Soccer. By far the most popular sport worldwide that hasn’t picked up the same traction in the US yet. Still, millions of devoted fans gather every weekend to cheer for their club and place some bets. And, of course, they want to find the best soccer picks possible so they don’t just dump money down the drain.

That’s how some of the best soccer communities are formed. They’re full of veteran cappers (expert bettors) who’ve been fans of the sport for decades and know the ins and outs of all major leagues and competitions. Together, they combine their insights with extensive research on stats and data and come up with well-educated plays on soccer matches around the world.

If you want to dive deeper into soccer picks communities, our list of the top soccer Discord servers is a good starting point. Some of these groups bet exclusively on soccer, while others include additional sports for a more diverse community.

How Soccer Discord Servers Operate

Let’s kick things off by briefly discussing what these communities are all about. Essentially, they’re just like any other sports betting Discord server, with a focus on soccer. This means the group has one or multiple cappers covering soccer leagues, like the MLS, Premier League, and La Liga, as well as popular competitions, such as the Champions League.

These cappers are not your average bettor. They’ve been in the game for many years and can usually spot instances of high-value bets pretty easily. This doesn’t mean they rely on their “instincts” or “predictions” - instead, it means that they always do their due diligence and meticulously study every game before they put out their daily picks.

The study process for soccer starts with each team’s strength and approach to the game and whether one of the two has a favorable matchup. A few significant aspects the experts always consider are recent form and each team’s place on the league table.

Then, they’ll often review key player stats, injury reports, historical data on the matchup, and other factors that may affect the game. It’s also important for the cappers to find the best odds possible among different sportsbooks and provide guidance on how much members should wager on every play.

5 Best Soccer Picks Discord Servers

Below, you can find our top options for soccer-focused Discord servers on the Whop marketplace.

#1🏆 - Sharptank

sharp tank

Welcome to Sharptank, one of the top sports picks communities that relies on plays with a mathematical edge and +EV (positive effective value). If you’re not familiar with the term, positive effective value is a strategy in which you try to find better odds than the implied odds of your preferred pick.

For example, if your research shows a pick has a 50% chance to hit, its implied odds come out to +100. If you can find it for more than that number, it’s worth wagering on, as it has +EV. 

To come up with these high-value plays, the team of cappers at Sharptank spends hours every day researching all matches. They consider data and player stats, as well as other parameters, to gain a mathematical edge over sports betting apps.

Some Sharptank cappers will focus on soccer leagues worldwide, including the MLS and several European leagues, like the Premier League. They also utilize their skills to come up with valuable plays in other sports, like the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB.

This community of sports aficionados has attracted hundreds of sports fans, including soccer fans who love to bet with a mathematical edge rather than trusting someone’s “instinct”. Their excellent work has also earned them tons of accolades and dozens of 5-star reviews on Whop.

Pricing: Sharptank offers two different memberships with distinct features. There’s the VIP membership for $20 a week or $60 a month that unlocks all VIP channels with all of their daily picks on soccer and other sports. 

Then there’s the +EV Livestream subscription, which costs $60 a week or $180 a month and includes all livestreams, chatting channels, and daily slips provided by Chris from Sharptank.

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#2 - Daily Sports Betting

daily sports betting

Daily Sports Betting is all about daily soccer picks. But you won't find a mention of 'soccer' here - since the group is based in the UK, soccer is known as 'football'. Regardless of the name, the sports cappers at Daily Sports Betting know their way around soccer (or football) and have experience in several popular leagues around Europe.

The Discord server is led by Krix, who is responsible for the majority of daily plays. The team studies all major soccer leagues to find the best bets and provides several types of bets, including moneyline picks, over/under bets, and props.

The group also provides extensive tracking of all their bets, profits, and losses. Krix has a monthly report explaining how each month went and commenting on the team’s performance. This is essential to maintain transparency among all members.

When soccer/football action is low, Daily Sports Betting provides picks for horse racing in the UK and South America. The latter region is one of the group’s specialties, where they often find tons of value.

The Discord server itself consists of over 1,000 members, primarily from the UK. That’s why you’ll see most people using different types of odds, like fractional instead of American. However, it’s nothing an online odds calculator can’t fix.

Pricing: Daily Sports Betting only requires a single membership to access all Discord server channels. The monthly subscription comes out to £15.99 (around $20), which is very good value considering the number of soccer picks you get.

You can also pay £9.99 (around $13) on a bi-weekly basis, or choose the yearly subscription for £150 (around $190).

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#3 - Den Eksklusive Oddser


Since soccer isn’t the most popular sport in the US, it’s common to find soccer picks communities from around the world on Whop. Den Eksklusive Oddser (The Exclusive Bettor) is a great example of this, as the Denmark-based Discord server has quickly become a very popular option in the Whop marketplace.

Den Eksklusive Oddser has been around since 2018 and has amassed a huge following on social media. The Discord group is split into three distinct channels that all members get access to.

