While Amazon is home to many successful ecommerce business owners who started entirely from scratch, finding the right things to sell is the greatest point of friction for new sellers on the platform.

Some sellers opt for the more difficult and costly route of launching private-label products on Amazon, but if you want to get started quickly and with little investment, reselling is your best bet.

What is Reselling on Amazon?

As an Amazon reseller, you are selling popular brand-name items that already have an established demand. With many shoppers choosing to buy these items exclusively on Amazon, they are often listed at prices that are higher than where they can be found elsewhere–this is the basis of retail arbitrage and starting a profitable Amazon reselling business.

To produce the most revenue and steady cashflow, you’ll want to sell top products that consistently rank at the top of their respective categories. Broad examples include video games, cell phones, and smaller kitchen appliances, but it’s helpful to have examples of specific items, which is why we put together this list together today.

While the rankings for these products might fluctuate slightly, you can be assured that if you score one of these items on clearance or in a return pallet, a quick and profitable flip on Amazon is basically guaranteed, particularly if you’re serving active markets such as the USA and Europe.

It’s worth noting that you will likely need to be approved, or ungated as Amazon calls it, as a seller of these products as they are all brand names, but once you have the green light, you can sell most of these in both new and used condition and can even use Amazon’s conveniently hands-off FBA business model to sell them.

Now, let's take a look at some of the best items that you can sell on Amazon!

Best Selling Items on Amazon

1. Graco Pack n’ Play

graco pack and play amazon

A longstanding name in infant gear, Graco, has made a modern hit out of their Pack n’ Play line. It’s one of the most popular items for new parents as it doubles as a place for both space and play for an infant and is conveniently packable.. The most popular models include the Close2Baby, Tasha, and Dome XL.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 4000+ units sold

2. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

amazon fire stick

With streaming of all of an extensive library of entertainment within a compact device, the Amazon Fire TV stick is a smash hit, and with no surprise, it’s at the very top of all best sellers for all Amazon Devices & Accessories. It comes in several different variations, with the 4K version being the overall best seller.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 10000+ units sold

3. Echo Dot (5th Gen)

echo dot

More people are transitioning to the convenience of having smart home devices, and the Echo Dot stands out as a top choice for Amazon buyers. Equipped with AI-assistant Alexa who can do anything from play music to browse the internet to answer questions, the 5th generation remains a top seller since its 2022 inception.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 10000+ units sold

4. Kindle Paperwhite (2024 Edition)

kindle paperwhite

Amazon’s Kindle was revolutionary in its design as a quality way to read books on the go in a realistic format when it first came out in 2007, and the latest 2024 version has improved even more with far greater storage and an overall better user experience. The 16GB version offers sufficient storage for a library of Kindle titles and is the most popular option for the 2024 model. 

Estimated Monthly Sales: 10000+ units sold

5. Ring Video Doorbell 4

ring video doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell has emerged as an evolutionary home security device that has basically become a staple for all homeowners who benefit from its video and audio capturing. The newest version, the Ring Video Doorbell 4, with updated HD recording and accurate motion detection, sells the best out of all the other models.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 10000+ units sold

6. Fitbit Inspire 3

fitbit inspire

Fitbit has solidified itself as a household name in wearable fitness trackers, and one of its latest devices, the Fitbit Inspire 3, has risen to become the #1 best seller in all electronics and gadgets on Amazon in 2024. Users benefit from this sleek and economical device with statistics and reports on overall health, sleep and stress management.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 5000+ units sold

7. Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen)

apple watch SE

For those with a slightly higher budget for a wearable fitness tracker, the Apple Watch SE is the top choice. It’s less than other models like the Ultra and Series 9 yet is still feature-rich and reliable.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 10000+ units sold

8. Anker PowerCore Portable Charger

anker powercore

When it comes to getting power on-the-go, no brand has made a name for itself like Anker, which is known to have the highest quality and quantity of power reserve based on model specifications in addition to its phenomenally fast charging. The 10000 mAh version is the hottest seller and is compatible with all latest cell phones.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 3000+ units sold

9. Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam


Even the priciest laptops are equipped with built-in webcams of subpar quality, so a large number of people are switching to add-on webcams to raise the quality for important calls and meetings. The Logitech C920x HD Pro is the top-selling webcam and is known for its high-quality video and audio for a fair price.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 10000+ units sold

10. Ninja Professional Blender

ninja blender

With more health-conscious, on-the-go people looking for a quick way to whip up a healthy smoothie with a powerful and reliable device, the Ninja blender remains as a perennial top seller. Its top-selling model is the BL610, but just about any model by them makes an excellent product to resell.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 20000+

11. Beats Solo 4 Bluetooth Headphones

beats solo

Beats by Dre headphones have quickly risen to become some of the most easily-recognized brand-name headphones and are popular for gifts and personal use. The Solo 4 model is its best-seller and ranks among the top for all headphones sold on Amazon.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 5000+ units sold

12. Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clogs

crocs unisex

Crocs clogs, a formerly overlooked piece of footwear, has recently risen to the status of being a coveted trending fashion staple. Many versions sell well on Amazon, and the Unisex-Adult Classic Clogs, particularly in Black, are top sellers.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 9000+ units sold monthly

13. Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch

hero cosmetics

More people of all ages and genders are focusing on getting the best skin of their life, and one item that has become an essential for dealing with acne and other blemishes is the Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch. It can be purchased in many different sizes and quantities, and the original 36 pack is a top seller.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 100,000 units per month

14. Apple AirTag 

apple airtag

The group of Apple brand loyalists is both large and passionate, and on Amazon, this is particularly the case. It’s no surprise that the incredibly handy AirTag in all different types and quantities is one of the highest volume sellers on Amazon in any category. 

Estimated Monthly Sales: 10000+ units sold

15. Amazon Kindle Scribe 

amazon kindle

Some members of the loyal Kindle audience who favored its paper-like look and feel asked for expanded functionality, and that’s exactly what they received with the Kindle Scribe. With the ability to write and to convert and edit handwritten notes, the Scribe has become a productivity staple for its growing user base.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 3000+ units sold

16. Stanley Quencher H2.0

stanley quencher

Staying hydrated on-the-go is an important factor for overall well-being, and the Stanley Quencher H2.0 has risen to become a top option for consumers on Amazon. Its convenient design, durability and vacuum insulation for both hot and cold drinks contributes to its loyal audience who write raving reviews.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 8000+ units sold

17. Instant Pot Duo

instant pot duo

The Instant Pot has become an essential cooking tool and is increasingly mentioned in food blogs and recipes. While generic alternatives have emerged, the original brand, particularly its multi-functioning Duo line is the most popular instant cooker on Amazon. The 9-in-1, with its ability to pressure cook, slow cook, steam, sautée and more is the top seller.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 11000+ units sold

18. Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

ninja airfryer

Busy professionals wanting home-cooked meals with speed and ease rave about the air fryer. The top-selling brand for these is Ninja, and reviewers rave about its wider temperature range and ease of use and cleaning. The AF101 model is the #1 selling air fryer in 2024.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 30000+ units sold

19. GoPro Hero 12 Black

gopro hero

The GoPro has cemented its status as the number one on-the-go action camera. Renowned for its durability and quality in all environments, the latest HERO 12 Black is the best seller out of the entire line and is a popular gift and wishlist item with a good price point for resellers looking for profit.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 2000+ units sold

20. Philips Sonicare 4100

philips sonicare

More people are shifting to becoming environmentally conscious in all areas, and with more awareness surrounding the environmental damage of single-use toothbrushes, more consumers are shifting to reusable electric models. The Philips Sonicare 4100 is at the top of the wishlist with the highest volume of sales on Amazon, and accessories like replacement brushes also generate high sales volume.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 30,000+ units sold

21. MNN Portable Monitor

portable monitor

Having a second screen for working in the form of a monitor is a productivity hack, however, traditional monitors are bulky and impossible to take on the go. The portable monitor has surged in popularity thanks to its slim design and ability to take on-the-go. The MNN 15.6inch 1080P monitor rises to the top as Amazon’s Choice and a best seller in this product category.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 10000+ units sold

