Sports betting. Some people do it for the thrill, while others take a more serious approach, hoping to earn some extra income. However, is it possible to actually make money just by placing a few bets every day?

Professional sports picks have become a hot topic for a while now, with more and more players looking to learn from the best and find out how to make good predictions and place profitable bets. Expert sports cappers (aka people who come up with sports picks and predictions) get together and form communities centered around sports betting. They provide daily picks and thorough betting strategies to all their followers and subscribers on platforms like Discord.

Sounds enticing? That’s exactly why we created this list of the top sports betting Discord servers to give you a glimpse into the world of sports betting communities and which ones you should consider. Keep reading to find out how these Discord communities are run, why people trust their services, and what to look for when choosing the best one for your needs.

How Sports Betting Discord Servers Work

So, let’s kick things off with some basics: how do these sports betting discord communities operate? It’s actually quite simple. One or more experienced sports pickers create an online server on platforms like Discord and lock access behind a subscription fee.

Once you pay your subscription fee (each community has various billing options to accommodate different players), you can access the entire Discord server with all its features. Remember that if, for some reason, your recurring payment fails to go through, you’ll lose access to the server until you re-subscribe.

What’s great about Discord is the ability to organize everything neatly into channels and allow users to receive notifications for what they’re interested in. For example, if a server you’ve subscribed to gives out daily picks for different leagues, like the NFL, NBA, and MLB, but you’re only interested in football, you can ignore the other channels and just interact with the NFL community.

The biggest question though is whether you can trust the claims of huge profits if you follow the expert picks and strategies. The answer to that is slightly complicated. Undoubtedly, most of these people know what they’re talking about and do meticulous research before coming up with picks and plays. But you shouldn’t really expect to become an overnight millionaire.

The goal is to make consistent long-term profits by essentially placing the high-value bets you find in these communities. If your bets consistently have an edge against the books, you have a higher chance of eventually being profitable. But you have to follow specific bankroll management strategies and be able to potentially handle significant downswings that could cause a severe dent in your total bankroll.

🏆 The Best Sports Betting Discord Communities

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about how these sports betting Discord servers work, it’s time to have a look at some of the best options you can find on the Whop marketplace.

1. 🥇 Beat the Books

Beat the Books

As its name suggests, Beat the Books aims to help you win against sportsbooks. At Beat the Books, you can find picks for anything you can imagine, from NFL, MLB, and NBA to MMA, Tennis, and even Golf!

The Beat the Books team consists of ten Sports Consultants, each one specializing in a particular league or sport. The Discord server is known for its excellent NFL and NBA picks but also covers other leagues and sports 24/7 and all year round. 

What’s great about Beat the Books is they rely on transparency to attract even more players to join them. Some sports picks communities will not disclose their wins or losses or may put too much emphasis on huge wins and try to avoid talking about bad streaks. With Beat the Books, everything’s out in the open for you to see, thanks to the daily recaps that show you exactly which bets have won and lost. Beat the Books also has a very positive community full of knowledgeable individuals ready to help you out in any way they can. 

Pricing: To access the Discord server, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription fee of around $50. You can also try out the service on a biweekly membership for around $30 or choose the annual plan for approximately $500.

👉 You can learn more about Beat the Books here, or read our Beat the Books review here.

2. ParlayScience


The team behind the ParlayScience Discord community refers to themselves as “leaders in sports betting” and strives to make you change how you approach your sports bets. As the server name suggests, ParlayScience focuses on parlay bets with the potential for huge payouts.

Many sports betting aficionados will tell you that parlays are not an optimal betting strategy as they carry much risk. However, the ParlayScience team does its best to thoroughly research all its plays and ensure its parlays have the best odds possible to hit.

At ParlayScience, you can find dozens of daily picks from all top sports and leagues, including the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB, among others. They utilize data and algorithms to come up with positive EV (Effective Value, aka profitable long-term) bets and parlays.

Pricing: To enter the ParlayScience Discord server with over 5,000 members, you can choose among four different subscription tiers. There’s a bi-weekly membership for $25, along with a one-month plan for $40, a three-month plan for $100, or an annual subscription, which comes out to $400.

