Have you ever sat down in a bar with friends watching a sports event, having fun, and placing some bets? That’s exactly what Beer Money Picks wants to provide for every sports enthusiast – a fun and exciting place to meet with fellow enthusiasts, find and place insightful bets, and have a good time doing so!

At Beer Money Picks, you can choose between multiple daily plays from the group’s expert cappers. The community uploads plays for a variety of sports, with the main ones being the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB.

What makes Beer Money Picks stand out is the laid-back and fun atmosphere among both members and cappers. Everyone is welcome to crack a joke and have fun with each other, but it doesn’t take away from how much work each capper puts into their daily plays.

Is the next round on you? Then join us in our Beer Money Picks review, where we check out how this unique sports picks community operates and what you can expect to get with your membership.

Why Join Beer Money Picks?

So, what exactly does Beer Money Picks have to offer? It all starts with several insightful plays every day on different sports. The group doesn’t specialize in a particular type of bet, and you’ll find different single picks - like moneyline bets, spreads, and totals, as well as parlays with player prop bets.

The plays at Beer Money Picks come from a highly curated team of expert analysts and sports cappers. They work tirelessly every day to come up with the best value plays and post them on the Discord server for every member to tail. The guys also include an in-depth analysis of their thought process, as well as relevant stats and info with every pick they provide.

Arguably, the most highly-coveted aspect of Beer Money Picks is its vibrant community. The purpose of the Discord server is to emulate a bustling bar where members chat, share jokes, and have fun with each other. That’s how the community has gathered thousands of members and hundreds of positive reviews on Whop.

The group even has a dedicated place for members to post their own slips for anyone to tail them. They also frequently organize watch parties when major sports events are live, and every member is automatically entered into all giveaways hosted by Beer Money Picks.

Welcome to the Bar

beer money discord

Once you become a Beer Money Picks member and enter the bar, you’ll be met with the server rules you should adhere to if you want to maintain your membership. Then, you’ll come across the bankroll management section, arguably the most important channel for newcomers. 

There, you’ll learn everything from how to determine your total bankroll, to what unit size you need to set, and how much to bet on each play based on the confidence level.

Another important section is the dedicated sports capper channels. Every team member has their own channel on Discord, making it easier to track their plays. It also allows them to express themselves in their own style and present their picks with in-depth analysis and proper unit allocation.

There’s also a tracking channel with an automated bet tracker, which monitors every single play each capper puts out and compiles public reports on their wins, losses, and current form daily. Then there’s the live betting channel, where all the in-play action happens, and you can find some great value picks for events as they happen.

Finally, all members have access to specific betting tools that provide them with player information and stats from well-known databases. Their purpose is to give each member the resources necessary to come up with their own plays, which they can then post on the server and discuss with other members.

What You Get With Beer Money Picks

Here’s what you can expect to receive once you become a Beer Money Picks member and enter the bar:

  • Multiple daily picks 
    Daily picks including moneyline bets, spreads, and parlays in a wide variety of sports, like the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL.
  • Large team of cappers 
    Each capper specializes in a specific sport or league and has a dedicated channel to tail them easily.
  • Live betting channel
    A dedicated section for in-play bets by both cappers and members for additional fun as the games are going on.
  • Thorough tracking system
    A system that monitors every bet placed by each capper and publicly keeps track of their results and unit profits/losses.
  • Active members area
    A members area with different channels to discuss every sport, share jokes and memes, and have fun in general.

Picking the Right Package

beer money picks packages

Beer Money Picks offers a single membership package that includes access to the entire Discord server, as well as participation in all giveaways. To make things easier for all members, it provides a few different options regarding payment frequency.

The standard monthly package will set you back $40, and you can save a lot by opting for a two-month or three-month membership for $60 and $100, respectively. There’s also a weekly package for $14.99 or a biweekly subscription for $25 if you’re only interested in Beer Money Picks for a short period.

Prices seem like a good value for money considering the hundreds of positive reviews and Whop Verified status, which is reserved for only the top sports picks Discord servers. Then again, the purpose of the server is to play for a chance to win “beer money”, so it primarily targets bettors with lower bankrolls.

Beer Money Picks: Join the Expert Sports-tenders and Take Your Betting to the Next Level

Beer Money Picks is definitely one of the most unique sports picks communities on Whop. While other similar groups are very serious about crunching numbers and providing maximum value, the guys at Beer Money Picks like to enjoy the ride. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean they don’t take their job seriously – far from it. They respect that people want a shot at making a bit of extra money and do their best to provide them with insightful picks and teach everyone how to bet properly.

Join Beer Money Picks on the Whop marketplace today if you enjoy sporting with friends and have some well-researched sports picks on the side. Become a member of a fun and exciting community full of enthusiastic sports fans who just want to buy a few extra shots for everyone. Cheers!