of the most attractive options for anyone who wants to start a business without investing a lot of capital to purchase inventory.

In fact, dropshipping is the only ecommerce business model that allows for getting paid without having the item in hand - and almost always before even paying for it.

However, the crucial ingredient in the recipe for dropshipping success is the product you choose to sell. With so many products to choose from, from duds to absolute money printers, it can be hard to know what a good product is.

In this guide, we’ll give you a list of dropshipping products that will give you a high chance of success, even if you’re just starting out.

If you're new to dropshipping, keep reading for a quick overview of what dropshipping is and whether or not it’s easy. If you already know the basics of dropshipping, click to jump ahead to:

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an ecommerce business model in which a store’s product is fulfilled by a third party that operates behind the scenes of the shopper’s buying experience. 

Dropshippers are essentially marketers of an existing product whose goal is to be the first brand to show it to a customer in a way that is attractive enough for them to buy. The goal of dropshipping is to include a high enough markup that is still fair and attractive for the customer. 

Is Dropshipping Easy?

In terms of time to start and money to invest, dropshipping is an easy business model to launch. Once you choose a product, you’ll gain access to a large amount of inventory to sell without needing to make an initial investment of a minimum quantity, and you can launch a store straight away with the help of a user-friendly ecommerce platform, sometimes also for free.

However, in order to become profitable in dropshipping, you’ll need to overcome a series of challenges. Just about every product that a dropshipper sells can be purchased straight from the source by a consumer, or it is also being sold by a competing dropshipping store.

So, it’s important to focus on products where the customer makes a quick purchase without wanting to do other research. The bottom line is that you basically want your customers to be so stimulated by the product itself and your marketing efforts that they will make an impulse buy.

However, this is all easier said than done, which is why it can be incredibly helpful to get the assistance of experts who have a track record of succeeding in this game, along with real time proof that their methods are still working.

The best place to get actionable advice is with a Whop dropshipping Discord community, where you will benefit not only from insider info and tools but also the help and assistance of a team that wants you to win. 

One of the biggest perks of joining one of these groups is having top dropshippers reveal what products they use to scale their store to incredible heights.

While these dropshipping products can be volatile in demand and profitability, once you have this list, you’ll be able to develop a strong general understanding of what a good dropshipping product looks like–and maybe from here you can gain success on your own.

Be sure to save this list for later when you decide to begin your dropshipping journey - which can potentially start right now after reading this article.

What are the Best Dropshipping Products for Beginners?

Here’s a list of 25 great dropshipping products that you can sell as a beginner. These products have been chosen because they are low-cost, easy to market on social media, and have high potential as trending or impulse sales.

#1- Astronaut Ceiling Light Projector

One of the hottest trending dropshipping products today is the Astronaut ceiling light projector. You may know someone that has bought one, or you might even have already seen it on your TikTok feed.

As with every other product in this list, if you simply search Aliexpress for a description of the cool looking product that you saw on TikTok, it will likely come up with prices that are way cheaper than you would expect.

It’s this price discrepancy between what people think a product is worth and how much it costs directly from Aliexpress or a similar site that allows for dropshippers to profit.

Below, you’ll see this item on Aliexpress and the exact same product on a seller’s Shopify store for a higher price.

Note that this is a LED themed store, which allows the seller to list multiple related products to encourage more sales and a higher average order value.

These price discrepancies between the platforms hold true for all of the products in this list.

#2- Mini Projector

mini projector

Another popular bedroom product is the mini projector. If you don’t have the budget or room for a larger screen, instead of watching videos or movies directly on your phone, you can use this projector to display your phone videos on a wall or ceiling.

While it may be sold for $50-$70 on an individual store that is marketed on TikTok, the price from Aliexpress is $30 or less.

#3- Finger bot

finger bot

An item that comes in handy (literally?) in this list of dropshipper favorites is the finger bot. It doesn’t look like much on its own, so this product thrives when being showcased on video for its various use cases, which mostly includes the ability to toggle a switch remotely, saving time and effort.

A huge category of purchases are made because of a convenience or cool factor, and the finger bot is a product that checks both of these boxes.

You can get these relatively cheap and price them at a high margin even in the $10 range for your buyers, and as with all of these other products, check how much the competition is charging.

#4- Cat toy

cat toy

Cat owners know how difficult it can be to find an interesting toy that will keep their feline friend active and engaged, so they’re often open to anything new that seems like it will capture attention.

Aliexpress is full of cool cat toy products for incredibly low prices. For this product in particular, you can open up a dedicated cat themed store to include all profitable products in this niche. All you need to do is to film a cat playing with these products and you’ll be able to use it for marketing and social media content.

#5- Dog costumes

Dogs are popular stars in viral social media videos, especially when they’re doing something funny or human-like.

A dropshipping product that checks these boxes is a funny dog costume, which can become an easy way to get laughs from your four-legged friend simply by having them wear it.

It’s easy to get original content for these products as all you have to do is to put the costume on your dog and have them walk around, then link the outfit to the product on your store, and watch the orders roll in!

