Some sports picks Discord servers are run by one capper alone. However, few Discord servers can match the breadth of sports coverage provided by The Cappers Collective.

Let’s explore in-depth to show you all of the important features of The Cappers Collective.

How it Started


The owners of the Discord, WeHitThose and Bayonet, met on Twitter. Each had their own Discord and became Contributors on each other’s Discord. Eventually, WeHitThose brought up the idea of combining forces to create a more powerful community that could sustain more experts to provide more value to subscribers. Hence the name: The Cappers Collective.

Many of the group’s cappers had successful track records for many years and their own Discords prior to joining The Cappers Collective. Since its inception, The Cappers Collective has enjoyed great success with some impressive hits upwards of +95000 odds ($5 to win $5,000.00!).

While there's no guarantee of hitting such long odds parlay daily, The Cappers Collective will provide you that opportunity, along with shorter odds parlays and straights to sustain you through your betting journey. 

Entering The Cappers Collective Discord Server

When you join The Cappers Collective Discord server, you’ll first find the “Home Tab” section several channels for new members. These include the “Announcements” and “Calendar” channels, where you can learn more about important events within the server.

You should check out the commonly asked questions to ensure you understand how the server works and enable notifications for the cappers you’re interested in. You can find out how each capper performs through the “Daily Recaps” channel. In addition, The Cappers Collective publishes a monthly excel spreadsheet that tracks how many units each capper won or lost for the month. While past performance is no guarantee of future performance, on average, The Cappers Collective has won our subscribers just over +200 units per month for the past 6 months. .

What's more, the community at The Cappers Collective is vibrant. It's full of aspiring sports bettors who love to discuss their favorite bets, sports and teams. There are dedicated chat channels for every sport imaginable, chats for daily fantasy platforms, and channels for posting your winning slips and bad beats.

The Discord server also has some very useful guides on essential betting concepts. You can learn basic terminology, as well as how to exercise proper bankroll management. The latter is particularly important, as all cappers include how many units you should wager on each bet to avoid huge losses and have better chances of being profitable in the long run.

Sports Cappers Galore

The one feature that distinguishes The Cappers Collective rom other Discords is its emphasis on letting experts be experts. You would not want a brain surgeon operate on your heart. Likewise, unless a single capper is a computer, it is not possible to cover many sports while doing this solo. So, with 18+ skilled cappers, The Cappers Collective can provide broad coverage without sacrificing quality. Every capper specializes in one sport or a few and can provide excellent coverage.

Depending on which cappers you choose to follow, you can get picks for all major American leagues, including the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. The server also offers picks for soccer, tennis, UFC, golf, college sports, and even Korean Baseball (KBO).

Most cappers prefer single bets, but some offer high-value parlay bets and lottos. You can choose among several types of bets, including moneyline picks, over/under bets, and spreads. Some cappers prefer to study player stats to come up with the best player prop bets for daily fantasy platforms.

Of course, all the picks at The Cappers Collective are fully analyzed and come with unit suggestions based on the group’s bankroll management strategy. All bets and units are thoroughly tracked and published monthly to all subscribers.

What You Get With The Cappers Collective

For all that’s good about it, The Cappers Collective Discord server can feel slightly overwhelming when you first join. So here’s a quick overview of all the important features you can find in the community.

  • Dozens of daily picks
    Access to an abundance of sports picks, including all main market plays, props, parlays, lottos, and future bets.
  • Extensive sports coverage
    Full coverage of all major American leagues, college sports, soccer, golf, tennis, UFC, and KBO
  • Huge variety of cappers
    More than 18 veteran cappers, each one specializing in one or more sports, posting daily plays on their dedicated channel
  • Fun and active community
    Over 20K members from around the world chatting about their favorite sports and sharing betting ideas and slips
  • Helpful sports betting guides
    Several guides about key betting terms and strategies to help everyone become better sports bettors
  • Games and Prizes
    Monthly events include trivia prizes, subranking prizes, community parlays, and cash giveaways.

Membership Cost

cappers membership

Most sports picks communities require multiple memberships to access all their picks. However, that’s not the case with The Cappers Collective. A single subscription gets you access to the entire Discord server.

What’s even better is this membership is extremely affordable at just $30 a month. That’s literally less than $1 a day throughout a whole year. You get extremely good value for your money, as you instantly unlock dozens of picks from several successful cappers on a bunch of sports.

The Cappers Collective – Find a Capper for Every Sport

It should be clear by now that there’s no other community like The Cappers Collective. You won’t really find a combination of so many skilled cappers gathered in a single community – especially at such a low price point.

The value you get here is immense, considering every single capper puts in a lot of effort to research and come up with plays every day. On top of that, the community within the Discord server is very active, so you can get to know many bettors with similar interests.

If you’re looking for the ultimate sports community, The Cappers Collective might be your next home. The community members and cappers will welcome you with open arms and help you become a top sports bettor!