Depending on how you view it, sports betting can be very simple or extremely complicated. Some just have fun and occasionally bet on your favorite team without expecting frequent wins. Others go all in and study all the stats, data, and matchups to come up with well-researched picks.

Your third option is to leave the research and hassle to the experts at Cook The Books and just tail their plays. CTB is a sports community that employs dozens of members, including veteran cappers, sports consultants, and software engineers.

The purpose of this sports picks Discord server is to provide daily insightful plays on all sports imaginable. They also want to educate and train the next generation of sports capers through in-depth guides and tutorials on how they come up with their best plays.

Keen on learning more? Our Cook The Books review will cover everything from how the team operates on a daily basis, to what each membership includes, and how you can join the community today.

Why Join Cook The Books?

So why should you choose Cook The Books as your sports picks Discord server? For one, they put out tons of daily plays on all popular sports, including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, tennis, soccer, and UFC. You can expect to find single picks, small parlays, huge lottos with massive odds, and the “Best Bets” section with the locks of the day.

CTB has a huge team of cappers, sports analysts, and software engineers who put in a ton of effort and research behind every play. They present them with an in-depth analysis of all factors that make them good picks, including matchups, trends during last matches, and other aspects like fatigue and injuries, among others.

What about results? Every capper at Cook The Books does thorough unit tracking and provides consistency sheets to ensure transparency. The server also frequently organizes $10K challenges, where they start with a set budget and bet the entire amount on a new pick every day. They even managed to hit a whopping 17-day win streak!

On top of all these, CTB has a very active and lively community with thousands of members eager to learn and help each other. You can talk with any of them about different sports on the dedicated chat channels and even talk about these with the cappers themselves. The server also hosts frequent giveaways and contests to give back as much as possible to the community.

Discipline Leads to Long-Term Success

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Discipline is a key virtue for every sports bettor. Yes, you may get lucky and profit short-term from the plays you’ll find at Cook The Books. But this won’t always happen. And when it doesn’t, your head needs to remain clear and in the game.

The way they achieve discipline is through constant education. Whether you’re a novice or an advanced bettor, there’s definitely something to learn at CTB. New bettors should start by familiarizing themselves with key betting terms and learning basic concepts, such as unit allocation and tracking and bankroll management

Then, there’s an in-depth guide on who you should tail based on your interest and betting style, as well as how many slips you should aim to play per day. The team also plans to release video tutorials for all educational content in the near future.

One key aspect of Cook The Books that you won’t find in most sports picks communities is the mentorship program. As soon as you join the server, you can request a one-on-one CTB Mentor, who will help you with anything you need, from questions about sports betting to issues navigating Discord and anything in between.

More experienced bettors will benefit incredibly from the toolbox you get as a CTB member. You’ll receive game projections and cheat sheets, along with trends analyses and all the stats and graphs you’ll need to create your own plays - and even start your own $10K challenge.

What You Get With Cook The Books

So, what can you expect to get with your CTB membership? Here’s a quick rundown of all the features and perks you’ll receive once you subscribe to Cook The Books:

  • Several plays every day
    Find tons of different picks on all sports and leagues. Different bet types include singles, parlays, bankroll builders, and lottos with huge potential.
  • Variety of cappers to choose from
    A large team of expert sports cappers and consultants, each one specializing in a specific league or sport. They put in several hours of research every day to come up with their picks.
  • Tons of educational material
    Essential questions about betting concepts and terminology answered, and plenty of tutorials and guides on everything surrounding sports betting.
  • 1-1 mentorship program
    Get your personal CTB mentor, who will help train you to become the best sports bettor you can be.
  • Many sports betting tools and resources
    Gain access to a bunch of cheat sheets, game projections, advanced stats, and analytics for every game to help you come up with your own picks.

Picking the Right Package

Cook The Books offers a few different payment plans to accommodate all its members. The standard membership comes out to $50, which seems like excellent value for money, considering how much content you get. 

If you want to commit long-term, there’s a 6-month plan for $249 and an annual plan for $449. Both will save you a bit of money compared to paying on a month-to-month basis. 

Alternatively, you can try out the free version of the server and see if it’s a good fit for you. Keep in mind you won’t get any free plays, but you’ll still be able to chat with other members.

Cook The Books - Let the Experts Cook and Follow their Plays

As we’ve already established, properly researching every sports bet that you place every day can take several hours. That’s why it’s better to let the pros at Cook The Books do the research and analysis for you, and you just tail their picks. 

👉Cook The Books will provide you with several insightful picks on a bunch of different sports to choose from every day. Become a community member today and utilize their plays, tools, and educational content to become a top-level sports bettor!