Welcome to the world of Sunny Tipster, where soccer reigns supreme. This soccer picks Discord server is based in Germany and offers high-level daily plays to 4000+ members across the globe.

The community has been going strong for around two years with great results based on hours upon hours of research. Every play on Sunny Tipster is heavily analyzed by the owner, Jura, an expert soccer capper with years of experience in the market.

He also ensures that the Discord server runs smoothly and offers advice and tips to all members of the community. After all, his goal isn’t just to give you plays to tail blindly but to make you a smarter and more educated bettor.

If you’ve always wanted to try soccer betting, Sunny Tipster is the perfect starting point. In our review below, you can learn more about how the Discord server is run and what you get with your membership.

Who’s Behind Sunny Tipster?

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Most sports Discord servers have huge teams of cappers and support groups to run effectively. However, the Sunny Tipster community is solely run by Jura, a veteran sports capper based in Germany. He created the group in 2022 because he wanted to take the next step in his capper career and sell soccer picks to the public.

He had been providing in-depth soccer plays for 7+ years but wanted to make a more professional business and create a community of soccer (or football as it’s known overseas) enthusiasts. His endeavors have been very successful so far, since the Discord server has thousands of members from the US, Canada, several countries in Europe, and all across the world.

He’s also enjoyed a lot of success with hundreds of units in profits and a great ROI of over 12%. Even if success and profits aren’t guaranteed, he still hopes to maintain his great numbers in the long term.

Insightful Picks on All Soccer Leagues

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Let’s get straight into the action with the number one reason members subscribe to Sunny Tipster – his well-educated soccer picks. Jura has put a lot of effort into coming up with a unique way to research and analyze games to find high-value plays. This allows him to provide picks from soccer leagues and competitions worldwide, including all major European leagues and the MLS.

He usually provides his plays a few days in advance to ensure he and his members get the best odds possible. All of his posts in Discord are very detailed and come with an in-depth analysis of the main factors that make each play good value, so members don’t just tail him blindly. He also includes the league for each game and the kickoff time.

Sunny Tipster recently added a “Parlays and More” channel, where he provides picks that are different from his single plays. He offers parlay bets that come with high odds but always advises all members to place lower bets on them. He also gives out occasional player prop bets for goalscorers, shots on target, or yellow cards.

On top of all the expert plays you receive from Jura every day, you can also tail betting slips from members of the community. If you want to provide some plays yourself, you can do so in the “Post a Pick” channel, but make sure you follow all the rules before you post.

Transparent and Consistent Results

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Part of Jura’s success can be attributed to his excellent bankroll management techniques. He follows a unique system where every play gets a specific number of units according to its confidence level. This way, high-confidence picks can lead to higher profitability if they hit at a good rate, while lower-confidence plays don’t lose as much during bad streaks.

This bankroll management system goes hand in hand with Sunny Tipster’s extensive results tracking. Jura wanted to make sure all of his community was aware of how he was performing at all times, which is why he’s been tracking every single bet since May 2022. That’s also why you see his picks accompanied by certain odds that he’s bet on himself.

All his results are presented in analytical recaps on a daily and monthly basis. Daily recaps include all the won and lost bets and the profits/losses for each day. Monthly recaps only include the unit count for each month and how much profit or loss the community has totaled. However, keep in mind that all these results are based on you following the exact picks Jura provides and playing them as singles with the specific unit size he proposes.

Jura also offers a unique section within the Discord server called “Bet Smarter with Sunny Tipster”, where he provides small but effective tips for bettors of all levels. It’s especially helpful for newcomers to get a grasp on the fundamentals of soccer betting, but advanced bettors can also find some useful insights to improve their game.

What You Get With Sunny Tipster

Here’s everything you’ll receive if you choose to join Jura and his members at Sunny Tipster.

  • Daily soccer picks from a veteran capper
    Several plays every day, including different bet types, from Sunny Tipster, an expert soccer capper
  • Huge coverage of leagues
    Find plays for all major leagues and cups worldwide, including the MLS, UEFA competitions, and more
  • In-depth results tracking for transparency
    All bets, including profits and losses, are thoroughly tracked and presented in daily and monthly recaps to always know how the group is performing
  • Tips and betting techniques to improve your game
    Useful advice from a true expert on betting strategies, bankroll management techniques, and other essential sports betting concepts
  • Lively community of members from around the world
    Engaging Discord group with thousands of members, dedicated chatting channels, and plenty of community picks

How Much You Need to Spend

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Since Sunny Tipster is based in Europe, all of the prices for his membership packages are in Euros. The good thing is you only need one VIP membership to unlock access to the entire Discord server with all the picks, betting tips, and community channels.

The Sunny Tipster VIP subscription costs €29.99 a month (equivalent to $32 a month). You can also get a weekly membership for €14.99 (or $16) a week or buy the annual membership for €249.99 (or a little under $270).

The latter offers great value for money, as you’re basically getting a year’s worth of membership for a little over eight monthly payments. The community as a whole is also very affordable, especially when you consider how many daily plays Jura puts out and how active the Discord server is.

Sunny Tipster – Join One of the Top Soccer Picks Communities on Whop Today!

Sunny Tipster is clearly one of the best soccer picks communities available in the Whop marketplace, and even one of the top sports betting Discord servers in general. Jura comes up with top plays every single day and is always there to help all members become better sports bettors through his expert tips.

His excellent work ethic and successful soccer picks have attracted 4000+ members from around the world, as well as plenty of five-star reviews on Whop. And you can gain access to all of this for a very reasonable monthly membership.

Now’s the time to jump in on the soccer hype train by joining the Sunny Tipster Discord server. You’ll find thousands of soccer fans with the same aspirations as you – to become expert soccer bettors and potentially maintain a profitable track record in the long run.