Ecommerce is becoming more and more popular, and as the market is expanding, entrepreneurs are looking for the best high-demand products to sell online. The problem is that many people don't know where to start their journey.

To help you, we've created a list of high-demand products that have been popular for a while now and continue to sell well. We will show you how to identify these products, define the most profitable trending products that are also evergreen, and outline how to start selling them online.

Let's get into it!

30 High-Demand Products

Below is a list of high-demand products in various niches, with both physical and digital products.

1. Air purifiers

air purifier

Air purifiers are a niche product that sells surprisingly well. Because negatives accompany the upsides of progress and modern technologies, it is no surprise that indoor air quality is often far worse than outdoor air quality. At least, that estimate is according to the Environmental Protection Agency. With this research, consumers are looking for air purifiers to clean the air in their homes.

Moreover, anyone who wants to tap into this market can do so confidently because it will have a projected value of USD 51.38 billion by 2032, up from USD 14.31 billion in 2022. If these high-demand products interest you, stock those with UV lights that destroy pathogens and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration traps that remove minute particles in the air to improve its quality and people's health.

Either specialize in these items or add humidifiers to your offerings. No matter your decision, these items work well with dropshipping and remove many financial barriers to ecommerce.

2. Apparel

In modern society, we all have to wear clothes, even if fashion isn't a driving factor for many people. And with the clothing industry continuing to grow in leaps and bounds, high-demand items in the apparel niche can be whatever you want them to be.

Considering that the world market apparel sales will probably be around USD 1,1.388.000 billion by 2030 and include clothing for adults and kids, open an ecommerce store if fashion is your passion. If you prefer accessories to clothing, research your options in that sector, too.

3. Educational products

sell online courses

Educational products, particularly digital products and services, are on the rise. Online courses are a perfect example that fits well into this category and are huge sellers, requiring little maintenance once the groundwork has been done. These educational products include many forms of tutoring, including live chat, video, audio, eBooks, and others.

Unsurprisingly, this market is on a course for success, set to reach a value of USD 200 billion by 2030.

4. Blankets

As an enduring part of the bed linen niche, high-demand blankets are available in many styles. Stock up on the ever-popular weighted blankets or snuggle down with baby-soft cashmere ones. Alternatively, wool, cotton, mohair, polyester, and others are sought after in homes worldwide.

Step into this snuggly world that just seems to keep evolving as new textiles are developed. Enjoy its benefits as a consumer or seller because its value will increase to USD 13,176.4 million by 2034, presenting a valuable opportunity to those who love these products.

5. CBD products

Since regulation changed dramatically in the U.S. and around the world, the CBD industry has boomed. CBD stores have taken off, featuring high-demand products like oils, edibles, topicals, vapes, and others in this niche wellness sector. Besides adding human wellness, pet products help to relieve pain, promote digestion, and relieve stress.

Against this background, it is little wonder that global sales of CBD products are forecast to reach USD 19.67 billion by 2032, and sales in the U.S. are expected to rise to USD 16 billion by 2026. There's still time to capture a part of this market wherever CBD products are legal, so get going today.

6. Business products

business products

In the creator economy, new businesses are launching every day, and they too seek the assistance of other businesses by buying products that help with their administrative tasks. One such product is digital templates. Digital templates are high-demand products in the business world, including variations like invoice, report, and resume templates. These are just a few examples of the digital products that cater to this market.

However, other than businesses using digital templates, they are popular with startups and students. Basically, anyone who wants to save time with regular tasks is always looking for help. Digital templates meet this demand, giving you ideas for a low-maintenance ecommerce store that can grow from a side hustle to a primary source of income in no time.

7. Cleaning products

Cleaning supplies are a specific part of the home goods sector, including surface cleaners, dishwashing liquids, sanitizers, washing powders, and many others. If you need a product to clean something in the home, you need cleaning products.

Even though eco-friendly cleaning products are becoming more popular, the general types of cleaning products we're used to seeing in stores and online still hold most of the market share. This market share is anticipated to grow to USD 177.13 billion by 2030, making this a potentially lucrative market for ambitious ecommerce store owners.

8. Ebikes

Ride them for fun, with friends, or to save fuel. Whatever you do, sell high-demand products like ebikes with bicycle accessories and equipment because these products are driving sales into the billions. If anyone thinks you're cheating by using a power-assisted cycling mode, tell them they don't know what they're missing.