👉 You can learn more about ParlayScience here, or read our in-depth ParlayScience review here

3. The Moonshot


Fasten your seatbelt as we’re going to the Moon! At least that’s what The Moonshot, the longest-running Discord server for sports betting, promises! The goal of The Moonshot community is to help you place better NFL bets.

The team consists of several expert cappers who have been placing bets professionally for many years. They know the ins and outs of the league, and combined with data and stats, they are able to provide well-thought-out NFL picks. But it’s not just about football.

Some cappers at The Moonshot specialize in other sports and leagues, including the NHL and NBA. This way, there’s always something you can bet on, even when there are no NFL games. 

What’s more, The Moonshot teaches you how to become a more thoughtful sports bettor yourself. They share their entire thought process behind each pick and hold weekly previews where they discuss the upcoming NFL matches. You can chat one-on-one with the cappers to ask any questions or get feedback on your own picks.

If you’re after the social aspect of a sports betting Discord server, you’ll definitely enjoy The Moonshot. Inside the community, you’ll find many members chatting about random things every day, sharing their picks, and creating an overall positive atmosphere. You can unlock all the features at The Moonshot by purchasing the $30 monthly deal or opt for a six-month or annual payment to save a bit of money.

Pricing: You can unlock all the features at The Moonshot by purchasing the $30 monthly deal. Or, you can opt for a six-month plan for $165 or an annual membership for $250 to save a bit of money.

👉 You can learn more about The Moonshot here, or read our The Moonshot review here.

4. SecuredPicks

SecuredPicks is a premium sports betting Discord community with thousands of members making money every month. The server boasts consistent monthly profits of up to 100 units, which can amass to $10,000 if you’re a $100 bettor. Plus, with 1K+ positive reviews, it’s obvious these guys are doing something very well.

What do they do exactly? They give out between five and eight picks every day, all of which are thoroughly researched and are provided with in-depth reasoning so you can understand their thought process. The team consists of several cappers, each one specializing in different sports, with the most prominent ones being NBA, NHL, and NFL.

What’s great about SecuredPicks is they basically work 24/7. You’ll get additional plays throughout the day, with the daily picks being released early in the morning, so you won’t miss out on anything. Furthermore, the team utilizes advanced bankroll management and betting techniques.

Pricing: What makes SecuredPicks even better is it’s relatively affordable for the value you get. The monthly subscription price comes out to $35, while the weekly membership comes out to $15. Alternatively, you can purchase lifetime access for $444, which also comes with an entire mentorship program. There’s also free access to the server (without the premium picks, of course) so you can get a feel for the community and how it operates.

👉 You can find more information about SecuredPicks here.

5. Parlay Banditz


Parlay Banditz aims to help you increase your bankroll through strategic and thoroughly researched picks in multiple sports. The Parlay Banditz Discord server is run by “Geechi” and “Meezy”, who were friends in high school.

Parlay Banditz employs a team of 14 handicappers, each one specializing in a particular sport or league. This way, you’ll find daily picks for basically anything you want, from top American leagues like the NFL, MLB, and NBA to UFC, Tennis, and Soccer.

All picks are highly curated by the team and are based on their years of experience plus all the available statistics and data they can gather. You can even find some daily fantasy picks if you’re into that. They also track all their wins and losses to remain transparent with their members.

Since Parlay Banditz was born out of two separate betting communities, one run by Geechi and one by Meezy, its member count exceeds 5,000 people. Everyone chats daily in a special members-only chat, and the community organizes regular giveaways with massive prizes.

Pricing: All the features and picks are unlocked once you purchase a Parlay Banditz membership. You can choose between a bi-weekly charge of $35 or monthly recurring payments of $50. You’ll also get a free Unit Betting Guide to help familiarize yourself with the group’s betting strategy and bankroll management.

