Sports betting enthusiasts swear by Positive Expected Value (+EV) betting as a long-term strategy. This strategy includes calculating the implied odds of a bet to hit and finding the highest sportsbook odds for it. However, pulling off this strategy takes a lot of time and effort.

That’s where Juiced Bets VIP comes in, to save you from all the hassle and provide you with insightful +EV daily picks. This Discord server is full of sharp cappers who research multiple sports every day to find the best value picks and offer them for all members to tail.

On top of that, the guys at Juiced Bets will teach you all the essentials of sports betting, as well as more advanced concepts for experienced members. If you’re thinking of jumping in, read our review of the Juiced Bets VIP sports picks community to see if it’s a good fit for you.

The Man Behind Juiced Bets


Let’s kick things off with the person who started it all for Juiced Bets VIP. Trevor is an online creator and entrepreneur who is constantly on the lookout for side hustles to earn more money for himself and his followers. One of his top gigs is running his own sports picks Discord server, Juiced Bets VIP.

Trevor established Juiced Bets a few years ago and has enjoyed great success, amassing a large community of thousands of members. Together with his team of cappers, they put in tons of research every day to find high-value plays on multiple sports so their members have a better chance at hitting and making profits.

Joining the Sports Betting Group

Juicedbets Discord

Once you join the Juiced Bets Discord group, you’ll find all the information you need to get started, including a guide on the server and an in-depth betting guide. This sports betting handbook explains all the essential concepts you need to understand, including different types of odds, available markets, and unique strategies.

The guide teaches you what Positive Expected Value (+EV) betting is and how Trevor and the Juiced Bets cappers use math and data to come up with their daily plays. You’ll also learn how much you need to wager on each play based on their unit system and other tips for proper bankroll management.

When you catch up with all the reading, you can jump into one of the VIP chat rooms, where all members discuss betting ideas, picks, and strategies with each other.

There’s also the “Recaps” section, where you’ll find extensive charts depicting the performance of each capper every month. This is essential to ensure transparency among the community and helps members know who’s running hotter during the current period.

High-Value Bets on All Sports

Now, let’s get into the meat of Juiced Bets – the actual bets. Trev and the other cappers provide several daily picks to ensure you get maximum value every day. Each of them specializes in one of multiple sports, with the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL being their go-to options. You’ll also find plays on tennis, soccer, college sports, golf, and eSports.

The picks are divided into DFS Slips, aimed at those playing on daily fantasy platforms, and Straight Bets, which you can find on most top sports betting apps. There’s also a dedicated channel for Arbitrage, a betting strategy the team heavily utilizes.

EV Discord

Another important part of Juiced Bets VIP is their +EV Bots. These betting algorithms basically do all the work the cappers do automatically. They track all popular sportsbooks for +EV bet opportunities and create automated alerts, including the proper wagering amount, for all members to tail.

There are dedicated bots for both mainline bets, as well as player prop bets, and there are even ones for each individual sport. You can also find other Discord bots on the server, including one for NBA injury reports.

What You Get With Juiced Bets VIP

Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed by all the information Juiced Bets provides. Once you start playing around and learning, you’ll be an expert in +EV betting in no time. Here’s a quick summary of all the features the Juiced Bets Discord server offers.

  • Daily +EV picks
    Multiple plays every day, both human-generated and from +EV Bots, for every single sport
  • Variety of cappers and sports
    Several cappers, including Trevor, give you their daily picks on sports like the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Golf, and eSports
  • Extensive tracking
    Every bet from each capper is tracked, and the group provides monthly charts with everyone’s performance for the community to see
  • In-depth sports betting education
    The server offers thorough guides to help both newcomers and veterans learn something new about sports betting
  • Large active community
    Thousands of members who discuss sports betting every day, learn together, and have fun

How Often You Need to Pay

juicedbets whop

The great thing about Juiced Bets is that they offer the entire Discord server with all the guides and daily picks for a single VIP membership. You just need to figure out what pricing plan works best for you. There’s the standard monthly plan for $49.99, and you can also choose to pay $29.99 biweekly, or $449.99 annually.

These prices seem like great value for money, considering you get dozens of picks every day from the Juiced Bets team, as well as the Discord bots. Plus, Juiced Bets VIP is a Whop Verified Discord community, a title only reserved for the top brands on the marketplace that offer premium services.

Juiced Bets VIP – Start Betting Using Math and Data

As you can see, Trevor and the Juiced Bets team believe you only need math and data-driven +EV bets to become a successful bettor. It’s a long-term strategy that requires consistency, discipline, and might not work out for everyone. But, it’s still one of the only ways anyone can hope of potentially becoming profitable in sports betting.

Join Juiced Bets VIP on the Whop marketplace today and let Trevor and his team guide you to the top! And remember, you’re not alone in this journey. There are thousands of aspiring bettors on the Juiced Bets Discord server who all share similar goals with you and hope to make it in the sports betting world!