To become an elite sports bettor, you need to follow top cappers with decades of experience under their belt. That’s where ElitePickz comes in – one of the best sports betting Discord servers full of professional analysts and former oddsmakers.

The group was founded back in 2019 to become a top community centered around +EV betting and picks with a statistical advantage. Throughout the years, the ElitePickz team has maintained great results and has grown a large community that includes thousands of members from around the world.

If you’d like to become part of the elite as well, you can join ElitePickz on Whop today. If you’re not sure about their bold claims, you can look into our review of their Discord server below. We’ve made sure to check all the details and find out whether this group is worth your time and money.

The Brain Behind ElitePickz


ElitePickz was founded in 2019 by Bill Harrelson. Bill had been in the game for many years and had bought a bunch of sports picks memberships promising surefire profits, only to discover they were mediocre at best. So, he set out to create the ultimate sports picks Discord server and ensure the maximum possible chance at long-term profits.

He employed analysts and former oddsmakers and built a team of experts with a combined experience of almost three decades to take down all Vegas sportsbooks. Through diligent work, the group has managed some great results and currently serves thousands of members through its Premium Discord server.

Jumping into Action

elite sportspicks discord

When you join the server for the first time, you’ll be encouraged to watch a short video of Bill explaining all the different sections of the group. If you just want to get into the action and start betting, you’ll find the majority of picks under “Analyst Picks”.

This section includes dedicated channels for all different sports the group covers, including the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, CBB, and CFB. Each channel has its own Analyst posting plays, including popular names such as JM, CS, and balazs.

It’s worth noting that members can’t talk in any of the channels at ElitePickz, which might alienate some people but also significantly helps with organization. You’ll only get messages and notifications from the Analysts posting plays, as well as Bill occasionally chiming in with recaps and reminders about upcoming events.

Every pick at ElitePickz is accompanied by the sports betting app where you can find the best odds for it as well as any potential deviations from the standard unit sizing. If you don’t see a specific unit number next to a play it means you’re betting to win 1 unit on favorites and risking 1 unit on underdogs.

Educational Resources and Tools for All Members

bill discord server

ElitePickz isn’t just about presenting high-value plays. The team of cappers and Bill want to help create the next generation of elite bettors, which is why they have tons of educational material on all sports betting aspects.

Starting off with “The Basics”, you get a comprehensive overview of key terms and concepts of betting, including the different types of odds and bets. There’s also a dedicated bankroll management channel where Bill explains what a bankroll is, how to determine your own, and how to come up with a unit size that works for you.

All these concepts are great for newcomers to the betting world, but the server also has several tools for intermediate and advanced bettors. The two primary ones are the Arbitrage Bot and the EV Bot.

The former finds opportunities for arbitrage betting on different sportsbooks and also includes the odds and expected ROI for each play. The latter comes up with plays that have high positive effective value (+EV), which basically means their implied odds to hit are much better than their sportsbook odds show.

There are also dedicated guides on how to effectively use these Bots and an automatic tracker for all +EV results. Speaking of tracking, the group extensively tracks all Analyst Picks and posts them on a public document so all members can know how well they perform at all times.

What You Get With ElitePickz

Since the ElitePickz Discord server can get pretty overwhelming, we’ve gathered all the important features and aspects you receive with your membership below.

  • Daily Analyst Picks
    Unlock dozens of plays from the ElitePickz analysts every day on all major American leagues and college sports
  • Access to useful tools and Bots
    Utilize the server’s Positive EV Bot and Arbitrage Bot for even more high-value plays
  • Experienced team of cappers and analysts
    Learn useful insights and tips from veteran bettors, former oddsmakers, and professional sports analysts
  • Educational material to improve your game
    Understand all the fundamentals of sports betting, as well as more advanced concepts to take your game to the next level
  • Extensive and publicly available results tracking
    Ensure the team is constantly performing up to standards through their public Doc, where they track all their bets

Different Pricing Plans for Different Needs

elitepickz pricing

The good thing about ElitePickz is you only need to pay for one membership to unlock the entire Discord server. This includes all Analyst Picks, the Arbitrage Bot, and EV Bot, as well as all educational material and additional resources they offer.

The monthly membership comes out to $199.99 a month, which is definitely a significant amount of money to invest.  You can also pay $74.99 a week or $1,249.99 a year. The latter is a great deal as you basically get half of the year for free. 

There’s also free access to part of the Discord server, which also comes with a few free plays and a free guide documenting the success of the group so far.

ElitePickz – Join a Group of Real Pros on their Way to the Top!

As you can see, ElitePickz offers a complete package of top-level sports picks and a bunch of experienced analysts and cappers. The group’s founder, Bill, has done an amazing job gathering an elite group that’s always there to help the community become better bettors.

Through their data-driven bets and educational material, you can learn how to come up with high-value plays yourself. And, by tailing the team’s plays and bankroll strategy, you have the best chance at maintaining your profits in the long run.

If you want to upgrade your game to an elite level, join ElitePickz on the Whop marketplace today. Find out what it’s like to learn and tail plays from true professionals with decades of experience, and get ready to become an expert in no time!