Finding success in ecommerce can come with many methods and products, but as much as some of the specifics change, some core principles remain.

One of the core principles that will allow you to succeed is to sell a product with strong demand. Trending products are a type of product that consistently checks this box, but sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all of the trends.

Today we’ve put together a list of products that are consistently trending in 2024 so you can have something to refer to when you go about sourcing inventory. Some products are generic and will be good for dropshipping, and others are specific products that are good for retail arbitrage.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll also learn which products have lost steam since 2023 and how to find trending products on your own using free tools and strategies.

Let’s get straight to the list:

1. Essential oil diffusers

essential oil diffusers

The typical plug-in air freshener has been due for a more aesthetic replacement, and they’ve now come in the form of essential oil diffusers. These are gaining more popularity in recent times due to more people wanting to remove excess chemicals in their home, and essential oil is a great natural alternative to now outdated chemical alternatives.

2. Resistance bands

resistance bands

While not everyone has the room or budget for a full-on home gym, resistance bands remain an attractive option for those who want to get a quick workout at home. Another reason that they’ve picked up popularity is because they are easy to travel with so people can use them to stay fit on the go.

3. Unique pillows

unique pillows

More people are focused on getting their sleep hygiene right this year, and a pillow can be a huge factor in how well someone sleeps. There are still tons of people who are holding onto an old-school pillow that are open to a newer alternative, so a unique pillow is a great choice for a private label product.

4. Gua sha tools

gua sha

Although these tools are based off of an ancient Chinese practice, Gua Sha has skyrocketed in popularity after many social media influencers and models have sworn that these tools have changed their face and allowed them to sculpt the face or jawline of their dreams. These tools can be quite cheap on Alibaba and go for much higher on Amazon.

5. Portable blenders and juicers


Another hot product that is in line with the trend of being healthy on the go is portable blenders and juicers, which allow users to whip up a healthy smoothie or juice with a compact device that is far cheaper than fancy alternatives and arguably just as effective. Look for portable options and advertise with social media content to get buyers.

6. Minimalist wallets


Having a thickly stacked old wallet that takes up too much room in your pocket is now incredibly unattractive compared to the slim options that keep your cash and cards organized in a compact area. Many of these are equipped with RFID blockage, which is good practice for the security of your contactless cards which are vulnerable to exploitation.

7. Pet hair remover tools

pet hair tool

Pet owners have always been buying accessories for their furry friends, but it’s only recently that they’re using efficient tools to get rid of their excess hair. To save from the difficult job of vacuuming a mess in the future, owners of furry friends have been turning to smaller devices like brushes and gloves to get the job done.

8. Hyped sneakers 

Hot sneakers have always had their demand for sneakerheads, but in order to target those that are currently trending with the highest resale potential, you’ll need to get an idea of what shoes are most likely to sell out fast. We’ve got you covered here with a list of the most hyped shoe releases of 2024.

9. Watches

There’s been a recent rise in interest in watches, especially amongst younger buyers, with the rise of TikTok watch dealers such as Vookum and Mike Nouveau. Trending watches can be found on sites like Chrono 24 pictured above, and you can sell watches with pretty much any budget, from as low as less than $100 to well over $10,000 per watch. If you want to get started selling watches, read Watch Reselling 101.

10. Weighted blankets

weighted blankets

Another currently trending item that is catered towards the growing group of people who want better sleep hygiene is the weighted blanket. It’s also been shown to lessen anxiety in between sleep in addition to promoting deeper rest at night. 

11. Portable projectors

portable projector

In 2024, portable projectors have been hot sellers particularly for dropshippers, attracting buyers who want the perks of big-screen entertainment without the cost and space of a large device. The latest models offer surprisingly good resolution at a much cheaper price than traditional projectors, so they appeal to budget cutters and minimalists alike. 

12. PlayStation Portal and accessories

playstation portal

The PlayStation Portal is a recent breakthrough in gaming, offering the most powerful and immersive gaming experience that we have ever seen on a handheld device. Released at the tail end of 2023, the device and related accessories such as cases and stands are holding strong and should be throughout the whole year, especially through the holiday season.

13. Anti snoring accessories

anti snoring device

More people have come to the awareness that snoring isn’t just an annoying noise, but it is a sign of poor sleep health that has more consequences than just bothering a potential partner who is trying to sleep nearby. Anti-snoring accessories such as nose strips and mouth tape are now some of the top trending products that new people are finding out about every day.