22. Shark NV356E Navigator

shark vaccum

Keeping the home truly clean, especially if you have a pet, is basically impossible without the right vacuum. Shark’s NV356E professional upright vacuum has become a top-selling item on Amazon for those looking to get rid of pet hair effectively and keep the home absolutely spotless.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 3000+ units sold

23. Echo Show 8

echo show

For those who want a cutting-edge, fully stacked smart home device, it’s hard to beat the Echo Show. While a brand new 10 model was recently released, the 3rd generation Echo Show 8 has significantly more volume thanks to its lower price point and similar capability to the latest model.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 10000+ units sold

24. Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker

frigidaire ice maker

Only the most expensive refrigerators are equipped with quality ice makers, and with more consumers looking for budget-friendly, minimalist solutions, the stand-alone ice maker has grown dramatically in popularity. Frigidaire, a familiar name, is without a surprise the most popular countertop ice maker. The stainless steel model currently produces the most sales volume.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 6000+ units sold

25. Revlon One-step 

revlon one step

Continuing the minimalist trend in the realm of beauty, Revlon’s revolutionary One-Step has become a self-care staple admired by influencers, professionals, and the average person who wants an all-in-one tool. It’s known for its ability to brush and dry simultaneously, which saves a trip to the salon, so its cost can be earned back after just a few uses.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 10000+ units sold

26. Sodastream Terra Sparkling Water Maker Bundle


Another environmentally-friendly at-home replacement for single-use waste is the SodaStream sparkling water maker. While generic brands have emerged as competition, SodaStream remains a top seller as it has established a reputation for quality and reliability. The bundle pack, which includes flavors and on-the-go bottles, is a top seller on Amazon.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 2000+ units sold

27. VTech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker

vtech walker

VTech is a well-known brand in infant and child toys and accessories, and one of its top-selling products in any category is its Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker. The device grows with the infant throughout all stages of sitting, standing, and walking while also doubling as a play station. All of these things make it a must-have for new parents, driving high volume on Amazon.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 7000+ units sold

28. LEVOIT Air purifier 

air purifier

Keeping the air inside a home clean and fresh is the priority of those who want to have a sanitary and comfortable home, and most dwellings could use a better system than what is already present. Rather than install or upgrade an extensive infrastructure, buyers can simply buy a high-quality air purifier. LEVOIT, which is complete with sensors and wifi control, is currently a top-selling air purifier on Amazon.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 9000+ units sold

29. Apple iPad 10th Generation 64GB

apple ipad

More people are adding the iPad to their collection of electronic devices due to their capability and power that is currently approaching that of a laptop while remaining incredibly portable and easy to use. The best seller on Amazon today is the 2022 10th generation as it is now cheaper than the newest models while rivaling their features and capability at a fraction of the cost.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 10000+ units sold

30. iRobot Roomba Combo i5+

irobot roomba

The Roomba by iRobot was a pioneer in the realm of modern vacuuming as the first to introduce total autonomy and portability with its proprietary self-navigation that changed home cleaning as we knew it in 2002. While it used to be considered a quirky gadget, it’s now becoming a home staple. One of its newer models, the i5+ Self-Emptying model which cleans itself is one of the top-selling vacuums in any category on Amazon.

Estimated Monthly Sales: 6000+ units sold

Best Selling Categories and Their Products on Amazon

The specific products and brands in the top-selling categories might vary, but the broad product category generally stays the same. Here is a table that you can refer to and keep handy when going about sourcing inventory to resell on Amazon:

Category Examples of Products
Home & Kitchen Multi-functional cookers, high-powered blenders, countertop ice makers
Beauty & Personal Care Acne treatment patches, hair dryers and volumizers, electric toothbrushes
Electronics Streaming devices, smart speakers, HD webcams, cellphones, monitors
Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry Casual footwear, fitness trackers, luggage tags
Toys & Games Building block sets, educational toys, board games
Health & Household Fitness trackers, air purifiers, robotic vacuums
Baby Portable play yards, learning walkers, baby monitors
Sports & Outdoors Action cameras, camping gear, fitness equipment
Pet Supplies Self-cleaning litter boxes, dental dog treats, pet grooming tools
Office Products All-in-one printers, portable monitors, ergonomic office chairs

How to Find Best-Selling Products on Amazon

Since the best sellers on Amazon are always changing, it’s good to build the base knowledge and skills to understand how to find these products on your own. You can use both free and paid methods to find profitable products to resell on Amazon. For the best results, you should use a combination of all of these methods that we’re about to dive into, but it’s possible to conduct product research without spending any money.

Here are the best methods for finding best sellers on Amazon:

Use Product Research Tools

The best way to get the most accurate and actionable data to make informed buying decisions for reselling on Amazon is using third-party product research tools. These include JungleScout, Helium10 and  AMZScout.

With these tools, you can uncover detailed information regarding product sales volume in addition to finding out about your competition and how much revenue they are generating. Some of these tools can show historic pricing and sales so you can know how consistent or volatile the price of a product is.

You’ll also get notifications for new opportunities in addition to being able to see if and when a specific item or category is no longer viable for reselling if it’s too saturated or competitive.

However, if you want to use these tools, you’ll have to be ready to pay the price, which can be upwards of $100 monthly to access all of the most useful features without limit.

Browse Amazon 

Doing research for best-selling products as a beginner can and should be done entirely on Amazon starting out. The platform provides many metrics that will allow you to quickly see which the top sellers are without having to spend any money on potentially costly tools.

Visit the Amazon Best Sellers Page

Amazon’s Best Sellers page allows you to find top sellers in all categories. The page starts with the broadest category, Departments, and from there you can dive deeper into specific categories like Electronics and Home & Kitchen.

Each of these categories is divided deeper into subcategories that you can use to get an idea of what types of products are trending in addition to the specific product and brand that is currently at the top of the best-seller list.

Review Product Page Data

On the page of any product, you can scroll down to see the Best Seller Rank, if they’re recommended by Amazon, and in some cases for higher volume products, you’ll be able to see an estimate of how many are selling monthly.

You’ll also be able to see if the products are currently on sale in addition to seeing how satisfied consumers are based on reviews and comments. Reviewing the data on the specific product page is perhaps the most crucial step you need to take before making your decision whether or not you’ll buy the item based on the current price it is selling for and how popular it is.

Use Social Media

Today, social media is perhaps one of the largest factors in driving consumer behavior. The shift of brand budgets to paying for user-generated-content that is promoted by social media influencers with wide reach rather than a standard ad has proven to be quite effective, so keep an eye out for any sponsored products that are mentioned consistently as they are likely to be top sellers.

Consult forums and groups!

Take advantage of free groups and forums, particularly on Reddit, where dedicated subreddits like /r/AmazonSeller provide tons of interactive advice that will reveal not only top sellers but relevant strategies, stories and case studies.

Or, you can join a group dedicated to ecommerce. Whop is home to hundreds of premium groups, communities, and courses, all dedicated to the art of selling online! While some of these groups are paid, they are worth your investment as you learn from the best, without having to spend hours and hours undertaking research on your own.

Finding products is just one of the many steps to making money as an Amazon seller. For a deeper dive, check out: Amazon Reselling: How To Become a Profitable Reseller

Find Winning Products with Whop’s Ecommerce Groups

whop's ecom groups on marketplace

It can be hard to make it on your own as a reseller or ecommerce business owner of any kind. While you can do research on your own for free, you will spend precious time that can better be used elsewhere.

If you want to quickly level up your ecommerce game, joining a dedicated ecommerce group on Whop is perhaps the best investment you can make in yourself and your future success.

In addition to being led by seasoned experts, many of these groups are equipped with in-depth education and state-of-the-art software inside of an interactive group setting that makes it incredibly hard not to succeed.

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