Besides, opinions don't matter when the facts speak for themselves. This sports equipment niche market is so strong that research projects its value will rise to USD 44.08 billion by 2032 if sales continue at a CAGR of 9.89%. Sound like a promising market for dropshipping? We think so.

9. Eco-friendly and sustainable products

Sustainable and eco-friendly products cause little to no harm to the environment and people. These products include everything from food to packaging, clothing, home cleaning items, make-up, pet products, CBD items, and many others.

More customers are reading product labels because of the ongoing demand to produce products from start to finish with less damage. And while only 37% of the participants in one study were worried about the environmental impact of their purchases, 72% did say that their purchasing behavior had pivoted towards eco-friendly products during the last five years. Of the group, 81% also said they wanted to buy more of these products in the following five years.

A 2023 study also shows that sustainable packaging is a huge drawcard for consumers, with 82% willing to pay more for products across age groups and 80% wanting refillable packaging. Of these age groups, 90% of Gen Z said they would pay more for products in sustainable packaging, and 70% of consumers had bought products claiming sustainable packaging in that year.

Despite a gap between people wanting to buy these items and actually doing so, there is positive news. Purchases of sustainable items grew by 17.3% between 2021 and 2022 (an increase of 0.3%) compared with regular items. Also, growth in this sector is 9.48% in relation to conventional goods, which grew by 4.98% in the same period.

What these figures say is that sustainable and eco-friendly items are in high demand, showing positive growth for the future. As a result, opening an ecommerce store to sell eco-friendly household cleaning items or beauty products is a good idea.

10. Ebooks


When ebooks first arrived on the scene many book lovers expected the digital reading trend to die out, but it keeps going from strength the strength. Ebooks are now more popular than ever, with social media trends like 'BookTok' and 'Bookstagram' creating a culture of reading and sharing together online, all of which generate increased demand for books that can be accessed easily and affordably. Hence, the popularity of ebooks.

The demand for ebooks is so high that the ebooks worldwide market is expected to generate a revenue of USD 14.61 billion by the end of 2024. It is also predicted that the number of people who read ebooks will reach 1.1 billion by 2027.

11. Software

Apps are one small aspect of high-demand products in the digital software niche. Think about how calendars, focus, time, or habit-tracking apps can boost productivity. Entrepreneurs and developers are forever thinking of new ideas for apps to improve productivity, enhance wellness, and increase personal brand awareness.

Come up with your own brilliant idea to help people manage their lives with an app and focus on serving that market. An app combining details about who they are, where they live, current location, and person to call could be helpful for forgetful people, or those with Alzheimer's could be a hit. Add this app to a smartwatch, and families will be happy to know their loved ones are that much safer when they aren't around.

12. Traditional children's toys

Global toy sales were valued at USD 141.08 billion in 2021, and this figure is expected to increase to USD 230.64 billion by 2028 if the CAGR of 7.30% remains steady. The age groups in this study ranged from infants and preschool age groups to those between 5 and 12 years, 12 to 18 years old, and older. The study also covered online and offline toy and game sales.

The market research that forecasted these values included children's toys like dolls, games, puzzles, building and construction sets, sports toys, and similar items. With parents wanting to do as much as possible for their babies and toddlers, brightly colored soft toys are popular as educational tools. Stock up on toys for the younger age groups as a specialist area, or go big and include them all.

13. Gaming

Gaming keyboards, keycaps, and accessories

Besides more traditional toys, the global gaming market is booming. Sales of gaming products are set to reach USD 665.77 billion by 2030. Step into the world of dropshipping with confidence in this niche because toys are high-demand products for kids of all ages. And despite competition, there is always a market for gaming.

14. Hair care

hair products

Almost everyone's crowning glory, hair, and its care are big business in the beauty sector. This self-care niche is so full of high-demand products that market studies say its global value will be USD 213.47 billion by 2032.

Hair products include shampoos, conditioners, oils, masks, color dyes, and many others, which are almost like food and clothes in that they should be around for generations to come. So, get in on the action and start building a high-demand product empire today. You can differentiate your store with unique products from across the world.

15. Snacks

Everyone has to eat, and snack foods are great treats between meals, easily making this sector a favorite for high-demand products. With a world value of over USD 500 billion, this market is anticipated to almost double by 2033. Think of convenient, decadent snacks for busy people that are easy to store, and that they can nibble as they go.

Examples of high-demand products in this niche are chocolate-dipped nuts, healthy nuts and dried fruit mixes, savory beef meat sticks, chips, cheese bites, and gourmet popcorn. Add your favorite snacks to the list, speak to your friends about theirs, and start researching your new side hustle.

