With new trading communities popping out every day, it’s important to understand what each group offers. While it does come down to your needs and wants, having access to experienced traders and capable tutors is essential.

Chart Champ combines these two values in one package. He’s been trading for over a decade and has a background in education, which helps him explain even the most challenging trading concepts to anyone. That’s why he launched Chart Champ Trades and Chart Champ Academy, which provides an accessible platform for anyone crossing the minefield of day trading and investing.

Chart Champ Trades focuses on trading alerts and investment ideas using in-depth reasoning, technical analysis, and resources. Meanwhile, the Academy is built for anyone looking to learn all there is to know about trading and investing from someone who’s practiced it consistently.

Ready to join Chart Champ’s world? Then read this dive deep into Chart Champ Trades and Chart Champ Academy to see what they offer, whether you should choose one of the other, and how much it will cost you to enter.

Who is Chart Champ

Let’s start by discussing a few things about the creator himself, Chart Champ. He’s been in the education industry for 16 years and has developed a passion for teaching and conveying knowledge to others. On top of his day job, Chart Champ got into the market 11 years ago and has primarily focused on day trading, swing trading, and long-term investing.

His insightful content on social media drew the attention of popular YouTuber ClearValueTax, who urged Chart Champ to join his educational community ClearValueInvesting. Wanting to help even more individuals get into trading and investing, Chart Champ launched his two platforms, Chart Champ Trades and Chart Champ Academy as well.

Joining the Whop marketplace in early 2024, Chart Champ hopes to utilize Whop's tools and traffic to reach a much larger audience and help them start their trading journey.

What Chart Champ Trades is All About

Chart Champ Trades

So, what’s the deal with Chart Champ Trades? It’s basically an online trading hub on Discord, where Chart Champ shares his ideas on trades and investments. He has organized the server in distinct channels, starting off with all the important information, including server rules.

The first main category is the trade channels, where Chart Champ posts frequent trade alerts regarding his activity. There are also dedicated channels for updates regarding potential moves on short-term stock trades and crypto transactions.

Another important section is the resources channels. There, you’ll find tons of seasonality data for stocks and crypto, lists of TradingView charts, and insider trade info from all major companies. Some of the stuff in this section can also be found on the Chart Champ Academy, which we’ll discuss later.

Finally, members play a big part in Chart Champ Trades, either by sharing market news or requesting anything they want to see on the server. There are also dedicated chat rooms for crypto talk, stock discussions, and debates about options trading.

Welcome to the Chart Champ Academy

chart champ academy

Now, let’s move on to Chart Champ’s Academy, which is full of motivated individuals who want to learn more about day trading and investing. The Academy's purpose is to act as a lifelong learning hub for traders of any level. Chart Champ frequently adds new content to the platform, and all members get lifetime access when they purchase their Academy membership.

The core of the Academy is Chart Champ’s video lessons, where he covers everything imaginable related to trades and investments. These lessons are constantly updated, and new ones are added so you won’t run out of content anytime soon. There are also shorter lessons for some essential concepts, which are easier to digest for those who can’t handle long-form videos.

On top of his lessons, Chart Champ provides a thorough list of books he recommends all members read, as well as dedicated tools for technical analysis. You’ll also find charts (similar to those in the Trades server) with data and practical applications of the lessons for stocks, bonds, cryptos, and commodities.

One of the greatest perks of the Academy is the personal mentorship from Chart Champ, which every member can access. Chart Champ believes it’s really important for every member to actively engage with the community and himself, ask questions, and propose new ideas. That’s the only way to properly learn if you hope to become a successful trader one day.

What You Get With Chart Champ

Let’s do a quick summary of everything Chart Champ has to offer:

  • Chart Champ Trades & Academy
    Two distinct Discord servers, one for trades and investments and one dedicated to educating members
  • Trade alerts and updates
    Alerts on all activity by Chart Champ updates on investments, and other useful resources, such as seasonality data
  • Video lessons and educational content
    Dozens of hours of video lessons, shorter lessons, book recommendations, and tools for technical analysis
  • Personal mentorship
    Interact with Chart Champ, ask any questions, request topics you want him to cover, and ask for portfolio reviews

The Right Pricing Plan For You

chart champ trades pricing

So, how much will it cost you to enter Chart Champ’s realm? It depends on how deep you want to go. The most affordable way is to purchase a monthly membership at Chart Champ Trades for $34.99. You can also try out the service for free for seven days and see whether you like it or not. If you want to commit long term, the annual membership for $349.99 will basically give you two months for free.

chart champ academy pricing

The Chart Champ Academy has a single membership plan for $250 that will give you lifetime access to all content on the server. This includes all current lessons, charts, and updates, as well as any future content Chart Champ puts out.

Chart Champ Trades & Academy – Your One-Stop-Shop for Effective Trading and Investing

As you can see, Chart Champ is an excellent all-in-one solution for anyone looking to get into trading and investing. You get tons of content from an active trader with over a decade of experience who’s also spent years educating people. He believes in the importance of teaching through practical examples and will directly mentor every single member to help them kick-start their journey.

Join Chart Champ Trades or Chart Champ Academy on the Whop marketplace today and learn how you can take the next step on your way to financial freedom! Become a member in a community full of aspiring individuals who want to learn from an expert and become the best traders they can be!