So you’re into NBA betting but can’t seem to get a winning streak going. One day, you’re hitting multiple slips; the following days, you’re missing spreads and over/under bets by just one or a few points. Honestly, we’ve all been there, and it’s actually what makes the league so fascinating in the first place – a team may look like title contenders one day and like they belong at the bottom of the table the next.

Nevertheless, there are many NBA sports bettors who successfully find excellent picks on a daily basis. Their picks may not always hit, but in the long term, these guys are making a profit from betting on the league. So, where can you find them? On the best NBA picks Discord servers, of course!

NBA picks communities are the go-to place for any bettor looking to improve their game and strive to become profitable. Several experienced bettors create Discord servers full of aspiring bettors connected to each other through their love for their favorite sport (in this case, the NBA).

Join us in our in-depth discussion surrounding these Discords, how they operate, and whether you should consider joining one. We’ll also provide a list of the best Discord communities for NBA plays you can find on Whop today!

NBA Betting Discord Servers – What They Are & How They Operate

Before we dive into our list of communities, let’s get some essentials out of the way. These servers, which are offering NBA betting advice, have exploded over the past few years. More and more people are looking for an expert’s opinion to help them place the right bets, and veteran bettors have capitalized on this demand.

They’ve formed teams and created huge communities centered around providing expert picks, usually through paid subscriptions. These massive communities hang out on platforms like Discord, where they discuss and analyze upcoming games and give out their best betting tips and plays.

Naturally, not every single pick will be successful, regardless of how thoroughly it’s been analyzed. So, some of the best communities hold detailed records of all their picks, how much they bet on each one, and their profits or losses. This helps with transparency and allows members to always know whether the community is profitable or not.

Another key aspect of these Discord servers is their eagerness to help out everyone. No matter your level and experience, you’ll find helpful resources and material to master sports betting. This includes top betting strategies and how to properly manage your bankroll so you don’t run out of funds to bet with.

🏆 Whop’s Premier NBA Picks Discord Servers

Now that you have a better idea of how these work and what to look for when you choose one, it’s time to get into the main course – the list of the top 13 NBA picks Discord servers.

🥇 #1. SecuredPicks

secured picks NBA picks

Kicking (or, in this case, “shooting”) things off is SecuredPicks, one of the best NBA picks communities around. The SecuredPicks team consists of multiple cappers, each one specializing in a specific sport or league. In addition to daily top NBA bets, you’ll also find plays from the NFL, MLB, and NHL, among others. 

You can expect about five to eight slips early every morning so you have enough time to place them. The team works all day to find even more value plays and help each and every member out with anything they want. All these picks are thoroughly studied, and all parameters and statistics are presented when a play is posted on the Discord server.

Apart from their excellent picks, SecuredPicks teaches players concepts like bankroll management and betting strategies. They’ll also help anyone who wants to learn how to analyze plays and find great betting opportunities, just like they do.

SecuredPicks has built a friendly and helpful community filled with aspiring bettors looking to aid each other in becoming profitable. This is proven by more than 1,500 positive reviews on Whop praising the team for their picks and accountability. Everyone’s happy to chat with each other, answer any questions, and provide insight into more advanced sports betting concepts.

Pricing: SecuredPicks offers different pricing plans, including a weekly pass for $15, a monthly subscription for $35, and lifetime access for $444. There’s also free access to the community and one free slip daily if you want to test out their services before committing. 

If you want a more in-depth look into all aspects of sports betting, Tyson, the owner of SecuredPicks, has compiled a full mentorship program, which you can get for which you can get when you purchase the lifetime membership.

Check out SecuredPicks here to learn more about how they operate

#2. Titan Picks

titan picks

Titan Picks is a sports picks community that relies on quality instead of quantity and focuses on player prop bets from the NBA, as well as other sports and leagues. The team consists of several expert analysts and researchers who work diligently every day to come up with insightful picks.

At Titan Picks, you’ll get between five and eight slips daily, some posted early in the morning, while others released late at night. This is to ensure every member has a chance to bet them regardless of their time zone.

Every pick goes through extensive research to ensure each parameter is accounted for. That’s how the team maintains some impressive win rate percentages, and it’s obviously one of the community’s strong points. Just keep in mind there’s no surefire pick, and you shouldn’t expect to hit everything you play.

The community at Titan Picks is also very positive and friendly towards both new and experienced members. Novice bettors, in particular, can learn a lot from other members and find out what unique strategies the experts utilize in their plays.

Pricing: To get full access to Titan Picks, including all their daily plays, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription of $65. There’s also a one-time payment of $250 for lifetime access, which will save you significant money if you’re in it for the long run.

Check out how Titan Picks operates here.

