Sports fans are no strangers to online communities selling sports picks. However, soccer-focused communities are scarce since the sport is less popular among Americans. That’s where you can come in and start selling your soccer picks today!

If you have a consistent win rate, insights into a specific soccer league or competition, or a general sports betting edge, selling your picks may be the ideal next step. Even if it feels overwhelming at first, you’ll find it a breeze once your community starts to grow.

In this article, we’ve gathered a few important tips to help you kickstart your journey. We’ll also show you how Whop can help you create your online soccer picks community, handle all your payments, and help you gather even more members in no time!

#1 Create a Discord Server or Telegram Channel

discord and telegram

Creating an online community through platforms like Discord or Telegram is the number one way to attract members and sell sports picks. However, just having a barebones server won’t do you any good in the long run. You need to make it attractive and well-organized so members can clearly understand where to find your picks or where they can chat. 

Speaking of chatting, it’s important to decide if you want a community of active participants or lurkers from the get-go. Both have benefits and drawbacks, and it basically comes down to your style and whether you’re willing to actively moderate it (you can also hire Discord mods to do the job for you).

Having an open community where everyone’s free to talk can lead to better member retention, as they feel more closely connected with each other and you. On the other hand, a community with no chatting channels where you only post your plays will be ideal for more introverted people since it’s much less chaotic.

When you first start, you should probably just give out soccer plays yourself. If you can maintain consistency, your credibility will increase, and members will stay in your group. Once you gather a decent number of members, consider adding more cappers, including more soccer leagues, or venturing into other sports.

#2 Choose your Pricing Model

pricing model

After you’ve created your soccer Discord server or Telegram channel, it’s time to decide how you’ll charge members for access to it. There are two different models you can use, each with a few variations.

The most popular pricing scheme for sports picks communities is a subscription. Each member pays a fixed price for access to the Discord or Telegram group for a specific period, with the usual packages including daily, weekly, and monthly access.

The key here is to structure your pricing according to the duration of the membership. Don’t forget to offer better deals for lengthier subscriptions to entice members to commit for longer periods. 

You might also consider changing your subscription price according to your results and ROI (Return On Investment). If you’re running well, you can justify a higher price, and it’ll keep you motivated to maintain your performance levels.

The other pricing model you can use is a fixed sum for each individual pick you provide. This is especially helpful if you put out a bunch of plays from different soccer leagues. Some members may only be interested in a particular league, so you give them the option to only pay for what they want to bet on. 

You can also sell multi-pick packages for the entire season of a particular competition, such as the Champions League or the MLS Playoffs.

Or, you can implement tiers to your picks based on your confidence or the amount of research you put into them. This way, you can charge more for higher-value plays while also giving access to more affordable picks for members with lower bankrolls.

#3 Find Ways to Attract More Members


Community members won’t bring themselves in, so you’ll need to come up with ways to get new members constantly. You shouldn’t neglect your current members, though, as you won’t always be able to find new leads easily.

For starters, create dedicated pages for your soccer picks community on different social media platforms and post content of your big wins to gain traction. Particularly during popular events, like the World Cup, you can offer discounts and promo codes to attract even more new members.

Another strategy you can try is to give potential members free access to a part of your Discord server so they can gain some first-hand experience with the community. You can show successful betting slips from other members and even offer some free picks occasionally. If they hit consistently, it’ll be easier for you to upsell your premium picks.

You can also utilize affiliate marketing to help generate even more leads. Give each member the chance to bring in more people through their affiliate link and pay them a portion of the subscription money you receive. This is a win-win situation that can help skyrocket your selling numbers.

#4 Be Analytical and Transparent

stats and data

It’s easy to just post your daily plays and be done with them, and in fact, some members only care about the picks themselves. But if you want to grow and maintain a strong community of advanced bettors, you must provide an in-depth analysis of every play you make. 

Present stats and data supporting your pick and explain the parameters you considered during your research. Often, it doesn’t really matter which player you’ve bet on to score a goal, but the reasoning behind your choice.

That will help your members understand your thought process and why you believe this play is strong. After all, your pick may not hit even if it’s of great value, so you need to maintain your members’ trust for similar future plays. Soccer betting is a long-term game, and you know that—so make sure your members do as well.