👉 You can learn more about how the Parlay Banditz Discord community operates here

6. Exclusive Analytics


Exclusive Analytics is the result of a few betting enthusiasts who joined forces to create a sports picks community driven by analytics, stats, and data. The group provides daily prop bets and main market plays on several sports, primarily focusing on the NFL and NBA.

To come up with their daily plays, the Exclusive Analytics team relies both on advanced betting algorithms and the help of professional analysts. They’ve fed their algorithms with years worth of data and statistics while their analysts have been betting professionally for a very long time.

Every pick at Exclusive Analytics is presented with an in-depth analysis of the logic and data used to come up with it. Also, the team thoroughly tracks all results and provides frequent monthly updates on their performance.

The community aspect is also very healthy at Exclusive Analytics. Since the group has been around for a while, it has gathered over 45,000 members worldwide. Everyone has a very friendly and positive attitude and is willing to help out newcomers who just joined the Discord server with any questions or issues.

Pricing: The entire Exclusive Analytics Discord server with all picks is locked behind a single subscription for around $60 a month. You can also choose a membership for a shorter duration, like the three-day package for around $15 or the weekly package for around $20. If you want a long-term solution, their lifetime package comes out to around $750.

👉Learn more about how Exclusive Analytics operates here, or check out our in-depth Exclusive Analytics review here.

7. Larry's Lounge

Larry's lounge

With a community of over 7,000 active members, it’s no surprise that Larry’s Lounge is ranked as one of the top sports betting Discord communities on Whop. The server is run by Larry, a well-known sports bettor, and his team of professional cappers, each specializing in a particular sport or league.

Larry himself has been running very hot for a while and mostly relies on the NBA for his single picks and parlays. However, he’ll always try to find value in other sports, like the NFL. You can always choose to follow another capper, though, if you find they're playstyle and expertise more to your liking.

Another great benefit of the Discord server is the community itself (the Lounge). Everyone gives off a positive and relaxed vibe, and you can easily talk about any subject you want with anyone. The community even organizes live watch parties and other events where you can participate and have fun!

With Larry’s Lounge, transparency is key. That’s why the community has a third-party tracker for all bets to ensure all members are aware of every win and loss.

Pricing: If you want to become a member at Larry’s Lounge, it’ll cost you about $50 per month, a reasonable price compared to other communities. You can also save a bit by purchasing the quarterly package for $120. Or, you can purchase the two-week plan for $35.

👉 Learn more about about Larrys Lounge here, or you can read our Larry’s Lounge review here.

8. Joker's Hideout

joker pickz

Joker’s Hideout is an up-and-coming sports betting Discord community that’s run exclusively by veteran capper “JokerPickz”. The community specializes in NHL bets, but you’ll also find the occasional pick from other sports and leagues, such as the NBA or NFL.

Joker’s Hideout comes up with daily plays throughout the NHL season that include both standard moneyline bets and plenty of player props. You’ll also find multiple bet types, like single bets and parlays, as well as the so-called “Whale Bets” for those with particularly high bankrolls.

The community at Joker’s Hideout is full of active members who discuss all things related to the NHL, share their picks, and generally have a good time. There are also dedicated channels to talk about other sports if you fancy.

Pricing: The entry price point for Joker’s Hideout is relatively low compared to other communities, at around $20 per month, but it’s definitely worth your money, according to reviews. If you want to save some money, you can even go for the three-month subscription package for $50.

👉 You can read more about Joker’s Hideout and see how it operates here.

9. Sunny Tipster

Sunny tipster

Welcome to the world of Sunny Tipster, your one-stop shop for all your soccer (or football for our non-American friends) betting. The team behind Sunny Tipster focuses on aiming for long-term profitability for all members yet still boasts an impressive $36,600 in annual profits.

This particular sports betting Discord server is all about soccer. The team has years of experience betting on multiple soccer leagues around the world with great success. Naturally, not all their bets will hit, so they go the extra mile to teach all members how to properly bet and how much of your bankroll you should risk.

To come up with their picks, the experts at Sunny Tipster rely on in-depth analyses of all matches, with data-driven explanations for all bets. They also meticulously track all their results and present them to the community through daily, monthly, and overall recaps.