#3. Smackers

Smackers is one of the latest additions to the Whop marketplace and has already made an impact with dozens of five-star reviews. This sports picks community led by veteran capper DeeIsKey has recently enjoyed a lot of success through its well-researched NBA picks, attracting hundreds of members.

The community is built to support both new and seasoned bettors. Novice players can utilize the advice and tips from the group’s cappers on how to tackle sports betting and manage their bankroll. Advanced bettors, on the other hand, get access to high-value plays, experience, and knowledge from Dee, who’s been in the game for many years.

The Discord server focuses on the NBA, but you can also find occasional plays on other sports and leagues. Dee and his team of four mods put in tons of effort every day to find the best plays and post them on the server.

They provide a mix of straight main market plays and tons of player props. Every bet comes with an in-depth analysis and all the relevant stats and data that helped decide it. And, of course, you’ll also get a recommendation on how much to wager to have a better chance of remaining in the green.

Pricing: The Smackers subscription comes at a decent price of $35 per month or $15 weekly. You can also opt for the lifetime package for $400, which is less than paying for an annual membership. There’s also free access to part of the Discord server, although you won’t get any of the premium picks.

Learn more about the Smackers here.

#4. Elevate Picks


Elevate Picks is a dedicated NBA picks Discord server that provides multiple daily basketball picks. Even though the platform was only recently established, it has gathered a respectable number of members and followers on Whop and social media, respectively.

This following can be attributed to the team’s expert cappers, who have joined forces to find the best value bets every single day. These experts have been betting on the NBA for several years, and they’ve basically seen it all. Through their daily research, they’re able to provide between four and eight high-confidence plays, all of which are given out early to ensure you get the best lines and odds.

Whenever they post a play, the experts at Elevate Picks pair it with an in-depth analysis of their entire thought process. This includes indicators, stats, and all other parameters that made them believe it’s a high-value pick. Through this approach, all members are able to comprehend how these picks are made, and they can use a similar methodology to come up with their own plays.

Pricing: Elevate Picks offers a relatively affordable membership of just $30 a month for access to the entire Discord server. This makes sense, considering they’re somewhat new in the sports betting market, but don’t let that take away from the huge value they offer. 

There’s also a lifetime package for $180, which is basically like paying for six months of access. Or, you can get the free access package, which also comes with one free pick every day.

Learn more about Elevate Picks here.

#5. NoHeziSlips


NoHeziSlips promises to become your one-stop shop for all your NBA bets. Whether you’re looking for solid straight bets, well-researched props, or crazy parlays and lottos, NoHeziSlips has you covered.

The community has been around for a few years now and has gathered 6K+ members and a bunch of veteran cappers for multiple sports. While the group specializes in the NBA and college basketball, you’ll also find picks for other major American leagues and less popular sports.

Each play comes with a full analysis of the thought process behind it, as well as unit suggestions for proper bankroll management. In fact, the group has dedicated guides and tips on how to manage your bankroll, an especially useful feature for newcomers. The community even has a one-on-one mentorship program to ensure all members get a premium experience.

On top of all the excellent plays, NoHeziSlips is also a very active Discord server where members chat about anything they want. You can also participate in the group’s giveaways for a chance at awesome prizes.

Pricing: You can unlock all the features of NoHeziSlips with a single membership that costs $25 a month. You can also choose the weekly subscription for $12.50 or the six-month membership for $125. There’s even a lifetime package for $999 for those looking to commit to the server.

Learn more about NoHeziSlips here.

#6. KazuPicks

kazu picks NBA picks

Ever heard of people getting banned from one sportsbook for winning too much? What about using multiple betting platforms to make huge profits? That’s exactly the story of the KazuPicks team. KazuPicks is a server full of expert bettors with extremely high success rates that even the best sports betting apps can’t handle.

The team behind KazuPicks strives to provide everyone with their knowledge and research methods on top of plays that win consistently. While primarily focusing on the NBA, the KazuPicks team comes up with plays for the NFL and MLB, among others. All their picks are thoroughly analyzed by the experts, and they also utilize algorithms to provide even better plays.

The KazuPicks community is very active on their Discord server, and all subscribers get access to the members' chat, where they can discuss among themselves and the KazuPicks experts. The Discord server often hosts giveaways and events where all members can participate and have a good time.

Pricing: Entering the KazuPicks community comes at a relatively affordable price of $30 every month.  You can also choose a two-month or three-month plan for $50 and $70 respectively. There’s also a weekly pass for $15 to test out their premium picks. Or, you can just get free access to the giveaways and free daily plays the KazuPicks team provides. Finally, loyal members can get a lifetime membership for $200.

Find out more about the KazuPicks community here

#7. GCJ Picks

GCJ Picks is the collective effort of several expert sports cappers who joined forces to create a one-stop-shop for all aspiring bettors wishing to improve their game. The team includes a bunch of successful bettors with years of experience and proven track records, each one specializing in a particular sport or league.

