At Whop, we always like to welcome new and aspiring sports betting Discord communities to our ever-growing platform. However, we are even happier to welcome a well-established and popular sports picks community in GoldBoys.

GoldBoys was built as the ultimate sports picks Discord server where everyone –regardless of their knowledge and experience– could find insightful plays and learn more about betting. Together with veteran sports bettor JD, GoldBoys created a community of thousands of aspiring bettors looking to learn everything they can from the experts and potentially become profitable.

The GoldBoys sports betting Discord server is filled with expert cappers for every sport you can think of. Each member of the team also specializes in particular betting strategies, and most of them track their wins/losses regularly, so you always know who’s currently running hot.

Keep reading our GoldBoys review to find out how the group operates, what kind of sports and bet types you can expect to find, and what exactly you get with your Discord membership.

Why Join GoldBoys?

At first glance, GoldBoys seems just like another group of experienced sports bettors with a few daily picks and plays. However, when you jump into their Discord server for the first time, you’ll find a vast (perhaps even overwhelming) selection of channels. 

The server is split into dedicated channels for every sport, as well as every capper, so that you can specifically choose who you want to follow. There are also dedicated channels to help new members understand key concepts about how the server operates, as well as all the sports betting tools you’ll need to tail the cappers.

New members are always welcome to ask questions and learn everything they can about sports betting. The GoldBoys community is full of positive and helpful members, with everyone willing to discuss any topic you want to know about, as long as you follow the server’s guidelines.

If you prefer more personalized help, GoldBoys has its unique VIP Host program, where all members get access to a one-on-one mentor. Each mentor is tasked with helping you learn key sports betting concepts like bankroll management, or just answering questions about how Discord works in general.

GoldBoys has also spread out on social media and has amassed a strong following on platforms like TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), and, of course, YouTube. They regularly host live streams on YouTube and Twitch and even have their own branded merch!

Expert Cappers for Every Sport Imaginable

Goldboys Discord

What makes GoldBoys stand out is the sheer amount of cappers (experts that provide sports picks) on the team. While most sports picks communities have a few cappers specializing in several sports, the GoldBoys team consists of more than 30 active cappers.

Not only do they have dedicated cappers for each individual sport, but they also have people who specialize in specific bet types or betting strategies. This provides immense variety, which can be very helpful for both new and advanced bettors. 

And if you feel overwhelmed, you can always look at the “Who to tail” channel to see where each capper specializes. It’s generally recommended to follow two to four cappers and focus on single bets when starting out. As you grow, you can look to expand your betting range to include larger parlays and lottos or follow more cappers you find interesting.

GoldBoys employs multiple experienced cappers in all major American sports, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and hockey. There are also dedicated experts for college sports, soccer, UFC, tennis, and golf. 

You’ll find all the bet types you’d expect, from single bets to hail-mary parlays with huge total odds. There are also dedicated slips called “Bankroll Builders” with lower odds to help new players increase their total bankroll.

What You Get With GoldBoys

Every new GoldBoys membership comes with plenty of features and perks. Here’s what you can expect to get with your GoldBoys subscription:

  • Complete sports coverage
    GoldBoys provides daily picks for all major sports, such as NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Soccer, UFC, Tennis, and more.
  • Multiple expert cappers
    Dozens of experts specializing in specific sports or bet types, each one with their own channel with dedicated notifications and quick play options to add plays directly to your bet slip.
  • Strong & positive community
    Thousands of members that freely chat with anyone, including the cappers, and discuss news and analyze upcoming games and betting approaches for all sports. There are also dedicated channels where you can post your own plays.
  • Learning material for new players
    Including essential tools, educational content on key sports betting concepts and glossaries with important terms on all sports.
  • VIP Host program
    Each new member gets a dedicated assistant to help them with anything they want. You can ask them questions about betting strategies and terms, how Discord works in general, and which cappers to tail, among others.

Picking the Right Package

goldboys Whop

When it comes to membership plans, GoldBoys keeps things as simple as they can possibly get. If you want to become a VIP member, you need to pay a subscription of $50 every month. This includes everything – from all daily sports picks to full access to the Discord server and your very own betting assistant.

Admittedly, it does seem bare-bones, especially compared to other sports picks Discord servers that offer multiple subscription plans with better pricing for long-term deals. However, considering the huge value you get and the fact that GoldBoys is relatively new on Whop at the time of writing this, it’s understandable they wanted to keep things simple.

GoldBoys - Your Ultimate Sports Picks Community

Even though GoldBoys has only recently popped up on Whop, it’s clear that they have created a tightly-knit community around daily sports picks. One look into their Discord server, and you’ll immediately understand these guys know what they’re doing.

The GoldBoys team is full of expert cappers for any sport or league you can think of, and some of them even specialize in specific bet types, like parlays. Plus, everyone’s very friendly and eager to help out anyone. 

👉Whether you’re just taking your first steps in the world of sports betting or you’re an advanced bettor looking for some solid picks, there’s something useful for you at GoldBoys. Become a GoldBoys member today and join thousands of bettors and professional cappers who provide insightful picks and plays on every sport imaginable.