Pricing: A Sunny Tipster membership comes out to €29.99 (or around $32) a month, or you can pay €14.99 (around $16) a week. You can also opt for the annual package at €249.99 (or around $270). That’s really good pricing, considering the value and positive results the server has shown over a long time period.

👉 If you want to learn more about how the team behind Sunny Tipster works, check them out here.

10. KingCapSports

KingCapSports is all about experience, as its founder, Anthony Mann (aka KingCap) has been in the sports betting business for decades. In fact, he comes from a sports betting family, which means he basically grew up playing with betting slips.

He established KingCapSports all the way back in 2012 and has been tearing Vegas books apart through his highly insightful daily picks. His sports arsenal includes the NFL, NBA, and NHL, college sports, soccer, and even some MLB and UFC.

The KingCapSports Discord server has dedicated channels for the different types of bets Anthony gives out, including prop picks, parlays, and standard moneyline plays. He also utilizes a unique “confidence” system, where he separates his plays in tiers based on how much he believes in each one.

There are Silver, Gold, and Diamond Plays, and the Diamond picks are the ones he rates most highly. This system helps members allocate proper units on each bet, so they have a better chance of turning up profits when one pick hits.

Pricing: KingCap places great importance on his experience and insights, which is why he charges a premium $400 a month for his KingCapSports picks. There are also short-term packages, including $75 for one-day access, $100 for two-day access, and $150 for weekly access. KingCap also offers the Exclusive Access package for $500 a week with additional services, including direct access to his DMs for any questions.

👉Click here to see how KingCapSports operates, or check out our KingCapSports review here.

11. Cook The Books

Cook the books

Cook The Books is a complete Discord betting community that includes expert daily picks, in-depth research and analysis on all sports, and tons of educational content. The Cook The Books team is huge and consists of several Professional Cappers, Sports Consultants, and even Software Engineers.

These guys work tirelessly every day to analyze all data and stats and use a specific betting approach, which they thoroughly explain in all their plays. You can find picks for all kinds of sports, including MLB, NFL, NBA, college sports, and even more. You’ll also find a few parlays, as well as the Best Bet for each particular day.

The Cook The Books community consists of thousands of aspiring bettors who can all freely chat with anyone on the server. You can also request one-on-one mentorship to help familiarize yourself with how the Discord server works.

Pricing: For all the value Cook The Books provides, the membership price, $50 a month, is very competitive. There are also options for two-week access at $30, a 6-month plan for $249 or an annual plan for $449, and you can even try out the server for free before committing to a paid membership.

👉 Check out what the experts at Cook The Books are cooking here or read our Cook The Books review here.

12. Beer Money Picks

beer money picks

Beer Money Picks is a sports betting Discord community that aims to help as many new and experienced bettors make more educated sports picks as possible. The Discord server was created by a bunch of Sports Entertainers, each one having years of experience in their respective sport.

The Beer Money Picks team comes up with daily value plays for all major American sports, including the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. You’ll also find a bunch of parlays for different sports if that’s more your style. All picks and unit sizes are tracked by every Sports Entertainer, so you can always know who’s running well.

Beer Money Picks has successfully built a strong and reliable community full of helpful and fun members eager to share their knowledge and insights with anyone. The Discord server hosts regular sports shows and giveaways, where all members are entered automatically for a chance to win huge prizes.

Pricing: To become a Beer Money Picks member, you can choose from a monthly subscription of $40. There is also a bi-weekly membership for $25, as well as bimonthly and quarterly charges for $60 and $100, respectively. You can try out the server for free and get access to a few free plays to see if it fits your betting style.

👉 Learn more about the team behind Beer Money Picks operates here or read our detailed Beer Money Picks review here.

13. Zeto Picks

Zeto Picks is the passion project of avid sports bettor Zeto, which eventually became his full-time occupation. Zeto has been betting for many years and has had his fair share of failures and successes. His knowledge and experience led him to create Zeto Picks to help newcomers and experienced bettors with his insightful plays.