14. Ring doorbell

ring doorbell

Although they’ve been around for several years now, Ring doorbells in addition to other smart home security devices are more popular than ever in 2024. Devices from nearly any year can be bought and sold, and it’s easy to source these from Facebook Marketplace or eBay and sell right back on eBay or on Amazon.

15. iPhones


Apple has made a smash hit out of the iPhone, so it remains to be a perennial favorite even today. You can basically sell any model from the past few years quickly as long as you price it fairly, and the newer the model, the faster it should sell.

16. Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch

Another gaming-on-the-go device is the Nintendo Switch, which has become a favorite due to its versatility and unique gaming experience that transitions between handheld and console modes. They’re a hot commodity on eBay in any condition right now, so compare prices there to have a target price in mind for buying.

17. Unique phone holders

phone holders

While many people already have past trending phone accessories like Pop Sockets or similar finger holders, in 2024, more people are picking up on unique and clever phone holders such as those that can be used on airplanes for viewing pleasure on planes that aren’t equipped with screens.

18. Eco-friendly toothbrushes


In general, the population is becoming more eco-conscious, and there has been light shed recently on how damaging plastic toothbrushes are to the environment. More consumers are making the switch to eco-friendly toothbrushes. Many of them are made with bamboo and charcoal, which are both currently trending materials.

19. Eye serum

eye serum

Powerful serums that have been shown to effectively treat dark circles have been a hot trend in 2024, notably those that contain caffeine. You can browse sites like Aliexpress to buy generic serums that you can rebrand, but be sure to check the reviews and quality before pulling the trigger on one.

20. Recover massage devices

massage devices

While these types of devices were formerly seen as something for professional athletes, there has been a lot more focus on the recovery aspect of a healthy training regimen for everyone who exercises. Recovery-focused massage devices such as massage guns and boots are drawing a lot of attention from consumers right now.

21. Retro cameras

vintage cameras

We’ve gone pretty much as far as we can when it comes to high-definition photography, with the modern cellphone surpassing the capability of some of the greatest cameras from as recent as a decade ago. There’s been a strong craving for nostalgic photo and video capturing, which can be seen in the big rise in demand for retro cameras that were previously seen as junk.

22. Vintage 90’s and Y2K clothing

90s clothing

Nostalgia is always on the mind of many consumers, but it happens cyclically, especially in fashion. Right now, in 2024, the later 90s to early 2000s (Y2K) look is hotter than it ever was, and eBay is a great place to sell these items or find them if you want to run a boutique vintage store.

23. Old cellphones

old phones

Continuing on the nostalgia trend is a growing interest in retro phones, so we’ve seen a huge rise in demand for phones that were previously considered obsolete. Look out for flip phones and check eBay for specific models and pricing.

24. Retro gaming consoles

retro gaming

Gamers have always loved throwback models and games, and in 2024, this trend is still going strong. Classic video games and devices are becoming increasingly hard to find in good working condition, so buyers are flocking to eBay to see what is currently available. You’ll most likely be able to pick these up at thrift stores and garage sales for less than what they go for on eBay.

25. Pickleball accessories


One of the latest recreational crazes is pickleball, and despite fairly steep price tags for the related accessories, they are still flying off digital store shelves in 2024. Look out for balls, paddles, and bags to sell if you can find them on clearance or used.

26. Cold plunges

cold plunges

Cold plunging is a wellness practice that has picked up quite a bit of steam in 2024, with both athletes and people of all physical condition swearing by their health benefits which include reduced inflammation and improved circulation. Although they’re large, if you’re willing to sort the logistics properly, you can still find an audience and make healthy profit margins.

27. Waterproof bluetooth speakers

bluetooth speakesr

Bluetooth speakers have always had steady interest, and this hasn’t changed in 2024, particularly with compact waterproof speakers which have good demand on various platforms. You can find and sell clearance name-brand models for profit if you want to go the retail arbitrage route.

28. Lightweight towels


Traditional towels may be comfortable, but with the rise in lightweight travel, compact, packable towels have picked up immensely in popularity. While these may peak during summer months, they should still sell well for anyone who is looking to take vacations to the beach at any time of year.