First, you have the Betting Tips channels, where you’ll find all the daily picks, curated by veteran bettor Rasmus Skovgaard. These include both main market plays and thoroughly researched prop bets. Then there’s the Accounting channel, where you’ll find detailed tracking of all bets at Den Eksklusive Oddser to maintain transparency.

The Discussions channel is where most community members chill out and talk about their favorite teams. The group includes several Danish people as well as fans from around the world, so you can definitely gain valuable insights into leagues and teams you may not be familiar with.

Pricing: A single membership at Den Eksklusive Oddser will give you access to the entire Discord server and all its features. The monthly membership costs kr199.00 (around $29), or you can choose the three-month or six-month subscription for kr507.00 (around $73) and kr715.00 (around $103), respectively.

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#4 - Sunny Tipster

sunny tipster

Sunny Tipster is one of our top sports betting Discord servers that focuses on soccer. The team of experts at Sunny Tipster boast several years of experience and do their best every day to analyze all soccer matches worldwide and come up with high-value plays.

At Sunny Tipster, you can find all kinds of soccer picks from the biggest leagues in Europe, North America, and South America, among others. Behind every pick is hours of research to ensure only the best plays are chosen for the day. That’s how the server maintains impressive win rates throughout its two years of operation.

Of course, they don’t hit every single play they provide. Their purpose is to find the edge on every pick and ensure all members understand why they chose it through extensive analysis and stats presentations.

Apart from the excellent soccer picks, Sunny Tipster also guides members on how to bet and manage their bankroll effectively. Even if you’re an expert bettor, you’ll definitely learn something new from the Sunny Tipster team, and you can count on them 24/7 for support if you run into any issues.

Pricing: All it takes to access the entire Sunny Tipster Discord server is a single membership of €29.99 (around $32) a month. Alternatively, you can choose the bi-weekly subscription for €14.99 (around $16) or the yearly membership for €249.99 (around $269). 

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#5 - ProBets


ProBets is a relative newcomer, as the Discord server has only been live for a few months. Despite this, they’ve quickly grown a sizable community with hundreds of members eager to tail their insightful eSports and soccer picks.

The team of experts at ProBets utilizes betting algorithms in combination with a human approach to provide thoroughly researched plays every day. They focus on single bets with deep analysis and research of all player and team stats. They also consider every factor that can affect the outcome of the game.

In addition to their single bets, the ProBets cappers often provide unique combo bets. These are parlay bets or same-game parlays with multiple betting options for higher odds. And for those interested in longshot opportunities, you’ll also find some high-risk bets with very high odds but a small probability of hitting.

Another thing that sets the ProBets team apart is their live betting expertise. Both soccer and eSports have a huge live betting market and you can easily find tons of value if you know where to look – and these guys definitely do.

ProBets boasts a blossoming community of soccer fans from all around the world. It includes both novice bettors and seasoned veterans, who are happy to help all newcomers learn the ins and outs of sports betting.

Pricing: ProBets includes a few different membership plans with different picks. The traditional sports betting membership with all soccer picks is €20 (around $22) a month, while the eSports betting membership is €15 (around $16). If you want the complete experience with all picks included, there’s VIP access for €30 (around $32) every month.

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Choosing the Right Soccer Picks Group for You

If you can’t decide which soccer group to join, we’ve got a few tips that might help you find a server that’s a good fit for your needs.

  • Find the leagues you’re interested in
    Soccer has several popular leagues worldwide, and not every Discord server will cover all of them. That’s why you should always double-check that your preferred group provides picks for all the leagues you want, especially if you’re after some more obscure competitions.
  • Ensure the group fits your betting style 
    Every capper utilizes different betting strategies and bet types, so it’s important to find someone who aligns with your own style. Some people want to stick to main market plays, while others prefer corners and cards, or player and team stats.
  • Consider the price 
    Always look at the price relative to your bankroll and unit size. You can’t be placing $5 or $10 bets and paying $100 a month for a Discord membership; otherwise, you’ll never make your money back. Also, keep in mind that a high price doesn’t always reflect good value. This is particularly important in soccer communities, which don’t get as much traction, so there might be some hidden gems.

Become a Soccer Pro Today with the Top Soccer Picks Communities on Whop

As you can see, there are a bunch of excellent Discord servers on Whop that focus on soccer leagues worldwide. Naturally, since most soccer fans come from outside the US, the majority of these communities are international. This makes for an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with soccer fans from all over the world, share your views and experiences of the game, and even learn something new!

And you’ll also get a bunch of daily picks from true experts, who research each game deeply and don't just rely on their "instinct". Don’t expect to become a millionaire on soccer picks overnight though. Betting is a long-term game and you need to master the fundamentals if you want a chance at becoming profitable in the future.

👉 Check out the best soccer picks Discord communities on the Whop marketplace today, and find the ideal group for your needs! Whichever community you choose, you're sure to meet aspiring soccer fans from all over the world who are all eager to beat the books together!