Meet "Joke" (his online alias), the founder of Beat the Books, a sports betting community that delivers winning bets to its members seven days a week. A place of transparency, responsibility, and positivity, Beat the Books isn’t like your typical gambling community.

For those unfamiliar with the fascinating corner of the internet known as 'sports betting Twitter', let me get you up to speed. There are thousands, if not millions of people online who like to flaunt their bet winnings on social media. A glorious sea of green checks and dollar signs. Do you know what’s conveniently left out of all of these accounts? The oh-so-close parlay slips that drain your bank account.

With Joke and his team, all of the wins and losses are out in the open. A spreadsheet doesn’t get as many Twitter impressions as a wrapped G-Wagon, but it does mathematically prove that Joke is good at sports betting. For his thousands of followers, that’s all they need to see.

Time to Monetize

With Twitter followers flocking to the Beat the Books Discord, Joke needed a way to monetize his community.

"We started to kill it and that's when a lot of people started to join [the Discord]. I realized, wait, people are making millions off this. That's when like my focus started to shift.

He sought a platform that streamlined payments, community access, and customer support. After surveying the landscape, Joke settled on Whop.

"It was a no-brainer. They had everything that all of the sites offer, but they were taking a lot less in fees. "

Building a Business With Whop

Joke used Whop to seamlessly paywall his community and build a storefront. Now customers checkout in one click and instantly receive access to the Beat the Books sports bets! Plus, if any member had a question, Whop’s 24/7 customer support handled the request in minutes.

Whop’s support goes beyond answering member questions. Upon signup, Beat the Books received a dedicated account manager to help run his business. Custom graphic designs, email marketing campaigns, and member surveys all get created by Joke’s account manager to help grow Beat The Books and put more money in his pocket.


150% Membership Increase
Beat the Books
experienced a surge in paid memberships, growing by over 150% in under a year on Whop.

"I don't have to worry about anything on the back end because Whop takes care of all that. I just worry about how can we keep our members and how can we get more members.”

Members routinely make informed, profitable bets thanks to Joke's expertise.

127 Affiliate Referrals

A solid chunk of those new members joined through referrals, as Beat The Books added 127 paid members directly through Whop’s affiliate system. These signups alone generate an additional $90,000 in revenue each year, and with the infrastructure in place, Joke does not need to worry about the typical headaches of scaling an affiliate program.

Taking Care of Loved Ones

In less than a year with Whop, Joke was able to do what he always said he would when he started to make some money: he retired his mom. It's an amazing accomplishment, and with bets hitting more now than ever before, Joke's just getting started.

Turn Your Passion Into Profit With Whop

Joke took a topic that he loved and was educated in, and turned it into a thriving business.

👉 If you, like Joke, are ready to turn your passion into profit then join Whop and start selling today! It only takes 10 minutes to get started. Create your community, monetise your expertise, and build your business with Whop.

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