Every day, you’ll receive several different NBA picks, as well as plays in other popular sports. All these plays are handpicked by the group’s experts in collaboration with the excellent machine learning software they can access. In fact, they have dedicated models for all different bet types, including player props, moneyline bets, and spreads, among others.

Apart from expert plays, GCJ Picks wants to help educate bettors of all levels and help them reach the top. They’ve developed a bunch of unique guides on essential sports betting concepts, as well as more advanced strategies for more experienced members.

The group’s success over the years has gathered a huge community of thousands of members, all of whom gather on the team’s dedicated Discord server. There, they engage with each other and talk about their experiences as well as strategies and plays.

Pricing: To join GCJ Picks and gain access to all its features, you just need to pay a monthly membership of $50. This will get you all their daily picks, as well as their sports betting guides to help elevate your game.

Find out more about the GCJ Picks here.

#8. Prop The Mic

prop the mic

Prop The Mic is a no-nonsense community of true sports betting experts. The cappers at PTM have been in the game for years and know the intricacies behind important sports plays. The Prop The Mic Discord server was built a few years back to help newcomers become the next generation of expert sports cappers.

The PTM team has a unique approach to sports betting. They solely rely on their research and analysis for every pick, so they only cover a few sports, including the NBA, WNBA, and NFL. Behind every play, there’s tons of research and study on stats and player data, so they can be certain their plays are good value.

And they don’t just post these picks with no explanation. They go in-depth into their thought process and analysis to ensure all members understand the research process. The group even puts out cheatsheets to help members come up with their own straight bets and parlays.

Whenever there are many games going on, PTM will provide tips and advice on live bets if you want some extra action. The team also runs an exclusive podcast where members can ask any questions they want and receive detailed answers from the experts.

Pricing: With all the features and collective experience of the Prop The Mic team, you’d expect them to have a pretty expensive membership. However, the monthly subscription costs just $30, which is great value considering the insights and number of expert picks you receive. And you can also save a bit by choosing the three-month plan for $70 or the six-month plan for $130.

Check out Prop The Mic here

#9. Sharpe Locks


While most sports picks Discord servers rely on multiple cappers and offer tons of plays, Sharpe Locks is a true one-man show. Sharpe has been a sports bettor for many years and has achieved the highest of highs with very minimal risk. Now, he runs his own community and shares his plays and experience with all members.

At Sharpe Locks, you can expect to find between 5 and 10 daily plays, all of which are very well-researched. Sharpe even utilizes AI to enhance his analysis and provide even more concrete picks. And, you’ll get all plays first thing in the morning, so all members can capitalize on them. Sharpe primarily focuses on the NBA but also has occasional picks from the NFL, CFB, CBB, and NHL.

The community at Sharpe Locks consists of more than 10,000 active members, and you can freely chat with anyone about your favorite sports and plays. Sharpe spends a lot of time on the Discord server as well, and you can also find him through his DMs, which are open to anyone.

Pricing: Another benefit of Sharpe Locks is the low entry barrier. It only costs around $20 a month to become a member of the community, or you can spend $100 for lifetime access. Considering the value and number of daily plays you get, it’s a very good price for anyone on a lower budget. You can also access a part of the server for free, so you can see if it fits your needs.

Check out Sharpe Locks here.

#10. ShowtimeSportsLounge

showtime sports nba picks

ShowtimeSportsLounge is a sports picks Discord server created by veteran player prop analysts who wanted to provide players with consistently profitable props every day. The team consists of five analysts, each one specializing in one sport. These sports include the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and even more.

ShowtimeSportsLoungeLLC specializes in player props, and you’ll get between six and ten daily picks on different sports. Each pick has been thoroughly researched and analyzed, and the server boasts an impressive hit rate of around 80%. You’ll also get a few moneyline bets and other bet types if you’re not a huge fan of player props.

The community built around ShowtimeSportsLounge is very healthy, and everyone is ready to help anyone out with whatever issues they may have. Also, community members and the cappers will guide you through different betting strategies and how to track your units and manage bankroll to aim for long-term profitability.

Pricing: ShowtimeSportsLounge has a few different membership plans for VIP access to all daily plays. Of course, you can choose to access the Discord community for free, but you’ll be limited to a few free picks. 

VIP memberships go for around $15 a week, $25 every two weeks, and $35 every month. The best value, though, is in the lifetime package for $300, which is less than one year of monthly subscription.

Check out the ShowtimeSportsLounge here

#11. 99 Proplems

99 problems nba picks

What do stock trading and sports betting have in common? Apparently, much more than we think, according to the 99 Proplems NBA picks community. What started out as a bunch of money managers getting into sports betting has turned into a flourishing server full of NBA betting tips and plays.