Zeto primarily focuses on player props in sports like NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and eSports. He also employs a team of expert cappers and analysts to help him with other types of bets and increase the server’s sports coverage.

On top of all their excellent plays, Zeto and his team help members comprehend how they come up with their picks. They provide in-depth analyses on what data and parameters they utilize, and how much they wager on each slip. The latter is especially useful for novice bettors since bankroll management is essential to avoid losing all your money.

Pricing: A single membership at Zeto Picks will get you access to the entire Discord server, along with 15+ daily plays from Zeto and his team. The monthly subscription cost is $70 and you can save a bit by opting for the three-month plan for $125 or lifetime access for $250.

👉 If you want to learn more about how Zeto Picks operates, click here, or read our thorough Zeto Picks review here.

14. B/C Premium

B/C Premium

B/C Premium is a true high-roller sports picks community run by professional cappers with huge bankrolls. The group has been around for several years and has gathered a unique team of veterans who’ve been in the game for a while and know the ins and outs of the game.

Combined with their access to unique tools and betting algorithms, the cappers at BettingCord provide dozens of plays every day. And they even have positive track records to back their claims, since they thoroughly track their bets, as well as their profits and losses.

Their plays range from main market picks to specialized player props for daily fantasy platforms. They cover all major sports and leagues and provide betting options for international members who might not have access to US-based sports betting apps.

B/C Premium has attracted 50K+ members over the years, and all of them are free to chat in exclusive channels on their Discord server. And it’s not just advanced bettors in the group. BettingCord is very friendly towards players of all levels, and you have constant access to ask the pros any question.

Pricing: B/C Premium employs a simple payment structure with a single membership unlocking the entire Discord server. The monthly cost comes out to $100, which is relatively high, but you gain tons of experience and value through the community. You can also opt for the weekly package for $39.99 or the annual membership for $600. The latter is an excellent deal as it’s basically half the monthly membership for a whole year.

👉 Find out more about B/C Premium here.

15. ChatsAndBetz


ChatsAndBetz encourages you to keep calm and trust their process. Indeed, this sports betting Discord server created by Mr Risky believes in long-term profitability rather than short term wins. They follow a strict process of diligently researching every play so it has the maximum chance to hit.

Of course, not all of their bets will be successful, which is why they employ strict bankroll management to reduce their losses and maximize their profits. The Discord server employs several expert sports cappers, each one with their own dedicated channel for posting their plays and analyses.

The group covers basically every major sport and provides several pre-game picks as well as in-play bets in the dedicated Live Betting channel. They also give out cheat sheets for members to create their own slips, whether they prefer single bets or parlays.

Pricing: If you want to join ChatsAndBetz and become a part of “the process”, you’ll only need to pay a single membership. The group offers several pricing packages to accommodate all members, with the monthly plan coming out to $65.

There’s also a two-day bundle for $11 and a weekly package for $25 for those who want to try out the service before committing. If you’re sure about joining ChatsAndBetz, you can save a bit by picking the three-month plan for $175 or the annual package for $440. There’s even a lifetime access bundle for $600 if you want maximum savings.

👉 Find out how ChatsAndBetz operates here, or read our in-depth review here.

16. Defy The Odds

defy the odds

Originally known as Clicky Clicky, Defy The Odds is the passion project of veteran capper Zay (aka ZAYYYTHEGOAT). Zay has been in the game for years, and specializes in the NFL, NBA, and WNBA. He decided to create Defy The Odds together with other top-level cappers to help both novice and advanced bettors beat the books.

Every sports consultant at Defy The Odds is handpicked by Zay and specializes in a particular sport, league, or bet type. They “defy the odds” every day by finding the best possible odds on different sportsbooks based on the actual chance of a bet to hit, according to their research. This unique approach allows them to have a better chance of maintaining profitability in the long term.

However, it’s not just about top picks at Defy The Odds. The team focuses on the community aspect as well, actively helping every member with any question or issue regardless of their level or membership status.

The group has a handy Unit Betting Guide, which is ideal for newcomers to learn proper bankroll management techniques. They also track all their bets extensively to ensure transparency among the community regarding their profits or losses.

