One of the most important aspects of a great sports capper is experience. No matter how thorough your research is, you need to have been through the thick and thin to understand the small intricacies behind every bet. 

That’s where KingCapSports comes in, led by Anthony Mann (also known as King Cap), a veteran sports capper who also comes from a family of avid bettors. Anthony established the sports picks community back in 2012 and has enjoyed lots of great successes while also learning important lessons through failures.

Through his sports picks Discord server, King Cap provides daily plays on a range of different sports depending on where he finds the most value. These picks can vary from standard moneyline bets to player prop bets, and even some fun parlays!

Interested in following the King? Then read through our KingCapSports review, where we take a deep dive into King Caps’ world to see what it’s all about. We’ll also outline what you can expect to get with each membership package.

Why Join KingCapSports?

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First up, the number one reason why you’d choose to follow KingCapSports is for the King himself, Anthony Mann. He’s been honing his skills for over a decade and has experienced many important events throughout his career. Plus, he comes from a family of avid sports bettors who’ve been beating the Vegas books for four generations.

King Cap gives out daily plays on a variety of sports, including NBA, NFL, NCAA, NHL, and Soccer (both the MLS and international competitions). If he finds any high-value plays, he’ll also occasionally dabble in other sports, like MLB and UFC.

Anthony places great emphasis on the community that he’s diligently built over the years and wants to ensure everyone feels satisfied. Even though the Discord server doesn’t allow members to talk directly, you can still contact Anthony through his DMs on Instagram and have a one-on-one conversation.

The server also offers top-notch support for all members, with premium subscribers enjoying additional benefits, such as 24/7 support access and help with everything. In fact, King Cap has a dedicated Instagram account for customer service, which you can contact directly if you have any issues.

Not Every Bet is the Same

Once you claim your KingCapSports membership, you’ll see the Discord server is split into two distinct sections. The first one includes some introductory details about King Cap and how you can purchase membership packages through Whop. You can also view the group’s terms and conditions, as well as see recent news and posts from King Cap’s Instagram.

Then there’s the “Paid Services” section, which features all the picks and plays by King Cap. The King Cap picks are standard plays, like spreads, moneyline picks, and over/under bets. Then there’s the Player Props channel, which usually contains parlays with higher odds, and the Live Betting section with in-play bets across different sports.

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Another differentiation among King Cap’s picks is the confidence levels. He utilizes a tiered system, where plays are split into different categories based on his confidence that they will hit. Naturally, this doesn’t mean high-confidence plays will always hit; they just come with better value than their odds imply.

The three primary confidence tiers include Silver Plays, Gold Plays, and Diamond Plays, with the latter having the highest confidence. What’s the purpose of this confidence system? To act as a bankroll management guide and ensure every player bets the right amount on each play. For example, a high-confidence play may warrant a larger bet size compared to one the King is less confident about.

What You Get With KingCapSports

So, what exactly do you receive when you become a member at KingCapSports? Here’s a quick rundown on everything the server has to offer:

  • Several daily picks
    King Cap provides a bunch of plays every day on sports like the NBA, NFL, NHL, and Soccer, among others.
  • Variety of bet types
    Some of the daily picks can be standard moneyline bets, spreads, or player props. King Cap also provides parlays for those who prefer this betting strategy.
  • Unique Confidence system
    Three tiers (Silver, Gold, and Diamond) based on how confident King Cap is about every play, and each one has a different bet size for proper bankroll management.
  • Access to King Cap’s experience and insight
    With over a decade since establishing the community, the King has amassed tons of experience, which he shares through insightful picks.

Picking the Right Package

kingcap packages

KingCapSports provides a number of different subscription plans to accommodate all members. What’s common among these packages is they offer access to all paid services, including the King Cap picks, the Player props, and the Live Bets.

The first option is to purchase a one-day package for $75 or a two-day package for $100, with 24 and 48 hours of access, respectively. Then there’s the weekly package for $150 and the monthly subscription for $400 if you’re interested in a long-term plan.

Finally, KingCapSports offers the Diamond Service, which costs $500 a week and comes with all picks and plays, as well as premium support on all questions and issues. You’ll even gain access to King Cap’s DMs for any queries you might have.

Although these prices seem high, you’re basically buying all the experience and knowledge that King Cap has collected throughout the years. It’s something you can’t take for granted, and his instincts are often the key to his plays having a higher chance to hit.

KingCapSports - Follow the King to Reach the Top

KingCapSports certainly offers something unique compared to other sports picks Discord servers. While others rely on large teams of cappers and researchers, King Cap puts out his own plays based on his experience as a professional capper for so many years. 

Of course, he does his due diligence for every pick, but he also heavily utilizes his instincts to fade line movements and ensure the best odds for his plays.

Join KingCapSports on the Whop marketplace today, and follow the King on your way to the top! Become a member of a community of ambitious sports bettors who all want to succeed and are willing to trust someone who has been doing all the hard work for over a decade!