16. Smartphone holders and tripods

Talk about mobile accessories, and you're talking about social media too. Think of smartphone holders and tripods, and this market shows no signs of dying down. Market research shows that sales for these and similar products will grow to USD 148.81 billion by 2030. If you want a piece of this pie, then specializing in mobile accessories for a tech-hungry upcoming generation that lives on and off social media is the way to go.

17. Visual content

Digital artwork remains an evergreen high-demand product with worldwide sales forecast to reach a value of USD 17.48 billion by 2032. Consequently, it seems a massive waste not to put your creative talents to good use by opening an ecommerce store to make your efforts work for you.

Considering the minimal time and effort that goes into this digital niche and the opportunities that lie ahead, it's best not to waste any more time thinking about an ecommerce store but to take action and open one. When you do, consider adding an on-demand printable service to your downloadable artwork as one more valuable service.

18. Home storage containers

Metal, glass, and plastic food storage containers are a mainstay in homes across the world. As these high-demand products degrade over time, they must be replaced. Likewise, as new generations leave home to live away from their parents, they also buy home storage containers.

With sales projections set to reach a value of USD 40.425,15 million by 2031, maybe this is the type of physical product you'd like to sell online using a dropshipping strategy. If not, you could buy stock and build your own ecommerce store and customer base to take a shot at this food storage market.

19. Wine


In short, the wine and vine market is more than a delicious alcoholic beverage drinking activity – it's a lifestyle. You either love these high-demand products or not. Ranging from sweet to dry, champagne, sparkling, dessert, and organic, there is much to love about wines.

Wine often involves centuries of knowledge and craftsmanship in every bottle. Then there are the exquisite wine glasses, bottle openers, wine fridges, and other paraphernalia that accompany selling these beverages. Besides, wine is the ideal product to combine with community membership and subscriptions to improve the value of your ecommerce business. Make your mark in this niche today.

20. Meal kits

Ready to heat and eat, meal kits are the ultimate in convenience. And since this market is already valued at over USD 14 billion and will grow to more than USD 19 billion by 2028, it's worth taking a closer look if you're a serious foodie. Besides, the U.S. should generate about USD 5,645,000 million in 2024, making it the biggest market in this niche.

Think of healthier choices and develop your own meal plans to reach a specific market. Or maybe you want to cater to the general public who do the majority of their shopping online. Either way, subscription orders for bulk meal kits can skyrocket your monthly earnings with these high-demand products in the dropshipping world.

21. Non-alcoholic beverages

non alcoholic

High-demand products like non-alcoholic beverages are immediately identifiable by mind-boggling sales when researching figures, and this one is HUGE. It is so big that sales are projected to be more than USD 1879 billion in 2030.

Jump on this bandwagon to sell carbonated soft drinks (CSD) and the ever-popular ready-to-drink coffee and tea beverages because this market is hot. Variety is another unique selling point in this sector, so fruit drinks, bottled and flavored water, and sports/energy drinks form part of this niche's hotness levels.

Take this idea a step further and stock non-alcoholic (NA) beverages. With their focus on health, millennials also support the NA beer, wine, and spirits markets. Adding these to your dropshipping will be doing yourself and your target market a favor.

22. Event planning services

One of the most obvious choices for high-demand products is the wedding and bridal event niche. Challenging to plan, time-consuming, and often costly, most brides need help. Here's where you come in. If you have experience with wedding planning or are really good at research, you can create a helpful collection of tools to help plan these events.

Everything from wedding planning guides to bridesmaid's proposal scripts, spreadsheets, and design templates can form part of single or bundled products. Also, high-demand products include ideas, checklists, and quick tips for planning bachelorette parties and bridal showers. Make-up and hair styling are other vital guides that must be included in product bundles. Start your ecommerce store right now because millions of couples need wedding planning help right today.

23. Pet supplements


People worldwide love their pets, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, and other animals. This love is reflected in how much they spend on their pets and pet supplements.

To prove this affection, high-demand products like pet supplements are growing steadily. Global sales of pet supplements show just how promising this market is, with researchers forecasting a value of USD 3.12 billion by 2030.

These supplements include powders, chewables, tablets, and pills. Designed as tasty snacks to support coat, joint, digestive, and other health issues, this spending shows how much love there is for pets. Although not included in global sales, CBD products for pets also fall into this category, so decide on the items you want to stock to reach a market that is only too happy to keep their pets in good health, no matter the cost.

