Closer Cartel is a high-ticket sales community, one that’s all about taking people of all sales or business experience levels to the realms of remote sales superstardom. Founded by Luke Alexander, Closer Cartel is proving how remote sales can unlock endless earning potential.

There are a lot of ways that you can make money online, and all of them have the potential to be lucrative money-makers. However, the problem is that most of them have a long list of requirements—few are beginner-friendly, many require significant startup capital to get anywhere fast, and some lock you down in terms of your location, and the business models that you’re dealing with tend to be complex.

Closer Cartel is an avenue that doesn't come with the aforementioned obstacles. The group's big draw is the fact that remote sales is one of the easiest things to make work, given the simplicity of the model, time freedom, geographical flexibility, low capital requirements, and shallow learning curve. All that you need to make remote sales work is skill, and Closer Capital is fast making a name as one of the best educational platforms to acquire that.  

So, should you become part of Closer Cartel, can you become a skilled appointment setter and closer, and is remote sales for you? Let’s find out!

Why Join Closer Cartel?

Closer Cartel is a top-drawer remote sales community, and it stands out partly because of what it does. There aren’t too many groups or Discord servers talking about remote sales, but the fact is that as industries like online education grow, so too does that same industry’s need for salespeople.

The two main roles that Closer Cartel looks at are the “closer” and the “appointment setter,” where the latter sets up sales calls by messaging leads which the former then takes in order to seal the deal.

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Closer Cartel teaches students about both of these roles, giving them a thorough grounding in all of the skills that they need. Appointment setting tends to be an easier first step in terms of developing the requisite skills, and some of the group’s former students have upped their income to tens of thousands of dollars a month via this route alone.

If you have no sales experience at all, you might think that this sounds like cold calling. Well, that couldn’t actually be any further from the truth—since the leads have already opted in, they’re interested, and you don’t have to get them to part with their hard-earned dough just yet since your job is just to book a call.

That’s where the closer comes in, and it’s naturally a lot harder to get people to sign on the dotted line when there’s actual money at stake and not just a few minutes for an appointment. Nevertheless, there are people signing up for all sorts of products every day, so it’s possible if you know how—and Closer Cartel aims to make sure that you do.

In fact, Closer Cartel doesn’t just want to make you a skilled salesperson. Their goal is to make you stand out as one of the top 1% of remote salespeople, cultivating your skills and enabling you to take on those high-ticket sales with ease.

Changing Your Horizons

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Closer Cartel’s founder Luke Alexander spent years perfecting his appointment setting (often referred to as SDR or Sales Development Representative) and closing skills before choosing to move on and pass the benefits of his experience along. He was making over $30,000 a month doing this, and today Closer Cartel members are emulating his feats.

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If nothing else, these testimonials show that the opportunity to abandon your 9-5 and jump into remote sales is not going anywhere, and plenty of others are making that leap. The freedom offered by appointment setting and closing is a huge draw, and the fact that real people have upped their income to tens of thousands of dollars a month thanks to Closer Cartel speaks for itself.

Alexander and his team at Closer Cartel provide a complete package when it comes to your transition into remote sales, and they take it to the next level—not only will you come out on the other side with all the necessary skills, but they also focus on placement, showing you where to find those gold mine offers, how to communicate, what to focus on, and exactly how to get hired.

With Closer Cartel, you’re getting everything you need to change your professional life around, and to work with the freedom you need, all of it from real industry experts. 

What You Get With Closer Cartel

Let’s take a detailed look at what you’ll get by signing up with Closer Cartel and gaining access to their online education platform:

  • Complete Sales Education
    From the key sales fundamentals to specific skill areas such as appointment setting, remote closing, and objection handling, Closer Cartel will give you a complete foundational course in mastering all of these skills. No previous experience is required!
  • Coaching and Mentorship
    You’ll be coached by real industry experts who will furnish you with the best methods and systems in the business.
  • On-demand Materials
    Closer Cartel has some of the best sales training out there, and given the value that they (and founder Luke Alexander) make available for free, there’s an absolute masterclass waiting for you when you sign up.
  • Placement
    Not many educational groups focus on how you can go about actually finding a job once you’re done with their courses, but Closer Cartel makes this a big part of the curriculum, helping you find those figurative Gold Mine offers to work with.

Picking the Right Package

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Closer Cartel keeps it extremely simple, putting the entire package out there for just $40 a month. This includes all of their online course material, featuring The Vault, Outreach 101, and the Closer Cartel live coaching calls where you can learn how to boost your all-round remote sales skills.

The $40 sum also includes Discord access to the Closer Cartel community, where you can chat with other Closer Cartel members and exchange knowledge. Members also share opportunities for offers that they come across, and you’ll find recordings of past live calls stored on a dedicated channel.

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Closer Cartel is a fantastic high-ticket sales community that’s for you if you want to change your life. Whether it’s freedom you're after, a break from your 9-5, or even just an insanely lucrative side hustle, Closer Cartel is the best place to learn about remote sales and develop your skills to become a top appointment setter and star closer, to the point where you’re earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day from just DMs and phone calls.

👉So, if you want to multiply your income while also giving yourself freedom in terms of when and where you work, and learn crucial skills that you can apply to all facets of life, check out Closer Cartel. Sign up to Closer Cartel on Whop today, and take full advantage of the gold mine that is remote sales!