Overnight Success

Kelly Ogbonna was an 18-year-old high school student from the Dallas area in October 2020. Like many her age, money was a major burden for her. “I was dead broke and I needed to figure this out immediately,” she says. “Like literally $0 in my bank account.” With nowhere else to turn, her plan was simple: learn how to trade and making money through investing. Kelly dove head-first into stock trading that fall, and little did she know that this decision would change her life forever.

The success was immediate. After studying diligently for two months, Kelly made $3,000 in her first two weeks of day trading, inspiring her to share her story online. She made a TikTok account, started posting, and almost instantly went viral. With this newfound recognition, Kelly was constantly being asked by her friends how to make more money, so she decided to take her effort a step further and start Cash Capital Investment Group, an online stock trading community, in December of 2020.

The goal of Cash Capital was to allow Kelly to directly share her trading advice with people in order to help them make money. The community started out by providing free access, with Kelly doing one-on-one calls with each member. “I made it free because I didn’t think I was qualified to start” she explained. Realizing that calling each member individually wouldn’t be sustainable, she had the idea to expand by bringing in some more seasoned traders to help in her efforts. “Let me hire some professionals to really teach these people,” she thought. And so she set off on her goal of expanding Cash Capital into the de-facto paywalled trading community.

Scaling Challenges

As Kelly sought to turn Cash Capital into a full-time business, there were a number of issues she encountered. First was handling customer disputes. As the group scaled, it became increasingly difficult to fight customer chargebacks one by one. Additionally, Discord, the platform that hosted Cash Capital, did not have an easy way to streamline payments. Kelly also thought that Cash Capital could benefit from a platform that made it easier to attract new customers.

Whop to the Rescue

Kelly set up a new storefront for Cash Capital on Whop. Whop’s integration with Discord streamlined the payment process for customers, and the mobile-friendly checkout made signing up on the go an easy experience.

Cash Capital, and their thousands of members, all gained access to 24/7 support from Whop’s team, answering questions about memberships & payments in minutes. Kelly and her staff also received a dedicated account manager, who handles with everything from streamlining operations to setting up email marketing campaigns.

For fighting disputes, Whop’s Automated Dispute Fighter collected relevant evidence for Kelly’s team to win more cases. Commenting on all of the platform features, Kelly loved how Whop “became the one-stop shop for us. we didn’t have to reach out to any other companies for services,”.

Lastly, Cash Capital joined the Whop Marketplace, placing their store in front of millions of shoppers. “Having a place where people can find us now is awesome,” added Kelly. The high member count landed Cash Capital a spot on the Marketplace top charts, offering even more exposure!


430+ New Signups

In their time on the platform, Cash Capital gained over 430 new signups through the marketplace alone. Potential customers now have an easy and reliable way of discovering the group’s services. “Having a place where people can find us now is awesome” says Kelly.

20% Increase in Dispute Win-Rate

Cash Capital has managed to boost their dispute win-rate by 20% by switching over to Whop. The boost win-rate increased their revenue while simultaneously maintaining a healthy relationship with payment processors.

Countless Hours Saved

The use of all of Whop’s features, from the affiliate programs to the resolution center, allowed Cash Capital to outsource and automate parts of their business that they had to handle manually before. “The support is top tier. I can get a response from a specialized individual instantly”. The combination of Whop’s resources and support has given Kelly and her team the time to focus on expanding parts of the business they weren’t able to before.

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