24. Reusable water bottles

Reusable water bottles are a big hit in the marketplace (just think about the success of brands like Frank Green and Stanley) and are in line with popular eco-friendly products. Valued at a projected USD 11.5 billion in 2034, entrepreneurs can definitely add this product to the list of things they can sell as part of their sustainable ecommerce strategy.

25. Online Subscriptions


You may not have considered selling online subscriptions, but think about how many of us pay a subscription fee in return for a regular service like streaming TV shows, movies, music, news, and more.

Since the pandemic, we have seen a surge in people choosing to stay home rather than going out, with nearly two-thirds of Americans becoming homebodies. As a result, people are more likely to stream a movie at home rather than head out to the theatre, or read the daily news online rather than going to a newsagent to pick up a paper. You can capitalize on this market by selling an online subscription to almost anything.

26. Sunglasses

As an integral element of the fashion industry and eye care sector, sunglasses play an important role in society. Shades are cool, cooling, and protective, offering would-be fashionistas and entrepreneurs every opportunity to harness the stylish delights of this market.

Support local designers, opt for more generic brands, or stock everything the big brands offer. Whatever you decide, sunglasses are high-demand accessories with a projected value of 32.20 billion by 2029. Take advantage of this incredible growth.

27. Supplements and probiotics


Probiotics are vital for digestive health and a core part of the health industry, so if your diet isn't great, you probably need probiotics and supplements. Since the health and wellness sector is booming, there is still time to establish an ecommerce store in this niche market.

Even though this is a niche market, its value is anticipated to grow to USD 51.84 billion by 2030. This is more than double the 2023 value of USD 20.53 billion. But, if health is not your thing, stick to high-demand digital products.

28. Tea and coffee

U.S. citizens take tea and coffee drinking seriously, creating a massive market and opportunities for anyone wanting to sell these high-demand items. You can grab a share of this beverage market from franchisors by starting your own business and selling all the side items that go with this time-honored tradition.

Consider that 64% of American adults drink one cup of coffee daily and spend over USD 1,000 on coffee annually. Then look at the 37% of adult tea drinkers who consume an average of four cups daily. Add complementary items such as creamers, non-dairy coffee creamers, syrups, mushroom-based coffees, and coffee mugs to the cart for a comprehensive shopping experience, and you will be off to an impressive start.

After researching coffee and its related products, you have tea and its complementary items. Millennials prefer tea to coffee, which may be why this high-demand product has grown by 20% in the U.S. over the past 24 years. Popular tea-related products to look at include flavored teas, health teas, sugar alternatives, and tea-making equipment.

Anyone who drinks coffee and tea can specialize in one or both of these hot beverage niches. Both decisions will likely gain a strong following with excellent marketing and customer service.

29. Coaching Services

Online coaching is a people person's service that remains in high demand. This digital service typically offers personal coaching on a once-off basis, can include group coaching, and even includes pre-recorded material for self-improvement. All the greats like Tony Robbins, Rainy Rainmaker, and Robin Sharma use online life coaching to reach more people. If they can do it, nothing stops you from aspiring to their level of success either.

30. Paid communities


An example of a high-demand product in this category is the paid community's site. Give your members access to unique content that is informative, helpful, and regularly provided, and you generate a regular, sustainable income from subscription payments. A suggestion is to start at your own pace, providing an initial option for a monthly subscription and then upgrade to more regular plans as the site grows.

Discord and Telegram are popular platforms where communities gather to learn more about Forex, reselling, and more. So, we recommend adding this high-demand product to your list because it is a moneymaker of note. Best of all, you can make cash from doing something you love.

All of the above are high-demand products to sell in 2024, and there are certainly other trending products that you could offer alongside these. When searching for trending products, we recommend three main ways to find them - TikTok, Instagram, and Google Trends.

TikTok: Click "Top" just beneath the search bar at the top of the page to see loads of trending products, or type "trending products" into the search bar to see high-demand products. You should see loads of videos, audio, and hashtags indicating you're in the right place.

Also, search for "Discord reseller and dropshipping communities" to join by typing this phrase into the search bar. You can browse the list to see which communities interest you.

Instagram: The three common ways to search for trending products and communities on Instagram are to search for hashtags and follow or join communities of people with shared interests.