#6- Pet Drinking Fountain

pet drinking

Humans get to have a steady flow of clean drinking with water fountains, so it makes sense that pets can get these too. People will always want to keep their pets hydrated, and these fountains are a huge aesthetic and functional upgrade from a typical drinking bowl.

You can find water fountains that produce a circulating flow on websites such as Aliexpress. As with cat toys and dog costumes, you will have the best chance at success if you film your pet using this item and link the product to your social media page.

#7- Lighter


The easiest to sell dropshipping products are sensational on video, and while there are upcoming products in this list that are even more jaw dropping, sometimes a cool variation of a familiar item like a unique lighter can do very well.

There are tons of cool lighters to choose from that will catch the eye of potential consumers, and all you have to do is make videos of you using them.

As long as the customer knows that they’ll have to provide their own lighter fluid (you’re generally not allowed to sell potentially dangerous or flammable material online) these lighters are a hot dropshipping product to sell. You can also open up a lighter-themed store with a diverse selection.

#8- Screen cleaner

Virtually everyone has a mobile device, but very few people effectively clean them. 

One dropshipping product that has been trending for a long time is a portable screen cleaner. Since it’s a generic product that many stores sell, it’s important to make good videos that encourage quick purchase so that your potential customer doesn’t end up buying it from someone else.

Even though many other stores might be selling this or any other dropshipping product, you can still capture part of the sales volume if you learn how to make viral videos that trigger impulse purchases - and a low-cost product like this sells well as an impulse buy.

#9- Massage Tools

massage tools

Everyone who buys a product is looking for a solution to a problem. The more persistent and annoying the problem is, and the more seemingly immediate the solution is, the more likely someone is to make a fast purchase.

Physical pain is one such problem, and professional treatment can prove to be quite expensive and often requires scheduling in advance. Mini massage tools are a great dropshipping product to sell because they can be quite cheap yet effective. 

You can compare different tools you see trending on TikTok to those that you find on Aliexpress and make a choice from there.

#10- Oil diffuser

oil diffuser

A product that has been trending as of late across many retail outlets is the oil diffuser, and there is still a large number of people who are in the market for one but don’t yet have one.

Just like with all of these other dropshipping products, sometimes all it takes is a small nudge in the form of a video to get someone to make their purchase, and with oil diffusers, this can be particularly true as they often need to be demonstrated with reactions to understand how effective they are.

These can be slightly more expensive than other dropshipping products, so you don’t need a huge margin to make profits –20% on a $50 sale, for example, is good enough, especially if you’re not buying ads and having decent volume.

#11- Automatic door closer

door closer

One small dropshipping product with great margins and a low price is the automatic door closer.

You can buy this for as low as $3 individually and sell it for around $10. The automatic door closer does particularly well on TikTok with POV videos that show them in action.

This one is particularly attractive for a slightly younger demographic who is living with their parents, but it’s still a cool tool that anyone who wants to be able to always have their door shut without having to keep getting up will buy.

#12- Ice fan

ice fan

Sometimes the best dropshipping products are a clever variation of a household product, and one that has become viral on TikTok is the ice fan. With it, you can get an ice-cold blast of air so cold that you can see it. This feature makes this product particularly appealing for videos.

Keep this in mind for when the hot summer months come around as these are a seasonal viral product that has the potential to generate tons of volume in a short timeframe, so be prepared!

#13- Hair eraser

hair eraser

The beauty category is one of the largest and it has consistent demand, and we’ll drop a few more gems in this niche with these next few dropshipping products.

Apart from permanent laser treatments, there will always be a need for hair removal, and people are always open to efficient alternatives to razors.

The hair eraser is an effective generic product that has become a winning product for dropshippers who have learned to make videos that market these effectively. Their prices are also cheap with the potential for good margins.

#14- Gua Sha tools

A beauty trend that has picked up steam for a growing audience is Gua Sha, a traditional Chinese face sculpting technique. Its tools are showing up on store shelves both physically and online, with many dropshippers hopping on this trend and selling them.

You can sell these Gua Sha tools individually or in sets, and you can choose from scrapers or rollers. Videos can be made to serve a targeted audience of any gender as these are popular for anyone wanting to sculpt their face to be more model-like, so you can make Gua Sha videos highlighting your dropshipping products for whoever you want to serve.

#15- Makeup brush cleaner

makeup brush clearn

Sometimes the best way to sell a dropshipping product is to present a new solution that seems like it should have always existed.

The makeup brush cleaner is one such solution. Some people barely clean their makeup brushes, and some not at all, but this cleaner makes the process effortless. The most successful videos call out watchers who rarely clean their makeup brushes, saying that it can easily be a source for acne or a sign of general uncleanliness, which appears to be quite effective at generating impulse buys.

#16- Blackhead Remover tool

blackhead remover

Many people find pimple popping and similar activities to be satisfying to watch, so videos of the act have the potential to go viral on social media. Savvy dropshippers will have their product used in these videos, which can range from a simple tool to a high-tech looking gadget.

If you’re able to include any convincing before and after footage, that should be enough to get the viewer to head over to your store to buy. You can even open up a whole store of related items to fully capitalize on this niche.