29. LED bedroom lights

bedroom lights

More people today are wanting to set the ambiance of their bedroom, and with many cool displays being shown on social media, people want a DIY setup and are seeking LED lights to make it happen. These come in the form of strips, lamps, and projectors, and can be bought generically on sites like Aliexperess.

30. Functional mushroom Supplements


With more studies coming out on the health benefits of functional mushrooms, products using them have soared in popularity. From mushroom-based coffee to overall health and wellness, they’ve captured the attention of health-conscious buyers and should continue to do so for some time.

31. Posture corrector

posture corrector

With more people becoming aware of the long-term effects of slouching while sitting, posture correctors have risen as trending products in 2024. Look for those that have the best reviews and are compact yet durable. 

32. Wifi repeater

wifi repeater

Wi-Fi repeaters are becoming more popular for those that want faster and more reliable internet throughout all corners of their home. More people are enjoying the benefits of the amplification and rebroadcasting of signals, so these are becoming a household staple for anyone that wants top-notch internet.  

33. Wireless keyboards

Regular laptop keyboards aren’t particularly ergonomic, so there’s been a rise in users of wireless keyboards, many of which are far superior to that of any standard laptop. With the freedom to type from any distance and to use on multiple devices, these are becoming more popular, particularly foldable and compact versions for travel.

Consumer shopping can be fickle, and this is especially true in trending products. It can be hard to keep up with annual trends, and it’s always good to know what was recently hot that is currently losing steam or starting to die out altogether so that you don't focus on a dying product. Here are some products that used to be trending but have had a decline in interest in the past year:

Matcha Tea

If you’re selling consumables online, you might consider selling matcha because some people have made ecommerce empires off of this product, but in the past year, the trend has changed.

The powdered green tea had its run in recent years, but it’s losing popularity in favor of Ube, a yam from the Phillippines that has a distinct purple hue and a pleasantly sweet taste. 

Board Games

While board games are still a good niche product to sell, they have had a significant decline in popularity since their spike during the pandemic, so be sure not to think that these will sell as quickly as they once did.

In place of board games, you should consider newer cards and other collectibles like Funko pops that are currently trending.


One of the hottest trends in activewear was shapewear, but this trend has lost momentum in 2024, where looser-fitting clothing and more comfortable athleisure is making a comeback.

Press-on Nails

Beauty products are always at the top of trending products, especially in social media, but one specific item that is no longer at peak popularity compared to 2023 is press-on nails.

There was an influx of ecommerce stores selling these during the pandemic, and in 2023, the market became quite saturated and struggled to meet demand as just about everyone has gone back to salons for these.

Older Phone Model Accessories

While some of last year’s phone models still have buyers, all of them lose interest over time in sales of newer phone models, so even if you have access to incredible deals on accessories for last year’s phone models, avoid them in 2024 and be sure to hop on the newest phone releases as they happen.

Pay particular attention to any major design changes that will affect the viability of your accessories, for example, the switch of the iPhone’s port to USB-C from Lightning.

Gaining the skill to find top trending ecommerce products takes more than just luck, it takes a well-executed strategy using the right resources and tools.

Here are how top ecommerce sellers find trending products:

Google Trends is probably one of the most under-utilized tools from the data giant, and best of all–it’s totally free to use and a goldmine for discovering what is currently captivating consumers around the globe.

Here’s how you can do a deep dive for actionable data::

google trends

Start with broadly looking at top trends around the globe. Identify any of the broader keywords that are ecommerce related, which will give you a general sense of what’s hot. If you want to head straight to what people are buying, be sure to select the “Shopping” category:

trending search

From there, you will see the top trending search queries. Not all are related to ecommerce so you’ll have to do a deeper dive into the specifics to find out more.

trends results

Dig into the specifics

search terms google

Now that you’ve seen the top trending items, you can go deeper and find similar terms by going back to the Explore page and inputting a keyword to see what comes up.

Look at regional data

google regional data

Be sure to check the popularity by region. Some items might have a huge difference in interest even within different cities inside of the same country. Google Trends allows you to choose a region and even make comparisons so you can see where your intended product has the most active market.

Pay attention to seasonality

seasonal trends google

Selling trending products is also dependent on seasonality, which is a huge factor to overall demand in ecommerce.

Understand that in general shopping interest peaks during the holiday season as you can see in the chart above for the past 5 years, where it shows that.

