Every sports bettor dreams of becoming successful and creating their own sports picks community. That’s exactly what Zeto, an avid sports bettor, has achieved. He’s been in the game for many years and has cashed out many massive wins, but he has also faced significant losses.

Armed with his knowledge and experience, he put together a team of sports analysts and created Zeto Picks, a sports picks Discord server that aims to create the next generation of successful sports bettors.

Zeto is primarily known for his player prop bets, but he also provides main market plays from time to time. Together with his analysts, they cover a range of different sports, including all major American leagues, college sports, and less popular ones like golf and eSports.

Thinking of jumping into Zeto’s world? Join us in our Zeto Picks review, where we’ll dissect this sports picks group to see how they operate. We’ll also show you everything you can expect to receive with your membership.

Why Join Zeto Picks?

Zeto picks

If you’ve stumbled upon Zeto and his plays through his social media platforms, you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about with his Discord server. One of the first things you’ll come across when you join Zeto Picks are daily slips from Zeto himself. 

He mostly focuses on player props for specialized prop platforms, like PrizePicks, Underdog Fantasy, and Sleeper. However, he’ll give out a few additional moneyline plays if he finds value in them. Zeto is also a big fan of the Call of Duty eSports scene and frequently posts plays when there’s a tournament going on.

Apart from Zeto, the Discord server includes multiple sports analysts, each one specializing in one or a few sports. You have guys working on NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL picks, while others specialize in soccer and other eSports titles. Zeto has meticulously selected every analyst so you can trust and tail their plays.

If you’re a fan of active sports communities, you’ll definitely enjoy your time at Zeto Picks. The community is growing every single day and has recently surpassed 3,000 members! Everyone is very friendly with each other, and there is always a positive atmosphere in the chat.

Speaking of the chat, each sport has different channels where you can discuss upcoming games or share relatable jokes or memes. The server organizes weekly giveaways and watch parties, where all members can participate and have fun watching games together.

Something to Learn for Everyone

zeto picks discord

In addition to offering daily picks, Zeto and his team also place great emphasis on educating members, and no matter how experienced you are there will definitely be something for you to learn. New members are advised to read the bankroll management guide, which contains a lot of useful tips and strategies.

It starts off with a few typical unit sizes most people use and moves on to explain how to properly manage your bankroll and why it’s important to do so. You’ll also learn how to manage your slips, as well as how many plays you should be betting on every day.

For intermediate and more advanced bettors, direct access to the pro analysts can help you learn a lot more about how they come up with picks. Their in-depth analyses will show you their thought process, which you can then use to produce your own plays.

The server even provides opportunities for members to become sports analysts and put out daily picks themselves. However, keep in mind you need to be willing to put in the effort and not just mess around for fun. You’ll also be thoroughly tested by the team of moderators to ensure you’re eligible for the position.

What You Get With Zeto Picks

Here’s a quick rundown of everything you’ll get once you become a Zeto Picks member:

  • Several daily slips
    Zeto puts out many picks, including player prop bets and moneyline bets on different sports every day.
  • Expert team of analysts 
    Many pro analysts provide even more plays in major sports, like MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL.
  • Educational material
    Tons of tips and strategies on sports betting fundamentals, including how to pick your unit size and how to manage your bankroll.
  • Large and active community 
    Over 3,000 members and growing day by day with 24/7 support from Zeto’s team, plus weekly giveaways for all members.
  • Frequent watch parties 
    Members gather in a specific voice channel, watch a sports event, and have fun together.

Picking the Right Package

zeto picks packages

If you choose to subscribe to Zeto Picks, you’ll gain access to the entire Discord server with your membership, and there are no premium features hidden behind a paywall. Zeto has included three different subscription payment plans to ensure most customers are satisfied.

There’s the standard month-to-month membership, which comes out to $70, which at first can sleep like a bit of an investment. However, Zeto believes in the quality of his team’s picks and maintains an impressive win rate, hence the increased price.

If you’re willing to commit to Zeto Picks long-term, you can save a decent amount of money by opting for the quarterly membership for $125. That’s basically less than two monthly subscriptions, and you get access for three. Then there’s the lifetime access for $250, which is even better value if you see yourself following Zeto for more than six months.

Zeto Picks - Join Zeto and His Team and Start Climbing to the Top

If you want to take your betting game to the next level, joining a sports picks community like Zeto Picks is definitely the way to go. You can learn a lot about how guys like Zeto come up with their daily plays, which will help you create your own slips further down the line.

Also, the community at Zeto Picks is a great place to unwind and have some fun talking about sports with like-minded individuals. And don’t forget about the watch parties and giveaways, which increase the communal aspect of the group even more.

Join Zeto Picks on the Whop marketplace today and start tailing Zeto and his team of expert analysts. Become a member of a group of eager bettors who all strive to reach the top and become the best sports pickers they can be!