99 Proplems specializes in NBA prop bets, but you’ll also find some NFL plays on their server. They utilize an in-house projection system they used for stock trading to come up with very accurate plays. In fact, they’re very transparent with their numbers, exceeding a 60% hit rate and profiting for more than 100 units during the past two seasons.

Since its creation, the 99 Proplems Discord server has amassed 500+ members and plenty of 5-star reviews on Whop. They’re also very helpful towards all members and eager to share their knowledge and experience of sports betting.

Pricing: 99 Proplems has two different membership plans: Gold Access and Platinum Access. Gold members get all daily plays, as well as bonus plays that include huge parlays with the potential for massive profits. 

Platinum members get all the aforementioned plus access to their invaluable projection system, which they use to determine all their picks. Membership costs are around $10 a week or $30 a month for Gold Access and around $20 a week or $50 a month for Platinum Access.

Learn more about 99 Proplems

#12. Beat The Books

beatthebooks nba picks

Being one of the largest sports betting communities on Whop, Beat The Books couldn’t possibly be missing from our list. Beat The Books is a team of ten sports betting experts, each one having years of experience in a specific sport. You’ll find picks for NBA games on a daily basis, as well as other sports, such as NFL, NHL, MLB, soccer, and many more.

All picks provided by Beat The Books are deeply analyzed by experts who are looking at trends and statistics to determine which picks have positive value. Their results are tracked every day, so you always know how everyone is performing.

The Beat The Books Discord community consists of thousands of members, and everyone is free to chat with each other, as well as the cappers themselves. On top of that, the server offers constant support for all members, including one-on-one conversations with dedicated reps to help you take your first steps.

Pricing: To become a member at Beat The Books, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription of around $50. There are also options for bi-weekly charges of $30 or an annual subscription of around $500. The latter will ensure you won’t have to worry about any payments for a whole year.

Read more about Beat The Books in our review here or join the community here

#13. ParlayScience


As their name suggests, ParlayScience is a team of veteran sports bettors looking for the best parlay bets with the highest possible chance to hit. Of course, this doesn’t mean they hit every single one of them. But when they do, the winnings are usually more than enough to cover their losses and make a profit.

Even though parlays are generally way riskier than single bets, the ParlayScience team does its best to reduce the risk as much as possible through in-depth analysis and data. You’ll find different types of parlay bets on all major sports, including the NBA (of course), NFL, MLB, and NHL.

The ParlayScience Discord community consists of 5,000+ like-minded sports bettors who enjoy discussing their strategies and helping each other out. The community also hosts plenty of unique giveaways that have you predicting the outcomes of games and winning rewards.

Pricing: ParlayScience gives you plenty of options for purchasing a membership for their Discord server. There’s always the classic monthly option for $40, or you can choose a bi-weekly or quarterly subscription for $25 and $100, respectively. Finally, there’s the annual subscription for $400, although you don’t get any additional benefits compared to paying quarterly, and both cost the same.

Find out more about ParlayScience here

Picking the Right Discord Community for You

So you’ve decided to take a leap of faith and try out an NBA picks community. But you don’t know which one will fit your needs better. You should start by answering the following questions about yourself:

Question 1: What type of bets am I looking for? 

Are you more of a single-bet or parlay person? Both come with their own pros and cons. Perhaps you want to specialize in a specific bet type, like prop bets

There are several servers out there with experts on player props, which utilize tons of statistics and external factors to come up with the best picks for every NBA night.

Question 2: What kind of community do I want to be a part of?

You’ll generally come across two categories of sports betting communities. The first type is one where all members can discuss freely with anyone, including the cappers (aka the experts who come up with picks) themselves. 

The second is a more subdued one, where there’s little to no chatting, and the only messages you see are from the experts giving out their plays. Think about what’s the best fit for you and choose accordingly.

Question 3: How much am I willing to pay?

In terms of pricing, you’ll find a wide range of price points, which basically come down to each community’s perceived value. Naturally, an experienced community full of veteran cappers with a very profitable track record will cost way more than a brand-new one with no long-term records. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean one is better than the other, but you’re essentially buying into proven results in the first case and trusting a newcomer in the second.

Find Daily NBA Plays with the Top Discord Servers on Whop Today

The one thing all these communities have in common is they want to help every bettor become more successful and knowledgeable. Instead of spending hours of research or just “guessing”, let the experts do the work for you and just tail their plays. After all, they’ve been doing it for years, and most of them have seen great success.

Check out the best NBA picks Discord communities on Whop today. Look through them carefully and try them out to see which one’s best for your betting style. Remove the guesswork and hours of analysis, and start your journey to become the best NBA sports bettor you can be!