It’s heating up, which means that you have the opportunity to boost sales and fulfill a dire need for shoppers who are looking for products that help them cool down — and keep the good vibes going all summer.

What are the Best Selling Products in Summer?

Products that move the quickest during summer are those especially geared towards hot weather, outdoor activities like going to the beach or lake, and summer-specific food and drinks.

The best summer products are those that naturally fit the summer lifestyle.

Of course, this means that you should stay away from products primarily used indoors (think board games) and cold-weather gear like down jackets and gloves.

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Advantages of Selling Summer Products

Seasonal Uptick in Sales

Because summer products are just that, items designed to be used during summer, more people will be shopping for them specifically. Unlike categories like home goods or cookware that are consistently bought year-round, summer products have their moment for just a few months. You can capitalize on this demand by offering the hottest goods.

User-Generated Content

Fun products like pool inflatables, unique water bottles, and warm-weather apparel provide great content for ads. If you can partner with influencers or make them yourself, summer products can be included in fun storylines and videos that demonstrate their use case and features. Which ultimately equates to lower customer acquisition costs and higher profits.

Opportunities for Bundling and Upselling

Because shoppers will be buying these products for a specific trip or weekend, they’ll likely be picking up multiple items. This is a great chance to offer adjacent products and increase sales. Think coolers and water bottles, or beach towels and swimsuits.

Disadvantages of Selling Summer Products

Not Evergreen

While it may lead to explosive growth for a few months, selling products designed for summer limits your ability to have consistent revenue year-round. This means that you should focus on increasing each purchase through higher prices and upsells.

Existing Specialty Brands and Retailers

There are already a wide range of brands that are known for specific activities like hiking and camping. Additionally, stores like REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods are all-in-one spots for shoppers looking for gear for their next trip. Keep this in mind when choosing what products you’re selling — look for unique, hard-to-find categories and designs.

Forecasting Sales and Inventory

Because sales will be harder to estimate heading into the season, it will be harder to tell exactly how well your store will do. This means that planning ad campaigns, inventory, and capital requirements will be more difficult. Of course, dropshipping alleviates this as you’re only purchasing the products when they’ve already been bought, but you still need to plan ad creatives and communicate with your suppliers to make sure that they’ll have enough inventory for your store’s needs.

How to Find Good Products to Sell in Summer

One of the best methods for finding good products to sell in summer is through data-driven tools like Google Trends or a simple Amazon search. As you can see here, swim trunks and down jackets have an inverse relationship. Between May and July, swim trunks increase in search traffic and between October and January, down jackets explode in search volume.

google trends

On Amazon, the “summer” best sellers are items like skincare sets, warm-weather apparel, and pool toys.

Use these searches to get a better idea of what people are actually buying in the hotter months.

Another method is looking at social media trends. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram offer great places to find seasonal trends and hot products. They will also give you great ideas for winning creatives and selling points.

The 26 Best Products to Sell in Summer 2024

These are going to be the winning products this summer.

1. Pool Drink Carrier

pool drink

What’s better than hanging out in a cold pool with a few chilled beverages? Inflatable drink carriers are practical tools for pool days. They’re easy to ship (lightweight and compact before inflating), they come in multiple colors, and they also can hold snacks. Additionally, they’re just a fun product for someone to bring to a pool party as they’re very unique.

 2. Swimwear


Every year presents an opportunity for new apparel, and swimsuits and bikinis are a great option. You’ll also be able to find fun prints and unique designs, so there’s an opportunity to provide bundle discounts or promotions like “buy one get one 50% off.”

 3. Water Bottles

water bottles

Water bottles are already one of the most popular categories on Amazon and in stores like Target. Products that are guaranteed to keep water cold for a certain amount of time provide a unique selling point in ads and marketing campaigns.

 4. Flip Flops

flip flops

Flip flops and sandals are a key ingredient for those sandy beach days and pool parties. And oftentimes, brands like Birkenstock are too expensive and the styles from Old Navy are made cheaply. Sandals that are made of durable materials like nylon and leather and have colorful patterns make for a prime opportunity. They also can wear down pretty quickly, so offering multipacks is a great way to boost order value.

5. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential to prevent burning, and it gets used quickly. This is a great product, especially if you can offer special ingredients like coconut or olive oil. Just be sure to check that the manufacturer is FDA certified so that quality and safety are upheld.

6. Beach Blanket


Beach blankets are situated somewhere between bath towels and beach towels and have a different use case (sitting at the beach without sand getting everywhere versus drying yourself off). You can also make custom designs or find fun patterns different than what most people are used to.

 7. Portable Fans


Cool air on the move? Sign me up. Portable fans are a convenient way to stay cool at the park, beach, pool, and more. Unlike handheld fans, they don’t require customers to constantly be holding something in their hand. There are also plenty of fun opportunities for engaging user-generated content for ads and product description pages.

8. Ice Pop Molds

ice pop

Great for shoppers with kids or those hosting parties, ice pop molds are low-cost (not an expensive ice cream maker or appliance) solutions for making delicious summer treats. Since there are several molds, different flavors and fruits can also be made at the same time. These are great for pool parties and an at-home activity to keep children entertained when school’s not in session.

9. Beach Tents

beach tent

Beach tents are another unique product that people didn’t necessarily know they needed. What better way to stay shielded from the sun than a tent designed for the beach? Because they have several different components and materials, they’re a higher-ticket item which means more sales and more margin to spend on ads and marketing campaigns.

As a way to increase average order value, you can even add an insurance upsell so that customers have the confidence that their order will be protected in the case of accidents.

10. Beach Umbrellas


For those that don’t want the hassle of setting up a full tent, beach umbrellas offer a more affordable, simple setup when relaxing. Look for extra features like drink holders or tables to put a spin on traditional brands. If you’re able to find high-quality products, you can even offer water bottles or matching chairs as a profitable upsell.

11. Fruit Floats

fruit float

Fruit floats, and other fun inflatables, are peak summer products. They’re often bought in multiples, especially if your buyer owns a pool, and there’s the ability for a wide range of fun designs. They also pack light and have high margins, making them great for shipping.

12. Sunglasses


What says “summer” more than a pair of fun shades? Sunglasses are ideal because they often need to be replaced, people like to have multiple pairs for different spots (car, house, etc.), and with so many different designs, the options are endless.

Unique frames, especially those more colorful than standard tortoise or metal, offer you the ability to get an edge for your store.

13. Hammock


Hammocks are perfect for people who still want to be outdoors, but prefer hiking or local parks over the beach. Popular hammock brand ENO can cost upwards of $100, so finding a quality hammock for under $10 gives you the opportunity to sell a profitable item for a good value in a market that specialty outdoor brands dominate in.

14. Bluetooth Speakers

bluetooth speaker

Everyone loves putting on some tunes while relaxing, but no one wants to risk damaging expensive equipment from high-end brands. Speakers that still connect to a phone via bluetooth, and ideally have special functionality like water resistance, make for great camping, pool, or picnic accessories. There’s also a ton of different factories, so you’re able to find high-margin products that get the job done.

15. Waterproof Bags

waterproof bag

Waterproof bags are a great alternative to standard backpacks for pool days, camping trips, and even more adventurous excursions like whitewater rafting or paddle boarding. Just be sure that they actually do what they say — you don’t want unhappy customers who thought they were getting full waterproof protection, only to find out they damaged their phone.

16. Electric Cooler

electric cooler

The Coolest Cooler was one of Kickstarter’s biggest successes raising over $13 million, and then one of the biggest failures after the company was unable to fulfill the orders. Thankfully, you can ride off of that momentum by selling one that already works. Electric coolers are a novel product that keep beverages and food cold using electricity, rather than ice that quickly melts.

17. Sun Hats

sun hat

Another product that’s ideal for shipping costs or hats and visors. They’re fashionable and also serve a massive need. Take it a step further and include your own spin, brand, or designs to give yourself an edge against competition that’s only selling products already available.

18. Tanning Oil

tan oil

Tanning oils, and other skin care products (like sunscreen previously mentioned), are perfect for summer because they get used quickly and give sellers and opportunity for bundling and upselling. Again, just be careful about big claims, FDA certification, and the ingredients they use. Leaning towards natural ingredients is a safe bet and provides better marketing angles.