Pricing: DTO has a few different pricing tiers, which basically signify the duration of your membership. No matter which one you pick, you’ll still get all the features and picks from the group’s cappers. The DTO Gold Tier (monthly package) comes out to $50, while the Platinum (six-month package) costs $250. 

There are also short-term memberships, including the Bronze Tier (weekly membership) for $20 and the Bronze 2.0 Tier (two-week membership) for $35.

👉 Learn more about Defy The Odds here, or have a look at our detailed review here.

What to Look for in a Sports Betting Discord Community

Naturally, a question that comes up is, what separates a great sports betting Discord server from a mediocre one? There are several factors to consider, and all revolve around what you, as a sports bettor and person, value the most.

1. Find the Sport You’re Interested In

The first thing you should do is decide what sport you’re most interested in betting. It’s common for sports betting Discord servers to have several cappers to cover different sports and leagues, including NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, soccer, and tennis. However, you don’t have to (and frankly shouldn't) bet on all of them, especially if you’re not familiar with their rules or intricacies.

Instead, it’s best to choose one or two leagues you enjoy watching and follow closely. This will allow you to understand where the expert picks are coming from and what you should look out for to come up with some good picks yourself. Then it’s just a matter of finding a sports community that specializes in that league and has tangible results to prove its profitability.

2. Determine the Betting Approach You’re More Comfortable With

Different communities will have their preferences in terms of bet types. For instance, one community may specialize in spreads and totals (aka over/under bets), while another may have experts on player props. It’s up to you to decide which bet type and strategy works for you and choose accordingly. 

Another aspect to consider is how each community determines its daily sports picks. There are various ways to approach sports betting, and different cappers will have their own unique operating methods. 

With AI and algorithms basically taking over the entire internet, it’s no surprise that many sports betting Discord communities utilize AI software to make predictions using data and stats. 

On the other hand, a more “traditional” human-centered approach will see an experienced bettor trying to find the best value bets. They usually do it by utilizing a combination of stats and historical data, along with studying line movements and other external factors that can affect a team’s or player’s mentality and performance.

3. Look for Your Preferred Type of Community

Most sports betting Discord servers have lively communities full of people with interests, goals, and ambitions similar to yours. This can be a very healthy environment to flourish in. You can talk about different picks and betting strategies with other players (in some cases, even with the cappers themselves) and learn more about how they think and operate. 

Also, these communities often organize events and competitions where all members can participate, have fun, and potentially win prizes.

On the other hand, there are some more “introverted” servers where members can’t post or type any messages. Only the moderators and owners have access to the chat function, where they share their picks and thought processes. While this may seem more distant, it’s a great way to keep things organized and not let random conversations overshadow some important messages. 

4. Make Sure You Can Afford It

With sports betting (or any form of gambling, for that matter), there’s always an inherent risk of losing your money. That’s why you should always place bets you can afford to lose. Spend within reason to ensure you’re always having a good time and not worrying about the risk of losing too much.

Following the same logic, ensure you choose a Discord community with a subscription fee that’s within reason, depending on your financial circumstances. This way, you’ll be able to comfortably afford every recurring payment and won’t have to miss out on the action.

Also, it should go without saying that you should look to join sports picks servers with a reasonable cost according to your bankroll and betting unit. For example, if you’re placing $5 or $10 bets, you shouldn’t really sign up for a $1,000 membership, as it’s unlikely to even make your money back for a while.

Become a Better Bettor Today with the Best Sports Betting Discord Communities

With so many sports betting Discord servers available at Whop, there’s definitely one (or even a few) that will catch your interest. If you want to take your sports betting game to the next level, subscribing to a sports betting Discord community will help you understand how the pros think, as well as give you several high-value daily picks to choose from.

👉 Check out the different sports betting Discord communities on the Whop marketplace today and see which fits your needs best. You can use our filtering system to narrow down the options for the specific sports and leagues you prefer and sort the communities by different aspects, such as their ratings or pricing.