#17- Bag sealer

bag sealer

Some of the best selling dropshipping products are quite practical, and this is the case with this particular bag sealer.

Like many other top performing products, this one is quick and easy to demonstrate with a use case that many viewers can relate to, sometimes immediately if they happen to be snacking while watching your video.

The low price point makes for a good profit margin and easy-to-justify impulse buy for the viewer.

#18- Avocado tool

Avocados dominate the culinary world as a hip and trending ingredient that many people love to enjoy with breakfasts or salads, however, they are a dangerous fruit to have, with thousands of avocado-cutting related injuries per year.

This avocado tool pictured above and others like it have the potential to stimulate immediate buys from avo lovers who will happily add it to their pantries, making it an ideal product to sell for dropshippers.

#19- Scrubbing gun

scrubbing gun

No one likes doing the dishes, especially when it comes to dealing with pesky pans covered in tough-to-clean grime.

While there are many different sponges to choose from, few have seen a scrubbing sponge gun, which has become a winning dropshipping product for some sellers.

You can choose a scrubbing gun with either a sponge or brush head, but both should make for great videos of satisfyingly efficient removal of pan grease that you can use as effective marketing for this product in before and after videos.

#20- Automatic can opener

can opener

Another dropshipping product that does well in the kitchen category is the automatic can opener.

Whether someone has difficulty using ordinary can openers due to physical restraints, or if they just want to save the effort, these automatic can openers are a welcome addition to the toolkit of anyone who spends a good bit of time in the kitchen.

Videos of automatic can openers in action are also simply satisfying to see, giving them potential to go viral organically.

#21- Portable Juicer

portable juicer

Freshly made juice is now considered a luxury purchase because of its ridiculously high prices, at least in the West. Even those who opt to get at-home juicers might have to front a decent chunk of capital just so they can save a bit of money every time they make a juice, and these also have the potential to be difficult to clean.

These issues are why the portable juicer has caught on in the world of dropshipping products, as the cost of these can be made back quickly when factoring in the savings to be had compared to the alternative of buying pre-made juices.

#22- Anti gravity humidifier


The dropshipping products that tend to perform the best on social media in terms of engagement and shares are those that are eye-catchingly sensational, and this anti-gravity humidifier is one of these.

Ordinary humidifiers can be quite boring aesthetically, so even those that need them might procrastinate on the purchase. However, this mesmerizing version is sure to generate strong buy interest.

This product is especially good during drier and cooler months when humidifiers are in high demand.

#23- Floating  light bulb 

light bulb

Another gravity-defying dropshipping product is the floating lightbulb, which is a hot topic of conversation both online and in-person when seen.

An added perk to this lamp is that it is low in energy consumption, a feature worth highlighting as an additional selling point for your viewers.

Making captivating original content for this product is quite simple as this product speaks for itself, and many curious viewers will be wanting to see this product in real life.

#24- Levitating lamp

levitating lamp

If you want a minimal version of the hanging bulb, a levitating lamp is a great choice. The levitating effect, caused by magnetism, is reliable but it isn’t cheap, with direct prices from Aliexpress sometimes approaching $50.

However, if you make high quality videos and highlight the novelty and value of this unique product, you’ll be able to make steady sales through your dropshipping store.

A moon variation has proven to be quite popular as well, and typically costs less than the light bulb version.

#25- Mini printer


To end this list of best dropshipping products, we have another novel product that is cute yet functional, the mini thermal printer.

The printer works without the need for ink, and the paper is adhesive which is particularly useful for students or professionals who want to print out graphics for quick reference in physical notes. 

Since this product also has recurring demand for paper as it runs out, you can create an even more sustainable business model by selling this product as a dropshipper with long term customers, which should be the ultimate goal regardless of what product you sell.

How do I start a dropshipping business?

The first step to starting a dropshipping business is picking a product. Now that you have this list of winning products, you can pick one that you can run with and hopefully create a thriving dropshipping business as a result.

You can settle on a specific one after doing specific pricing research to calculate your profit margin by checking the price on Aliexpress or Alibaba vs what people are pricing these items on Shopify. Generally, you’ll want at least a 30%-100% profit margin, depending on your sale price

After you’ve picked your product, you’ll need to pick a platform to launch your store on. Make sure that the platform you choose is within your budget and easy for you to work with so that you can get your store up with little friction.

Next, you’ll need to effectively market it with either paid or organic methods. It will take some patience, testing, and potentially monetary investment to finally gain traction and get paid on a consistent basis.

The best way to market your dropshipping business in 2024 is using TikTok, and while many people are doing this, you can carve yourself a profitable piece of the incredibly large pie that is an online money printer for many that are involved.

However, you should keep in mind that in order to have a link in your bio, you’ll need to have at least 1000 followers on TikTok, so you need to get good at making viral videos so you can get there, which can happen fairly quickly with the right strategy.

Now that you have a list of winning product ideas in addition to this advice about launching your dropshipping store, today might be your day to take action.

Secure Dropshipping Success with Whop

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There are many groups to choose from, and you can feel free to compare them based on features, reviews, your budget, and individual goals and needs.