Check Online Marketplace Data

The best place to find out real-time information about what people are actually buying will be the data that is right there on your current platform.

For Amazon, you can check top sellers:

top sellers amazon

You’ll then be able to dive deeper into each category to see what the top trending products are, which will be a goldmine for performing retail arbitrage on Amazon.

amazon best sellers

For eBay, you can head over to “All Categories”, where you’ll see what products shoppers are being suggested within each category, so you can browse through here and make notes or a spreadsheet of the top trending products within your intended category.

ebay all categories

Once you’ve got an item in mind, refer to the “Completed” and “Sold” listings to see the real-time going rate and frequency of sales for your intended product which will let you know how to price it and how fast it might sell:

ebay find products

On top of or in place of manually collecting data, you can utilize paid analytics tools, which vary in platform coverage and capability. ZIK Analytics and TeraPeak are best for eBay and Junglescout and Helium10 are best for Amazon when it comes to finding the best trending products to sell on the platforms.

Monitor Social Media

social media shopping

A good deal of people arguably spend more time on social media than anywhere else on their phone, so many people get inspiration for what to buy on social media. This makes social media a huge indicator for which trending products people are talking about most and buying right now.

TikTok now has a shop feature that allows people to shop directly from the app, but this can also be a great place to find product ideas for private label selling on Amazon or dropshipping with Shopify. 

On Instagram, shopping isn’t as in-your-face, but you can use the search bar in the same way that you’d use Google to get a quick snapshot of what products people are mentioning. 

Either way, if you follow any public figures or any other influencers, you’ll likely see paid sponsorships for products. Pay attention to the specific item and also its category, and if you see it repeating across different accounts, you’ll know it’s a top trending product right now.

Amazon has also recently launched an influencer program where popular figures will stream live to showcase products that people can buy, making it another great way to use social media to curate your list of trending products to sell.

Leverage the Power of Networking

Achieving success as an entrepreneur in any realm isn’t possible without some degree of networking, and this is especially true in ecommerce. Join online forums or meetups in real life, and attend any industry events or conferences to make connections that will help you to level up your game and have a network that you can remain accountable with.

You can choose to embark on the entrepreneurial journey alone, or you can work smarter by joining a network to find peers and mentors that will assist you. Let the experts take care of the research so that you can focus on growing your business.

whop ecommerce

When you join a community you can move faster and learn from seven-figure leaders in the ecommerce space. Not only will you learn to cash in big with ecommerce, you’ll be able to build strong and valuable connections with fellow members and group mentors that will help to make your journey more profitable and enjoyable.

Whop has hundreds of highly reviewed, dedicated private communities in the ecommerce space, with ecommerce giants like Jordan Bown offering guidance, motivation, and accountability in their communities alongside the top trending products each week. Rather than spending hours upon hours researching Google Trends, Amazon, Ebay, and social media, why not let the experts take care of the research for you?

Selling Products Online FAQs

How do you sell ecommerce products?

Selling ecommerce products the right way means identifying and selling products that have the most current demand, and for the most part, these are trending products. You also need to pick the best platform to sell them on, which will vary based on which product you are selling. 

Where do people buy products to sell?

Top ecommerce sellers are good at finding profitable sources to buy their product. You can source products from many places, including existing platforms like eBay and Amazon and clearance sections of major retailers. If you have the budget and seek the right connections, you can also make a relationship with wholesalers to source profitable products to sell.

How do you choose products to sell?

Picking an ecommerce product to sell can be overwhelming, so using a systematic approach to find a few top trending ecommerce products to sell will allow you to settle on which ones you should start to find sources for. Once you’ve started selling these products, constantly monitor their performance, cutting out those that aren’t performing well or are no longer profitable in favor of the products that are selling more consistently for better margins.

Finding trending products will take more than just luck, but with the right method, you can find them consistently. The best method for doing this will be a combination of doing manual research on social media and Google trends, and if you want to be more efficient, you can utilize paid tools and groups to save you time and give you a greater edge.

While selling trending products will result in generally faster sales for good prices, there are some inherent downsides to selling trending products. Trending products can attract a lot of competition, and if the timeframe of the trend is too short, you might be too late for a profitable window of buying and selling a trending product. Keeping up to date with the latest news by being inside of a knowledgable group of ecommerce sellers is one of the best ways to always be ahead and give you the best chance for success while selling products of any kind.