The world of sports betting is full of numbers and stats, and it takes a trained eye to spot the true value bets. That’s what the team at Exclusive Analytics hopes to achieve, employing a number of expert sports cappers and utilizing betting algorithms to come up with daily value plays.

The Exclusive Analytics sports picks community has established itself in the betting world for its insightful picks and excellent integration of algorithms. The group posts daily plays on all major sports, with an emphasis on player props, but also gives out main market plays and parlays.

You can find both algorithm-generated picks and plays from the team's analysts, each one specializing in one sport or league. On top of that, the Discord server has a ton of useful material on fundamental betting strategies and the mentality you need to follow.

Ready to jump into the analytics world? Join us in our Exclusive Analytics review, as we take a thorough look at this sports picks Discord server, what it offers, and how much it’ll cost you to become a member.

Why Join Exclusive Analytics?


So, what is it that makes Exclusive Analytics stand out among other sports picks groups? It’s really more of a combination of things rather than one standout feature. The server provides several daily plays for VIP members in many different sports, with the NBA and NFL being the primary ones.

Many of the team’s cappers specialize in player prop bets for platforms like PrizePicks, but they’ll also provide the so-called main market picks, like moneyline and over/under bets. You can also find the occasional parlay slip, which is much riskier but has the potential for larger payouts.

Another great aspect of Exclusive Analytics is they’re a Whop Verified sports picks community. This means they’ve passed all of Whop’s rigorous criteria and offer top-level services for all customers. The Whop Verified badge is only saved for the best communities on the marketplace and can’t be bought.

Despite its relatively young age, Exclusive Analytics has developed a huge community with 35,000+ active members. Their Discord server is full of fun and friendly individuals who chat with each other in the different VIP chatting channels and even give out their own pick suggestions.

You can also utilize one-on-one consultations within the Discord server, where you can ask any question you want, regardless of how entry-level it may be.

Expert Picks Based on Analytics

As their name suggests, Exclusive Analytics greatly emphasizes numbers, statistics, and other relevant analytics to their picks. The team of expert cappers thoroughly researches all statistics and analytics for every match every day before trying to find the best value plays for the day.

They present their picks with an in-depth analysis, showing their thought process and explaining the numbers behind them. This way, both new players and veterans can fully understand the reasoning for every play, and it also helps them potentially come up with their own similar picks in the future.

exclusive analytics discord

Exclusive Analytics values transparency, which is why the community has an extensive results-tracking system and frequently posts updates throughout the month. You can find all the information you need regarding how many units the group is up or down, as well as things like their win percentage and ROI (Return On Investment).

Speaking of units, it’s important for every new member to take a thorough look at the educational content Exclusive Analytics offers. You can learn a lot about the essentials of sports betting, how to decide on your unit size, and how to manage your bankroll properly. There are also a few very useful research links if you want to look up player stats for yourself. 

Apart from excellent picks by its sports analysts, Exclusive Analytics also employs betting algorithms to provide plays. The team has thoroughly trained its algorithm and fed it with years’ worth of stats and analytics to come up with the best plays that have an advantage over sportsbook odds.

What You Get With Exclusive Analytics

Your Exclusive Analytics membership comes with a ton of features that you can utilize for your plays. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect to get once you join the Discord server:

  • Daily sports plays 
    Including main market picks, player props, and parlays on major American sports, such as the NFL and NBA.
  • Algorithm picks 
    A variety of plays every day from the server’s betting algorithm, which has been meticulously trained and is constantly evolving.
  • Team of professional analysts 
    Several sports analysts, who provide picks and plays based on their own approach using advanced stats and analytics.
  • Educational material
    Lots of useful material on the fundamentals of sports betting, as well as dedicated links for researching picks and plays.
  • Active community 
    A blossoming sports community with over 35K members and more than 350 5-star reviews on Whop.

Picking the Right Package

exclusive analytics packages

Compared to other sports picks communities, which have multiple membership tiers with different perks, Exclusive Analytics keeps things relatively simple. There’s just a single membership that includes complete access to the entire Discord server and a few payment plans to choose from.

The standard monthly plan comes out to $59.99 and seems like great value for money, considering the amount of content and picks you get. If you’re not ready to commit yet, you can try out the server for three days for $14.99 or pay a weekly membership for $19.99. 

If you’re sure that you’re in it for the long run, the lifetime membership will set you back $749.99. It might seem like a lot at first glance, but it’s essentially paying the monthly fee for a little over a year to gain permanent access.

Exclusive Analytics - Join for Daily Insightful Sports Picks

At the end of the day, what makes Exclusive Analytics stand out is its unique approach to sports picks.

Every member gets access to both algorithm picks and plays from the analysts daily, which means you can choose which fits your style best. Just remember to remain disciplined and follow every play diligently to benefit from the long-term margins the group can achieve.

Join Exclusive Analytics today and utilize the group’s resources to place more educated bets. Become a member of a huge community of aspiring sports bettors who all have fun and beat the books together!