19. Beach Chair

beach chair

Perhaps one of the worst things that could happen during a day at the beach is getting there, just to realize that you don’t have anywhere to sit. Folding chairs are ideal for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids, and those with back pain, as they provide much-needed support on unstable ground like sand. Offer insurance to help conversion rate or even to increase the average order value.

20. Waterproof Phone Pouch

phone pouch

If you want to target extreme sport enthusiasts, what better way to give peace of mind than phone protection? Waterproof phone pouches let customers take their most needed possession anywhere they go. As a bonus, they also help overall safety. You never know what can happen outside — give additional assurance that they could call for help or get directions at any time.

21. Tank Tops

tank top

Unless you live in a place that’s warm year-round, chances are that you’ll always need to get new apparel during the summer months. Tank tops let people feel the breeze while still being covered (no shoes, no shirt, no service). Features like breathable fabrics and moisture-wicking materials also provide an upgrade from standard cotton that doesn’t handle sweat well.

22. Beach Toys

beach toy

When spending time at the beach, keeping kids entertained is imperative for parents looking to relax. Beach toys like sandcastle building sets and sports equipment will keep children occupied for hours. Make sure to double-check for food-grade and BPA-free materials for safety purposes.

23. Outdoor Inflatable Pool


Outdoor inflatable pools are the perfect middle ground between getting a pool fully built out and simply going to the neighborhood community spot. They’re low-cost, low-maintenance, and convenient to set up. Not to mention loads of fun.

24. Grilling Accessories


Grilling is just about every dad’s superbowl each year. What better time to bring family and friends together for delicious food and great community? Grilling accessories, especially sets in which you can increase your order value, provide convenient options for everything from camping trips to simple home additions. No more running to the store last minute for tongs or having mismatched tools.

25. Picnic Basket


If you’re not thrilled about making piping hot burgers and hot dogs, picnics are the way to go. They’re easy to prepare, fun for couples, and an iconic summer activity. Quality baskets can command high prices and open to door to additions like blankets and coolers on your ecommerce site.

26. Mesh Sneakers


Shoes designed for summer like mesh sneakers that are lightweight and breathable are great for both kids and adults who don’t want to scuff up their dress shoes. While definitely harder to market as people often buy shoes because of the brand, if your product has the right materials, features, and price point, mesh sneakers are a great way to attract customers who will buy for summers to come.

Look out for these trends when finding winning summer products.

Natural Ingredients

For people who spend time relaxing or exercising outdoors, health is a top priority. Especially for products that are applied to the skin, natural ingredients are essential. Try to stay away from chemicals that are hard to pronounce or that you wouldn’t want to use yourself.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Products that are durable and can be used for years to come help reduce the overall impact on the environment. There’s no need to get a new chair every year, so look for quality, vetted suppliers that offer satisfaction guarantees, in addition to offering that to your customers. This will also lead to increased sales.

Performance Fabrics

There’s nothing worse than apparel that stays wet and builds up odor. Fabrics like polyester and spandex are more comfortable and wick sweat. Lean towards performance fabrics if you’re selling shirts and shorts, as this is what buyers will want.

Boost Sales During the Hottest Time of the Year

Summer months, mainly May through August, are the ideal time to capitalize on high search volume and buying intent. This time will lead to massive sales for the right stores, brands, and products that are most needed when the temperature starts to increase.

Mainly, products that are used on vacation, used in bodies of water, or used specifically in warm weather are the best categories to focus on. While they are seasonal, they still can help your online store tremendously when done right.

Start ideating the best angles and copy for ads, find unique and fun designs, and strategize ways to increase revenue through bundling to give yourself the most advantageous position to make money online.

Ecommerce is a vast industry and it is impossible to be on top of all current trends, sales, and opportunities as a solo operation. At Whop, we have courses and communities for dropshipping, selling on Amazon, and plenty of other business models that will help you get the information that you need for your internet ventures. Join one of the Whop ecommerce communities to succeed in your mission of selling summer products this year!