  1. Enter #trending products, #discord reseller, and #dropshipping communities into the search bar separately and check for results under Accounts.
  2. Navigate to the Explorer page by clicking the magnifying glass (2nd icon) at the bottom of the screen. Enter #trending products, #discord reseller, and #dropshipping communities for separate searches and select the preferred results.
  3. In separate searches, search for and follow hashtags that look informative regarding #trending products, #discord reseller, and #dropshipping communities, and browse the results.

Google Trends: This is another free tool that helps identify trending products using keywords.

  1. Go to Google Trends.
  2. Select a specific country in the top right corner.
  3. Enter your product keyword in the "Explore" section in the middle of the page, confirm the keyword in the dropdown that appears, select enter, and wait for the results page.
  4. The results page shows a graph reflecting the number of searches for that topic on the same day. Above the graph, you will see the country, past day, the categories, and web searches. Below the graph are related topics and related queries that you can use to refine your research and high-demand products.
  5. The "compare" feature" at the top right side of the page is another useful tool to refine your search for hot items like digital products and others.

Out of all trending and high-demand products, digital products bring in the highest profits. This is because they are low maintenance, easy to store, quick to deliver, and incur extremely low overheads.

That makes the digital product niche one of the most enduring and exciting imaginable. This extensive sector covers many areas apart from or complementary to ecommerce stores that sell physical products. Digital products often require little investment compared with physical ones. Additionally, once up and running, there is little need to worry about storage or inventory management, all while selling one product hundreds or thousands of times. And – your customers get their products immediately.

How to Sell High-Demand Products Online

While there may be no shortage of online platforms for selling high-demand products, not all offer the best features and benefits for those you want to host. For instance, Etsy is good for selling home-made items, while Shopify is good for small shops selling physical products. But Whop is the best choice for selling digital products.

Entrepreneurs, dropshipping specialists, and side hustlers are all talking about how Whop makes their job that much easier. Instead of fumbling around in the dark, Whop takes the guesswork out of ecommerce.

Now, with an intuitive dashboard at your fingertips, selling digital products online has never been easier. Take the time to register your high-demand digital products on Whop, where you control how your ecommerce store functions.

Ecommerce control means that you decide which digital products to showcase, remove, price, and whether you want to include subscriptions and memberships. As a seller on Whop, you also manage your store according to available metrics, such as MRR, churn, customer retention, and all other vital functions of store ops.

Whop believes in you and wants you to believe in yourself, so you can sell digital products in-store with zero startup costs - removing one more barrier to your success. Only when you make sales do we take a small 3% transaction fee. Otherwise, this process is free of charge.

How to Sell Digital Products with Whop

Whop is specifically designed to take digital product sales to new levels. Consider selling digital templates for business and marketing, online courses, subscriptions for paid communities, apps, digital artwork, and other high-performing products. Whop is designed to optimize your entrepreneurial efforts in this niche, offering you an all-around solution.

Take as little as ten minutes to set up your free account on Whop with these steps:

  • Click the sign-up or start selling icons to create your Whop account
  • Include your business name and social media links
  • Let everyone know what high-demand digital products you intend to sell
  • List them in the dashboard, add prices, and tell buyers more about your products
  • Browse the checklist to see that you've covered all the bases.
  • You're ready to start selling on your very own ecommerce site

Start Selling with Whop Today

whop seller

Kickstart your high-demand digital product hustle with us today and turn that hobby into your main income. With Whop's support, your success is off to a powerful start.


How do I sell high-demand digital products online?

After deciding what digital products you want to sell online, open your Whop store at no cost and start marketing your products on social media.

Can I sell digital products on TikTok?

Unfortunately, you cannot sell digital products on TikTok. However, you can sell your digital products on Whop and advertise them on TikTok. Remember to include links to your Whop store digital products in your TikTok ads.

Online courses, ebooks, and visuals are high-demand products in the digital world because of their diversity and ongoing relevance to daily life.

  • Online courses are inseparable from e-learning, requiring various forms of content ranging from text to video, audio, and live sessions.
  • Ebooks cover fiction and non-fiction categories. Due to their widespread applications, ebooks are essential to online courses, marketing, business, and entertainment, to name a few. Because they are so dynamic, ebooks are high-demand products that never go out of fashion.
  • Online visuals include artwork, logos, banners, ebook covers, and everything in between. Like the other examples, online visuals are easily accessible and can often be printed, adding to their convenience. So, because of its flexibility, this type of product is always in high demand.

What non-digital products are in high demand?

Apparel, food, snacks, and beverages are in high demand because they are used daily. When combined with eco-friendly qualities, these products fall into niche markets that are gaining ground.