Another important aspect to consider is your bankroll management strategy. You need to decide if you want a more aggressive or conservative unit size and explain it to your members. And don’t forget to always accompany your picks with how many units members should wager. This will help them understand the proper way of betting and increase your group's popularity among serious sports bettors.

Transparency is also essential if you want your community members to trust your soccer plays. Sometimes, you’ll run on a bad streak, but you should always disclose all your results, whether you win or lose. You must also keep an extensive record of the units you profit or lose on every play and show them to the community in detail. You can even use this as a selling point since not all communities do it effectively.

#5 Utilize Software to Your Advantage


Even if you prefer the human approach to soccer betting, implementing software like betting algorithms can help elevate your soccer picks. Sometimes, an algorithm will be much faster and more accurate in predicting the implied odds of a certain pick, saving you a lot of time and improving your results.

Another important type of software you can implement in your Discord community is bots. These automated programs help with various tasks on the platform, including moderation, giveaways, and entertainment. 

However, you can easily integrate a bunch of sports betting bots to help both you and your members come up with more educated plays. And since it’s an extra feature, you can use it to sell even more memberships and picks.

There are so many sports Discord bots for different purposes, with the most popular ones bringing information on player stats. Others are useful for shopping for the best lines or odds among the top sports betting apps.

Betting algorithms have evolved drastically over the past few years, and you can also use bots to make automated picks. In fact, Whop is home to several sports betting communities that base their plays on betting algorithms. Other communities utilize bots for different betting strategies, like arbitrage bets or hedging.

How Whop Can Help You Sell Soccer Picks

whop soccer

So, how can Whop actually help you with your soccer pick sales? There’s a reason (or rather a few of them) why Whop is currently one of the top digital marketplaces worldwide. The platform is full of useful features and integrations for any online community, as well as one-of-a-kind support available 24/7.

With Whop, you can easily set up different price tiers, start an affiliate marketing program, and sell various types of digital products and memberships, including access to a paid community, soccer picks, eBooks, courses, and guides. 

You also gain access to a ton of useful marketing tools for bringing in new members, cross-selling and upselling your services. Plus, with Whop’s in-depth analytics, you can easily manage everything from your dashboard, and even offer discounts and coupons to your members.

Thanks to huge daily traffic on the Whop marketplace, if you join the marketplace your soccer community will gain massive exposure, easily leading to new members in no time. And Whop’s members are known for supporting their favorite communities and helping them grow. 

As a testament to this, Whop is currently home to several well-known sports picks communities, such as Mazi Picks, Sean Perry Wins, and Beat the Books. If you're ready to build your soccer picks community with Whop, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create your Whop Account

The first thing you need to do is visit Whop and click the “Start Selling” button to begin the sign-up process. You can choose to sign up via email or through your social media platforms, like your Google or Discord account.

Step 2: Create Your Brand

Once you’ve finished the account creation process, the next step is to start building your Whop hub. Head to The first thing you need is a name for your community. Choose something that’s both catchy and representative of you and your own soccer picks. Then, you’ll need to choose your specific niche. You can find the “Sports Betting” option at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Set Up Your Community

whop hub

When you’re done with your brand name and niche, you’ll be redirected to your own hub on Whop. From there you can set up your hub however you want, and utilize several integrated apps for sports betting. You can even create a community chat, host giveaways, integrate a betting streaks app, add ebooks, a forum, and so much more. All within one place!

If you have any issues or feel overwhelmed by the available options, you can book a strategy call with a Whop expert.

Sell Your Insightful Soccer Picks Through Whop Today!

As you can see, creating an online community to sell your soccer picks through Whop is a breeze! If you want to become a pro capper who actually makes money from selling sports picks, Whop will guide you through every step of the journey. 

Hundreds of like-minded folks have already created their sports picks communities within our marketplace, contributing a big chunk to the $300,000,000 in total sales so far. Whop offers an incredible seller dashboard, industry-leading customer support, and some of the lowest fees in the market.

It takes a few minutes to sign up with Whop and start selling immediately. So join many successful entrepreneurs who’ve created flourishing sports picks communities and are making an income from their hobby today!