Success in the sports betting market doesn't just rely on hitting a few plays. You need to understand how the odds and lines move and be consistent and disciplined in your game. You can try to learn all these things by yourself, or, you can join a top sports picks community like Defy The Odds and let the experts help you figure things out.

Defy The Odds (DTO) was created as a one-stop solution for any sports bettor looking to improve the game. The community’s founder, Zay, has been in the market for many years and knows what it takes to become a successful and profitable bettor.

Together with his team of veteran sports consultants, they tackle a bunch of different sports to find the best opportunities for value plays. They also share their knowledge and experience on betting as a whole and thoroughly track all their wins and losses, as they believe in transparency with their members.

Interested in defying the odds yourself? Then let’s dive into our Defy The Odds review, where we take an in-depth look into this sports picks Discord server to see what it’s all about. We’ll also discuss what features you can expect to receive when you become a member.

How Zay Formed Defy The Odds


The story of Defy The Odds begins with its founder, Zay (aka ZAYYYTHEGOAT), who has been an active sports bettor for years, sharing his picks on social media. He primarily focuses on the NBA, NFL, and WNBA, but you’ll often see him putting out plays on other sports he finds value in. 

He wanted to take things a step further, which led him to create his first sports picks community 'Clicky Clicky'. The group was successful and began to evolve, adding more and more expert cappers, such as ParlayBae and HabibiPicks. Eventually, the community was rebranded as Defy The Odds, and has become even more popular.

Joining the Discord Server

defy the odds discord

When you jump into the Defy The Odds Discord server, you’ll first find a section outlining where to find the house rules, and how the server operates. Zay states that they take these rules very seriously, so make sure you’ve read them, and then choose the consultants that you want to follow. If you’re not sure who to tail, just look around their channels to get a grasp of their betting style and see if it suits your own.

Despite the group’s namesake, the sports consultants at Defy The Odds don’t consider themselves risk-takers or gamblers. They focus their efforts on researching all sports events every day, calculating the probability of certain events, and comparing them to sportsbook odds to find discrepancies.

That’s how they’re able to find high-value bets and post them on their Discord server for all members to tail. These bets include moneyline picks, spreads, over/under bets, and player props on a bunch of mainstream and less popular leagues.

The community itself is another huge aspect of the Defy The Odds Discord server. The fact that there are so many different talking channels for every sport encourages members to participate actively and talk about their interests. Plus, all of this is conducted in a friendly and respectful manner, since everyone follows the same rules.

Resources and Tools

Other than the excellent and well-researched sports picks, the DTO team places great emphasis on proper education. Even the “New Members” section gives beginner tips and encourages you to read the Unit Betting Guide. Understanding how unit betting works and implementing it into your game is essential for proper bankroll management so you can have the maximum chance to make profits when you hit.

The server also has a bunch of tools and bots you can use to research for your own plays. These are primarily Props Cash bots that provide info on player stats to pick up trends for player prop bets. There’s also a bot that updates members when odds or lines change on different sportsbooks.

dto zay

Transparency is a key aspect at DTO - all consultants want to track their bets thoroughly. This helps them have a better idea of how they are performing and also lets all members know who’s running hot at the moment.

There’s a dedicated “Recaps” channel for every consultant, where they post their weekly bets, including which ones hit and which ones missed. They may also provide some comments on their performance and how many units they are up or down.

What You Get With Defy The Odds

Here’s a quick summary of all the important features you get as a member of Defy The Odds.

  • Daily plays on multiple sports
    Several slips every day, including main market plays and prop bets, from leagues like the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL 
  • Wide variety of sports consultants
    Large team of veteran consultants and researchers, each with their own channel where they present their plays with in-depth analyses
  • Educational material and research tools
    Guides and tips on essential betting concepts, as well as useful tools and bots for researching player stats
  • Extensive bet tracking
    Thorough tracking system from every consultant, including their won and lost bets and profit/loss for each week
  • VIP member perks
    Benefits for all VIP members, including weekly and monthly giveaways and premium support

Pick the Best Plan for You

defy the odds plans

The DTO Discord server with all its features and perks is available to every member who purchases a subscription on Whop. All you need to do is choose which tier you want to buy, which basically depends on how often you want to pay.

The standard Monthly package comes out to $50, which is great value considering the number of sports consultants and picks that the server offers. Then there’s the Weekly package for $20 if you want more flexibility. But, if you want to commit for a longer period, the Platinum tier for six months goes for $250 and will save you $50 in the long run.

Defy The Odds – A Complete Sports Betting Solution

Defy The Odds is as close to a complete package as you’re going to get, especially for the price they ask. The server includes highly curated daily picks on every sport imaginable from top consultants who’ve been in the market for years. Also, all of them track their results to ensure transparency and are willing to help out every new member and answer any question.

Join Defy The Odds on the Whop marketplace today and find your next sports betting home. Become a member of an active community full of aspiring individuals looking to improve their game and have fun doing so.